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What kind of exchange experience do you want?
I want to spend a all program lengths  studying in Denmark, or maybe all regions. And I'm looking for something with a traditional exchange  and I definitely want to show off my need for  any language skills. Can I go whenever?
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    All program lengths

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    May to September
    December to March
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Scholarships Available

385 - Holcomb & Farnell Foreign Stud...
368 - YFU Community Grant
384 - YFU Financial Aid Fund

Age Requirement

2019 Fall departure: August 1, 2001 - July 26, 2004. Students who do not meet this age requirement or will graduate high school before the start of their program will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.


Danish. Previous language study is not required, but encouraged. All students will receive basic language training during their 1-week arrival orientation. After the orientation, students can request information or training materials for private language lessons.

Host Family Placement

Mostly in small towns or rural areas throughout the country. Students are normally not placed in large urban centers.


Students attend school from August to June, approximately 30 hours per week. Students may be placed in private or public schools.


3 Day Trip to Copenhagen offered in the spring


Sports, music, and other after school activities are not a part of the school, but it is very common to be involved in local clubs and associations after school.

Hygge (pronounced 'hooga') is a traditional Danish word meaning "creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people." Hygge is probably the reason why Danes are the happiest people in the world! As a YFU student in Denmark, you'll get to experience hygge wherever you go and whatever you do!
Learn more about Denmark.

Classical Music Program

Students with an interest in music are encouraged to apply for the Classical Music Program!  As part of the admissions process, students must complete an additional Skype interview and be accepted to a special music high school prior to enrollment. Students participating in this program will live at a boarding school focused on classical music, offering classes, individual music instruction, concerts, a band, and school trips. YFU students will have the opportunity to stay with a host family on some weekend and during the school holidays.  The program tuition includes meals and accommodation at the boarding school, all of the school activities listed above, a band uniform and other school materials. Students must bring their own musical instruments. Students interested in this program are encouraged to apply early.  


Academic Year and Semester Programs

The Danish equivalent of high school is divided among three different types of schools: gymnasiums offer general academic education, business schools offer business and commercial studies, and technical schools offer technical and vocational training.


School: "Learning for life" is the philosophy at school in Denmark. This means that students always play a very active democratic role in lessons and very often assignments are given to be solved collaboratively in groups. The school day normally starts at 8 a.m. and finishes at 4 p.m. Many students will bring their laptop to class.  After school, students typically hang out with friends or do homework. Danish students don't usually wear uniforms and the dress code is quite liberal. As a new student, you may get a mentor to help you in the beginning, but you should be prepared to get actively involved and not wait for your classmates or teachers to tell you what to do. 




Orientations: All students applying for the semester or year program must be available for a mandatory 3-day National Pre-Departure Orientation, which usually takes place in mid-July. This orientation is a required part of the program aimed at preparing students for their experience overseas. All students will participate in a one-day local pre-departure orientation in May or June.  Once in Denmark, students will participate in a one week arrival orientation focused on Danish language and culture, and 3 day weekend mid-year orientation and re-entry orientation.   


Optional Excursions: Students who go on the yearlong programs to Denmark have the option to go on a 3 day cultural trip to Copenhagen during the spring 2019. The trip may include sightseeing and other activities in the Copenhagen area together with other YFU exchange students.  The cost is usually around $300 and includes lodging and transportation, breakfast and dinner. 


Year program students may have the option to participate in the YFU Young Europeans' Seminar, a week-long program of seminars, educational workshops, inspiring guest speakers, panel discussions, and other activities.  The Seminar takes place in Germany in late June and is attended by around 500 other YFU exchange program participants from across the continent. Space is limited and participation requires an additional application and fee.


Tuition Includes

-Placement with a carefully selected  host family or at the boarding school (Classical Music Program)
-Enrollment in a local Danish high school
-Airport transfers
-Domestic and international travel
-All pre-departure and post arrival orientations
-Pre-program support by trained YFU staff
-Support from a YFU Denmark Area Representative while on program

-Comprehensive Insurance



Visa Information: Students must obtain a temporary residence permit (visa) from their designated Danish Embassy or Consulate prior to their arrival, a process which may take up to 3 months. The cost for the permit from the Danish Immigration Service is around $290 and is not covered in your program tuition.  Fees associated with applying for a visa or residence permit are not included in the YFU program price.  More information will be sent upon enrollment. 


Additional Costs:  While many students may bike to school each day, some students will ride the bus. Students are required to cover any costs associated with transportation to and from school. Program tuition does not include personal spending money. YFU Denmark recommends that students plan for about $200 for every month that they are on program.


Important Information: If you will turn 18 during your exchange in Denmark, you will be charged a media license fee by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation if you have a computer, tablet, or smart phone with internet access. 




Programs Code Departure Return Full Tuition
Classical Music Fall Year
Fall Year


late July
late July

late June
late June

Fall Semester


late July

late December