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Female • 15 • Libya

Ruba, from Libya, is a girl with a remarkable background, having lived in China for about 3 years when she was younger. She is an artist who loves to write and draw and hopes to have a career in interior design. She attends an international school now. Her teacher states Ruba is an exceptional student, who shows great maturity and motivation. Ruba even creates study guides for her difficult courses and her writing is wonderful. Ruba has a close loving family, and as one of six, she has a share of chores to help at home. She loves having conversations with family and friends. Ruba is hoping to join a writing group at her American school or in the community. Ruba is looking forward to joining her host family and growing lifelong relationships. YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Art Paint/Draw Music-Listen Languages Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Kazakhstan

Meet Kuanysh, or Kuka, a 16 year old boy from Kazakhstan. Kuka is a bright, sociable, friendly boy who is looking forward to studying in the USA! At home, Kuka loves to play basketball, chess, read and play the dombra, the national instrument of Kazakhstan. He would like to continue his hobbies but would also love to learn the game of billiards while on exchange. He is also very interested in learning the English language, our culture while sharing some of his with his new family! Kuka would like to say thank and can't wait to be a part of your family, making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! FLEX Scholarship Student!

English Lang Movies String Instr. Reading Ice Skating
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Kotone is a 15 year old girl from Japan who says the one word to describe her is "positive". She is generally upbeat and enjoys engaging with people. Kotone loves reading and has volunteered for the school library committee in elementary, junior high and now in high school. An excellent student, teachers describe her as having a desire to improve academically. She always tackles new challenges with enthusiasm, She hopes to pursue a career in teaching. Kotone belongs to the school home economics club which made over 1000 cookies for the school festival. She says her Mother has taught her some favorite Japanese recipes which she hopes to prepare for her host family. She is excited about meeting her host family and looking forward to being an integral part - sharing home activities and attending church with them.

Languages Cooking/Baking Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Frida Stolzenburg
Female • 15 • Denmark

Frida, from Denmark, is described as a girl with a good heart and great smile, a good listener, and one who has no problem with heading into new situations. Her favorite subjects are foreign languages, social studies, and PE. Her main interests are music and contemporary dance. With friends, she enjoys getting together and doing various activities. Anna has a very close relationship with her family. They enjoy skiing in the winter and sailing in the summer and out of the ordinary activities too. Frida feels she can talk to her parents about everything. She loves having conversations. Fridas dad was an exchange student and has shared many of his experiences with her. She cant wait to meet her host family and start her own adventure. Frida will be a wonderful new daughter for your family.

Languages Sailing/Boating Skiing-Downhill Singing/Voice English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 14 • Spain

Curious, intelligent and polite, meet Eduardo, from Spain. He is confident in what he likes and has a diverse range of interests. Eduardo describes himself as calm, curious and kind. He likes to explore new places, but also finds a balance with time at home to relax with family. A good student, Eduardo says he enjoys robotics, visual arts, and math. Outside of academics, he fills part of his time with sports, playing soccer, basketball, and tennis with friends. But he is just as happy settling in with a good book to read, or watching a TV series or a good movie. With friends, he likes to practice sports, hang out outdoors, listen to music, or grab a bite to eat at a cafe. Eduardo thanks his parents for making this exchange year possible and he cant wait for an amazing experience of visiting another country and learning about its culture and people. While he will miss his younger brother and sister, he is excited to meet new friends, make lasting connections, and learn about American culture while trying new things not available to him at home. Calm and honest, Eduardo cant wait to begin this new adventure!

Art Watching Sports Music-Listen Computers Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Spain

Meet 15 year old Nora from Spain! Nora lives with her parents and two younger sisters. As a family, they enjoy their time together, eating dinner around the table each night, celebrating the important events of life, travelling, going to movies and spending time at the beach. The family has fish, a hamster and two dogs. Nora loves all animals, but especially dogs! In school, Nora loves history, as it allows her to see how the past influences the events of today, chemistry, as she's fascinated by the process of chemical reactions, and biology, as she wants to know more about the functions of the human body. This lends well to her future career plans of going into medicine, with a goal of becoming a pediatrician. It should be no surprise that her favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy! Though she loves sports, Nora has yet to find one that she really loves to play. She enjoys watching her favorite soccer team, Real Madrid, on TV as well as volleyball. She would even like to try playing volleyball in the US. Another interest for Nora is theatre. Though only participating for the past couple years, she's found that it gives her a creative outlet and has helped her to overcome her fear of speaking in front of others. During her exchange year, Nora hopes to grow as a person, gain new values, learn a different culture all while improving her English. Will your family be cheering Nora as she spikes the volleyball over the net this year?

