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I want to spend a all program lengths  studying in Japan, or maybe all regions. And I'm looking for something with a traditional exchange  and I definitely want to show off my need for  any language skills. Can I go whenever?
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Konnichiwa! If you’re looking for a fascinating culture with a rich history, beautiful scenery, and welcoming families and friends, then Japan may be just the place for you!


Come to the birthplace of manga, anime, origami, kimonos, and samurai, where you can learn firsthand about all these popular fixtures of Japanese culture – and some you don’t know about too!


Japanese culture meshes Japan's history with its present-day influences: one night, you and your friends may enjoy singing karaoke, another evening you may attend a performance of traditional theatre like noh or kabuki. You might read haiku one day and a novel by Yukio Mishima, a modern author, the next. The Japanese enjoy newer sports like snowboarding and baseball, as well as traditional sports like sumo wrestling and kendo (fencing).


One way of experiencing the Japanese way of life is through school, where you will take classes with Japanese students in various subjects including world history, mathematics, English, contemporary Japanese language, Japanese classics, chemistry, physics, geography, ethics, politics and economy, biology, music, fine arts, and physical education. Many extracurricular activities are also available through school, a popular one being martial arts.


Food in Japan will certainly be an experience – and if you’re open to trying new things, you’ll probably love all the new foods!  With sushi, rice bowls, and different types of noodles, you’ll be able to try all sorts of things, like chashu and moyashi! In Japan, you will find a truly unique culture of ancient history with a modern twist. By going on a YFU program to Japan, your experience will open up endless opportunities for your future!

Online Resources

To learn even more about Japan, we recommend:

  • Visit your local library to find reference books, travel guides and essays, Japanese language dictionaries, and many more country resources
  • Use an internet search engine to find informative websites
  • Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC website