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Age Requirement

August 30, 2001 - August 1, 2004. Students who do not meet this age requirement will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis. Graduated students will not be accepted into any Bulgaria program.


Bulgarian. Previous language study is not required, but students are highly encouraged to begin studying basic Bulgarian once accepted into the program. Students will participate in an intensive Bulgarian language course after the arrival orientation. In some host families, Russian or German may be the first language spoken at home.

Host Family Placement

Students are usually placed in large cities (500,000-1,500,000 people) or medium-sized towns (100,000-300,000 people). However, most of Bulgaria is rural and students should be prepared to live in any region.


September 15th-June 30th. Students will be placed in 10th or 11th grade depending on their previous studies.

This small country occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan peninsula. Bulgaria is the size of Tennessee and has existed for more than 13 centuries in Europe, linking the East and West. Travel to Bulgaria and discover the pine forests, lost lakes, and picturesque mountains!
Learn more about Bulgaria.

Four Seasons Outdoor Program

While on the year-long Four Seasons Outdoor Program, students will live with a host family and attend a local Bulgarian high school full-time. Once every month, students will participate in a variety of outdoor activities organized by YFU Volunteers and professionals. Examples of activities include "sky-camp" (ropes courses, acrobatics, etc.), skiing and ice-skating, mountaineering, a paragliding festival, and a visit to an eco-farm.


Academic Programs

During your time in Bulgaria, you will live with a host family and attend a local high school. Parts of your experience will be:


School: YFU USA students are placed in upper level classes of their local Bulgarian high schools. Education is a priority for Bulgarian families. You will find first-class high schools throughout the country in both small and large towns. The Bulgarian Ministry of Education provides a list of obligatory subjects that each student needs to complete by the end of the school year. YFU students may be offered courses such as natural science, math, ethics, philosophy, geography, history and languages. All students in Bulgaria are required to take at least 33 hours of classes each week.


Orientations:  All students applying for a year program must be available for a mandatory 3-day National Pre-Departure Orientation, which usually takes place in mid-July. This orientation is a required part of the program aimed at preparing students for their experience overseas. All students will participate in a one-day local pre-departure orientation in May or June. Upon arrival in Bulgaria, there will be a three-day orientation; following this orientation, students will take a four-week intensive Bulgarian language course in Sofia. The language course will devote five hours per day to professional language instruction. At the midpoint of the year, students will take part in a five-day mid-year orientation held in the Balkan region. There will also be a local re-entry orientation at the end of the year. Throughout the year, YFU representatives will organize optional local activities for students. All orientation costs are included in program tuition.


Extracurricular Activities: Students have the opportunity to take courses in sports, arts, and music depending on the schedule of their host school. Extra-curricular activities are also usually offered through community organizations. When not in school, hiking and skiing are some of the most popular pastimes of Bulgarian families. 


Tuition Includes

-Placement with a carefully selected host family
-Enrollment in a local Bulgarian high school
-Airport transfers
-Domestic and international travel
-All pre-departure and post-arrival orientations
-Pre-program support by trained YFU staff
-Support from a YFU Bulgaria Area Representative while on program 
- Comprehensive insurance 


Additional Information

Visa: All students who are participating in a program longer than three months will need to apply for a residence permit before they depart for Bulgaria. YFU Bulgaria will provide the necessary documents for this application before departure. Students are responsible for all fees related to obtaining a residence permit.


Additional Costs: Program tuition does not include personal spending money. Students may be responsible for school fees such as textbooks, activities, and transportation to school. Schools may also organize optional educational and cultural trips for students for an additional fee.


Application Deadline

The application deadline for all winter and spring departure programs (January-March) is October 1. The deadline to apply for scholarships is December 1. The deadline for all summer or fall departure programs (June-September) is March 15. Programs can fill up before the deadline, so we encourage early submission!

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