Biology Watching Sports Music-Listen Chemistry Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Chile

Maira from Chile is described as a natural leader, ambitious, kind, and sociable. If someone tells her it can't be done, she rises to the challenge and says "Watch me!" Active and busy, sports are part of her physical life, but also her social life because all her friends join her in volleyball and working out in the gym. Empathetic and sensitive, Maira enjoys the serious conversations and laughter she shares with friends and family. They consider her outgoing and always ready to lend a hand. Maira's musical tastes center on rap, R & B, hiphop and more. She enjoys reading and debate and has true enthusiasm for learning. Psychology and the working of the human brain especially fascinates her.

Psychology Photography Gym Workout Piano Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Brazil

Gabriel from Brazil plays soccer, basketball, and handball, and wants to try more sports, especially American ones! His friends, who call him Gab, say he is quiet and loyal, and he loves to be with them. Together they play sports, and go out for sushi or pizza or sandwiches or ice cream! Gabriel has many cousins who he hangs out with on weekends, and he is close with his grandparents. They often take trips together, visiting other cities in Brazil. Gabriel says he will enjoy belonging to a new culture, new customs, and new friends. He sends HUGS to you!

Chemistry Watching Sports Music-Listen History Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Brazil

Vinicius from Brazil is excited to deepen his travel experience by shifting from being a tourist to creating a life in your family and community! An "amazing student," Vini loves biology and biotech and hopes to make major scientific discoveries one day! With inspiration from his geography teacher, Vini participates in "UN simulation" competitions and would like to continue something similar in the U.S. (maybe Model UN?). A soccer fan and recreational player, Vini would continue in soccer and try some new American sports as well. Vini enjoys caring for his dog and welcomes other pets. Friends describe him as loyal, helpful, supportive, and a bit shy. He's confident his exchange will open him up as he fulfills his dream.

Biology Watching Sports Geography Movies Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Introducing Nuno, a 15-year-old from Germany, winner of the CBYX scholarship. Known for his positivity and respect, Nuno is a caring listener with an infectious smile. A dedicated drummer in his school band, he's eager to try American football during his exchange in the US. Nuno is a passionate foodie who loves cooking and enjoys family dinners. With aspirations in graphic design, his friendly nature and love for music make him a delightful addition to any family.

Art Paint/Draw Percussion English Lang Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Take to the tennis court with Ella! One of her favorite activities is weekly tennis with two old friends from elementary school. If you dont play tennis but would like to try, Ella would be happy to teach you. If youre more at home in the kitchen than on the court, she will gladly assist, enjoy learning to cook American food, and introduce you to her favorite German meals. A happy and social girl, Ella enjoys daily dinners and regular Sunday walks with her parents and sister, always ending up at a local coffee shop to chat. Like many teens, she also loves watching movies with friends. With diverse interests extending to drawing, painting, crafting, and computer games, and a desire to learn all she can about American home and school life, Ella will fit in just about anywhere. Shes always willing to help out around the house, eager to befriend your family pets, and ready to teach you a few words of German. Ella wants to thank her future host family for making her dream come true.

Languages Watching Sports Tennis Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Social, friendly, and with a deep sense of justice, meet Norah, from Germany. Norah lives with her mother and has two older siblings. Musically talented, Norah sings with the church choir, where she is also a soloist. She enjoys dance and is member of a jazz dance club. Structured and tidy, Norah would do well in a home with clearly established rules and order. An excellent student, Norah thrives on being busy, and, in addition to her academic studies and musical interests, she holds a part-time job as a waitress. Being the youngest, Norah functions well with adults. She says family life is harmonious and enjoys sharing events of her day over the evening meal. Her drive to be an exchange student grew after a visit to the US when she was younger. She would prefer a non-smoking family with outdoor pets only. During her exchange, Norah hopes to broaden her personal horizons and gain independence. She would enjoy a family that enjoys open discussion and wants to share cultural insights and traditions.

