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What kind of exchange experience do you want?
I want to spend a all program lengths  studying in Serbia, or maybe all regions. And I'm looking for something with a traditional exchange  and I definitely want to show off my need for  any language skills. Can I go whenever?
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    All program lengths

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    May to September
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Scholarships Available

385 - Holcomb & Farnell Foreign Stud...
368 - YFU Community Grant
384 - YFU Financial Aid Fund

Age Requirement

Spring 2019: January 1, 2001 - January 1, 2004. Summer Tour 2019: July 31, 2000 - July 1, 2005. Fall 2019: August 1, 2001 - July 31, 2004. Winter Tour 2019/20: December 31, 2000 - December 1, 2005. Students who do not meet this age requirement or have graduated prior to departure will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.


Serbian. Previous language study is not required, but it is strongly recommended that students start self-study prior to arrival.

Host Family Placement

Students may be placed throughout the country in urban, suburban, small town, or rural areas.


School starts the beginning of September and goes into the first half of June. There are short vacations in the fall, around Christmas and New Year's, and also in the spring.


Optional trips may be organized by YFU Serbia or your school.


Soccer, "kolo" dancing- folklore, embroidery.

This landlocked country straddles the line between East and West not only geographically, but also culturally, politically and religiously. Spend a year here and learn firsthand why Serbians are known for their hospitality, kindness, openness and warmth!
Learn more about Serbia.

Southeastern Europe Tours: Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria 

Why choose just one country for your exchange when YFU offers you the opportunity to see three in one program? Spend your summer or winter break in Southeastern Europe and explore Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria all during this unique 6 week experience!  


Summer Program: July 14 - August 25, 2019

Over the course of the summer, students are able to compare and contrast cultures that are in close geographic proximity with one another, but are still very different! You'll live with three different local host families in each of the countries, which allows you to immerse yourself in the languages, absorb colorful cultures, and make new friends in your local communities. Since schools are not in session while you are there, you have a high degree of flexibility with how you wish to spend your time. You can join extracurricular clubs, play local sports, attend local fairs and events, and even volunteer in the communities you live in! In addition to experiencing the fascinating cultures of the region, you'll have the chance to also get to know its beautiful natural environment, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea. You'll begin your program with an arrival orientation in Belgrade, Serbia to prepare you for your experiences abroad, and have welcome and farewell events in each country. Travel between each country is included in the program tuition. 


Winter Program: December 1, 2019 - January 12, 2020
This program offers participants the unique opportunity to experience three cultures at once, taking active parts in the everyday lives of their host families. During their stay, participants will experience European traditions for winter holidays in three countries: Saint Nicholas' Day on December 6th with a Romanian host family, Christmas on December 25th with a Bulgarian host family celebrating in Balkan and Eastern Orthodox tradition, and finally a second Christmas on January 7th in Serbia, which observes the holiday according to the Julian calendar. Students on this program will have an arrival orientation in Bucharest, Romania, where they will receive a handbook of useful holiday phrases in each of the three languages. During their time in Romania, students will spend the first two weeks attending school before the holiday break. Students will also have welcome and farwell events in each country. Travel between each country is included in the program tuition.   


Academic Year, Semester, and Trimester Programs

School: As an exchange student you can expect to be placed in a public high school. Schools are divided into two shifts, some weeks students will go to school in the morning; other weeks they will go in the afternoon.


Orientations: All students applying for the trimester, semester or year program must be available for a mandatory 3-day National Pre-Departure Orientation, which usually takes place in mid-July. This orientation is a required part of the program aimed at preparing students for their experience overseas. All students will also participate in a one-day local pre-departure orientation in May or June. There are 3 orientations scheduled throughout the year in Serbia. The first is a weeklong arrival seminar, which includes 5 days of an intensive language course. All students must attend this language course, and materials are included at no extra cost to the student. Students should have a desire to learn the language, and YFU Serbia does recommend starting some independent study at least three months before departure. There is also a 3-4 day mid-year orientation and a 1 day re-entry orientation at the conclusion of your time abroad. All orientation costs are included in program tuition.


Optional Excursions: There may be opportunities for additional trips offered by YFU Serbia and through the schools. Optional excursions are available to students at an additional cost.


Sports Programs

Serbia has been known for its excellence in sports. With this add-on to the academic program, YFU Serbia will help students to find a suitable sports club depending on the activity of interest. Please indicate the sport of your interest with your application. The price of monthly training varies from sport to sport, from club to club, and is not included in the YFU program price. Sports equipment fees, competition fees, and club fees are also not included.  All other YFU information related to the traditional academic programs in Serbia, including school and orientation programs, apply. 


Tuition Includes

-Placement with a host family
-Enrollment in a local Serbian high school
-Airport transfers
-Domestic and international travel
-All pre-departure and post arrival orientations
-Pre-program support by trained YFU staff
-Support from a YFU Serbia Area Representative while on program

-Comprehensive insurance

Additional Information

Visa Information: Information about visas will be provided upon enrollment. 


Additional Costs: Students staying longer than 90 days must obtain a residence permit in Serbia. The residence permit costs approximately €150. Program tuition does not include personal spending money. 



Programs Code Departure Return Full Tuition
Fall Year
Year Sports

1262 *
1429 *

late August
late August

late June
late June

Fall Semester
Fall Semester Sports
Spring Semester
Spring Semester Sports

1426 *
1423 *
1425 *
1421 *

late August
late August
late January
late January

late January
late January
late June
late June

Fall Trimester
Fall Trimester Sports
Southeast Europe Winter Tour
Spring Trimester
Spring Trimester Sports

1428 *
1646 *
1647 *
1644 *
1645 *

late August
late August
early December
late January
late January

late November
late November
mid January
late April
late April

Southeast Europe Summer Tour

1427 *

mid July

late August


* Programs also available to graduates