History Dance-Jazz/Mod Gym Workout Chorus/Choir Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • China

Thoughtful and introspective, Yanrui, or Amanda (English name) says, Life is a wilderness, not a track. Exchange is a process of self-discovery and growth, where I hope to gain confidence and broaden my vision. Easy-going, curious, and optimistic, Amanda is quick to adapt to new circumstances and strives to understand the perspective of others. Outside of school, where she is a top student, Amanda fills her time with activities. She rides horses, plays tennis and badminton, swims, skates, and is a cheerleader. With friends, she likes to listen to music, watch movies and sports, shop and be outdoors. At home, Amanda describes homelife as warm and harmonious, and she states, Home is the harbor of my happiness. She and her parents enjoy picnics, playing board games and family movie nights, with popcorn and good conversation. Amanda chose the US for exchange because she sees the US as a diversified country where people are enthusiastic and confident with happy smiles on their faces. She cant wait to meet her host family, make new friends, and embark on a year of self-discovery and adventure!

Geography Watching Sports Cheerleading Piano Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Denmark

David is a 15 year old Danish boy. He enjoys sports, especially basketball and training at the gym. He likes being active and keeping fit, but also enjoys the concept of team work. Understanding the hard work and luck necessary, his dream would be to become a professional basketball player. However, he also enjoys the sciences of physics, chemistry and biology and figures these fields are also possibilities for his future career. An excellent student, teachers say David approaches his studies with enthusiasm and diligence. A respectful and considerate person, he is well liked by teachers - and he is always ready to assist and encourage fellow classmates when he can. He is close to his family (Mom, Dad, younger brother and younger sister) as well as his grandparents and cousins. He describes his immediate family as active and busy, but they make time to watch movies and play board games together. They also walk the dog, Otto, whom David says he loves alot. David is very excited to begin his year as an exchange student and especially looks forward to becoming a part of his host family and creating a special bond with each other.

Science Hike/Backpack Music-Listen Biology Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Korea

Hayoul, a fifteen year old aspiring chef from Korea, cannot wait to say "Annyeonghaseyo" (Hello) to his host family! As a 2nd generation YFU student, Ha-you has heard many stories about life in the USA, from his mother who was a YFU exchange student, and he is excited to write his own. This active young man loves to garden and cook, as well as play chess, basketball, and soccer. One thing that makes him very happy is the first cold taste of soda after a hard won game of backyard basketball. Ha-you writes that he is very close to his family, and loves to spend time with his dad looking through the telescope at the stars, listening to his mom sing, and eating his younger brother's ice cream after winning a bet following a chess match. Ha-you is active in school clubs, and especially likes the Farm Story club, where he learns about agricultural techniques and grows vegetables in the school garden. He hopes to join a culinary high school when he returns from exchange. While he would like to make many friends in the US, he hopes to have a life-long relationship with his host family and promises to be a good son. He is already perfecting several Korean recipes to share with you!

Journalism Watching Sports Percussion Paint/Draw Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Denmark

Lisa is a small town girl from Denmark looking for an active and harmonious American family. She grew up on a farm and went to a small public school with only 300 students. She writes that going to a K-10th grade school molded her into the person she is today, and taught her that "we all must look out for each other." Lisa is very close with her family, and they enjoy playing sports, music, board games, and camping together. They spend as much time with each other as busy teenage schedules permit, and always eat dinner together. Lisa enjoys participating in team gymnastics and jump rope and enjoys the team sports that work together for a common purpose, rather than to compete. "For me, sports is just as much about the social part, as it is about the sports part." Lisa also loves to read, paint and craft, listen to Harry Styles and go to concerts or ride mopeds with her friends. Lisa is a strong, openminded and friendly young lady who would love to call you family.

Art Paint/Draw Chorus/Choir Camping Music-Listen
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Spain

Marcos, from Spain, is boy who enjoys sports activities and the subject of Biology in school. He also has an interest in languages and has studied French and Chinese in addition to English. Marcos had a wonderful 3-week school experience in England and now looks forward to a full year exchange in America. He has a good relationship with his friends and family. His family often does cultural activities, such as visiting museums, and they love to travel. Marcos enjoys the outdoors, often going swimming or skiing, and plays soccer. He hopes he will be able to play on his schools soccer team. Marcos is looking forward to meeting his host family and having a great year together.

Biology Movies Soccer Skiing-Downhill Swimming
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Italy

Emma is a 17 year old girl from Italy who describes herself as cheerful and resourceful. She is an active girl who skis in the winter, plays volleyball and does athletics on teams and loves going to the beach and swimming. She is passionate about music and says she spends 1/3 of her day listening to a variety of music styles. She loves Spanish music and is working on learning Spanish so that she can understand the lyrics. A very good student, her favorite subjects in school are math and English. Teachers describe Emma as an exceptional student working either in a group or individually. She does not get discouraged when things are difficult, but strives harder to improve her skills. Emma says she has an excellent relationship with her parents and older sister. They enjoy trekking and skiing together as well as just being at home cooking or playing board games. She also likes quiet time when she can read. Emma is very excited about spending a year as an exchange student in the US and thanks her Host Family for choosing her and making her dream come true!

Mathematics Cooking/Baking Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Italy

When you meet Sophia from Italy, you will realize she is someone who puts her whole heart into everything she does. That means you'll enjoy her positivity, her care for others, her sociable and funny nature. She'll dance her way into your hearts too and maybe even display her dance skills on the cheer squad (a childhood dream) or dance team! A stellar student, she is a leader amongst her peers. Sophia says she would love to cook Italian dishes for your enjoyment. And maybe you can all spend time playing boardgames, one of many activities she praises for bringing people together.

Chemistry Church Youth Group Cheerleading Piano Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Korea

Seung-Hwan from Korea is an outgoing active boy who loves being with people. His teacher states he is a positive energy in all he does. Seung-Hwan is a great student and often helps classmates with math and science studies. He is often a volunteer and serves in leadership roles. Seung-Hwan is very interested in improving his English as he hopes to have a career in international business. He lives in a dorm during the school week but has a close relationship with his family. His father always gives great advice. His mother is a wonderful cook and has taught Seung-Hwan (and his brother) some wonderful skills he wants to share with his host family. He enjoys sports, especially basketball, as well as church activities. His brother is on exchange this year and Seung-Hwan cant wait to have his time, creating a happy experience with his host family and exploring his new community. Seung-Hwan will be a wonderful addition to your family.

Science Watching Sports Gym Workout Piano Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Korea

I am very interested in cars, declares Jeasung, adding that after high school, he hopes to visit the specialty car museums run by Germanys top auto manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes Benz. If you are a car buff or maybe have a local antique car museum or show, Jeasung could be just the boy for you! However, Jeasung has many other interests including bowling, billiards, skiing, biking, and video games. He will also join you in front of the TV to watch basketball, baseball, and soccer. Whether outdoors of indoors, Jeasung will find much to enjoy. I am curious and like fun things. I try to live a proactive life, he explains. Described as positive and empathetic, as an active participant and an active listener, Jeasung is ready to become a part of his American host family and join in their favorite activities.

Mathematics Watching Sports Bicycling Chorus/Choir Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Gabriele Andrea
Male • 16 • Italy

Meet Gabriele, a 16-year-old student from Italy, who has been passionate about soccer since he was a young boy. Gabriele loves the teamwork and adrenaline rush that comes with playing soccer. He also enjoys playing video games with his friends, which helps him relax. He is always up for a new game recommendation. Gabriele's favorite subjects at school are English and Mathematics. He is interested in science and technology and knows that these skills are essential for his academic success. Gabriele has been well-received by his teachers, and is well-respected by all. His teacher describes him as having a sunny disposition, which helps to create a positive learning environment. Gabriele looks forward to making new friends and making lifelong memories with his American family throughout his exchange year.

Science Computer Games Music-Listen Mathematics Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • France

Meet Sam, a dynamic, sporty future pilot! Every Wednesday after school he attends a special course to earn his aeronautics certificate. Because important to his chosen career, foreign language, especially English, is his chief academic interest, and Sam is determined to become as fluent as possible during his exchange year. The desire to understand his environment leads to his secondary academic interest in sciences. Coming from an active family, Sam will eagerly take on the challenge of learning any new sport. He plays on a rugby team, swims, and enjoys cycling, mountain biking, surfing, skiing, climbing, and canyoning. For Sam, sports provide a feeling of freedom and constant challenge as well as a chance to develop physical and mental skills. With friends, hes likely to be found bowling, playing laser tag or finding his way out of an escape room. As Sam puts it, he enjoys team bonding, time with family and friends, laughter, sensation, and discovery. Sam wants to thank his future host family and knows they will share unforgettable moments.

Languages Bicycling Music-Listen English Lang Watching Sports
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • France

Let Julie from France dance her way into your heart! Whether she's performing with her modern dance team or pushing back the furniture to have an impromptu dance party with her brothers, Julie has a passion for movement. Julie says her family members encourage each other to pursue their individual sports and hobbies, even if it does keep them very busy. When she has down time she likes to meet up with friends to go shopping or ice skating, but she also likes to slip away to her own bubble and immerse herself in books and music. She enjoys studying French, and of course English! Teachers say she is caring and positive, and shows both discipline and an artistic side. Julie hopes her exchange will allow her to mature and improve her English -- but most of all, she "can't wait to meet you and have a wonderful year!"

Languages Cooking/Baking Dance Team English Lang Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet Emily who lives in an apt with her mother who she considers her best friend. She is not from a big family, so they are very close and she enjoys going fishing with her grandfather. In her spare time you might find her teaching young children how to swim, being a lifeguard at the local pool or volunteering for the Red Cross. Her teachers describe her as an excellent student who has been involved in the school newspaper and the debate club. She likes these topics as she hopes to be a teacher or journalist one day. She says her favorite subject is history as she likes to know things from the past. Recently taking up classical and ballet dance and is learning to play the piano. Youre more likely to find Emily reading a book, listening to music, taking some pictures, volunteering as she just doesnt see the sense for computer games. Some other hobbies are jogging, ice skating, watching movies, and is open to trying new interests. Listening to a variety of music from classical pop, film music and maybe even a little country. While in the US she is hoping to either try cheerleading, tennis or join the drama club but also just enjoying the spirit of the American school. With her Host family shes looking forward to just going for a long walk, trying new foods, maybe the theater, or opera and looking forward to experiencing American holidays.

History Dance-Ballet Ice Skating Piano Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Norway

unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Spain

unbooked STUDENT
Luiz Felipe
Male • 16 • Brazil

unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • France

Clotilde from France is easy-going, always smiling, and eager to embark on adventures! A very active person, she plays handball, loves animals (especially cats and dogs,) and hanging out with friends. One American activity she is looking forward to is Homecoming, including shopping for an outfit, since she loves fashion and dressing up! Clotilde listens to all kinds of music, even while she cooks, and loves to sing. With her family she plays board games, watches movies or goes for walks, and they all like to travel. With her friends she likes to go shopping, go out to eat, or have sleepovers. Clotilde says she cant wait to meet you!

Languages Skiing-Downhill Chorus/Choir English Lang Swimming
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Hungary

Abigel, Abi from Hungary, loves being on stage in drama club! She enjoys being active and playing any sports, especially dance team, and says she might try cheerleading. Abi likes to go to the beach with her friends, or to the water park and have picnics, go shopping, and have sleepovers. On the weekends, she is with her mom and big brother, and they like to cook together. With her dad, stepmom and little brother they have an active lifestyle, and her favorite activity is going out for brunch. Rich with positivity, she is independent and loving at the same time. She is great at communicating and is a good listener. Abi says she is looking forward to learning about your customs and traditions and getting to know you!

Biology Theatre Arts Dance Team Chorus/Choir Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
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