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Female • 14 • Kuwait

Let Jouri from Kuwait gallop on into your life! Horseback riding is Jouri's favorite hobby, which she does weekly, and she would love to find a horseback riding club on her exchange year if given the opportunity. She also loves to explore her creative side through painting, drawing, pottery, and basically any kind of art. When she's completed one of her masterpieces, she loves to share her artwork with others! She also recently joined her drama club at school. Aspiring to be a business owner or lawyer one day, Jouri works hard to be an excellent student and enjoys solving problems and helping others. When she's not studying hard, she can be found cooking with her family, hanging out with her best friends, and showing her soft spot for animals by feeding strays in her neighborhood. Studying abroad has been Jouri's greatest dream and she's extremely excited to meet you and become a part of your family! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Business Theatre Arts Law Paint/Draw Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Turkey

Necirvan comes to us from a beautiful and historic city in Turkey! He has a talent for locating countries on a map and would love to share his rich culture with your family. At school, Necirvan is a member of the literature and art history club. His favorite painter is Rembrandt and he loves to study art from the Baroque period. Other hobbies for Necirvan include playing soccer, reading detective novels like Sherlock Holmes, and watching movies, especially the Lord of the Rings trilogy. With his friends, Necirvan enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and video games. Necirvan's teacher says he is goal-oriented, social, and a leader in the classroom. He wants to become an ambassador or engineer one day and knows that he must become a worldly person in order to achieve his goals. Necirvan thanks you for choosing him as your exchange son! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Art Paint/Draw Soccer History Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Libya

"Soso" sees life in relation to the stars, and he'd love to be part of your world. An aspiring NASA Engineer, you can find Soso regularly gazing at the stars. Osamah, who enjoys his nickname of "Soso", is shooting for the stars, with hopes to land on the moon! Do you know all the constellations? Maybe you live in a rural city with a clear view of the stars? Then you might just be the perfect host family to welcome this 16-year-old from Libya. A highly responsible student, his teachers say he takes initiative in school and is particularly engaged and plugged in to various Science clubs both in person and online across the world. Soso has even won several competitions from these clubs! Interested on improving his English, Soso can't wait to practice his language skills while getting to know your family. He loves to read, play chess and cards and spends a lot of time with family. Soso enjoys helping his mother cook traditional Libyan dishes. Soso is excited to see the different landscapes of America and would love a road trip of any length! Is your family the wish upon a star dream come to life? YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

English Lang Singing/Voice Music-Listen Reading Family/Friends
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Spain

Meet Mario, a sporty, creative teen from Spain! Mario has played both soccer and basketball for several years and would enjoy playing during exchange if possible. Weekends often find him playing sports outside with friends. His family shares his love for sports and outdoor activities since they often bike together, and during the summer Mario's dad takes Mario and Mario's friends camping. Although he says his favorite classes are economics and math, Mario is an avid novel reader and film viewer. As he says, books and films help him imagine other ways of life and situations, and he enjoys making up his own stories, too. Although uncertain of his future occupation, Mario has narrowed his university plans to studying a career "related to creativity." He explains that a U.S trip years ago sparked his interest in a broader American experience. Described as optimistic, empathetic, open-minded, and responsible, Mario is eager to participate in his host family's activities and promises to cook Spanish dishes for you, such as his favorite tortillas with potato.

Economics Watching Sports Gym Workout Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Spain

Introducing Oscar, a 15 year old boy from Spain. Oscar loves all sports, especially handball, which he's played for several years. He lives with his parents and younger brother, and enjoys spending time with them. His father was an exchange student in the U.S., and has told Oscar that it was a great experience. Oscar sees himself as empathetic and athletic, and his friends view him as very trustworthy. His teacher says that he is an extrovert, is optimistic, has a sense of humor, and interacts well with his peers. Oscar looks forward to experiencing a new culture and customs, and hopes to improve his English language skills. Will Oscar become your newest family member?

Chemistry Watching Sports Chorus/Choir Mathematics Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Denmark

Ibi from Denmark is a ray of sunshine! Ibi says she sees her life in a positive light and enjoys the simple pleasures, like "waking up with the sun in my face." Her friends too describe her as positive and smiling. Ibi has many hobbies, including playing guitar, singing in a chorus, swimming, and riding horses. She also does gymnastics and contemporary dance, break dancing, and capoeira. But some of Ibi's favorite hobbies are those that draw on her creative side. She loves drawing, painting, crocheting, and crafting, and she thinks she might even like to work in a creative or design-oriented field one day. Ibi also has a soft spot for animals, with two cats of her own, and relaxes at home by listening to all kinds of music, including many American pop stars! Ibi is very curious about new cultures and especially excited to learn about US culture through US traditions, sports, and holidays. She says going on this exchange is a dream come true and she's looking forward to joining your family!

Art Dance-Jazz/Mod Chorus/Choir Mathematics Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Spain

Fun and sporty David from Spain is patiently awaiting the start of his American adventure. David loves to learn about new cultures and has traveled extensively around Europe but now says it's time to expand his horizons and learn all about the USA. He is ready to learn all about the American high school experience and hopes he can continue learning more about math and science. David wants to improve his English so he can study science at college in the future. He loves to play basketball and will play several days a week with his friends. When not attempting shots on the basketball court, you will find David in the boxing ring. After all this physical activity, he likes to wind down by watching movies with the Marvel franchise being his favorite. He also like to play video and computer games with others. David hopes he can win the game with a great host family who shares his love of sports.

Science Computer Games Mathematics Movies Family/Friends
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • France

Fifteen year old Aurélien from France is described by his friends as funny, talkative and kind. This young student attends a high school for the arts where he focuses on such topics as fashion, drawing, painting, dance, art and sewing. Aurélien is even able to make clothing with his skills! This lends itself to his future career goal of creating his own clothing line. He thoroughly enjoys using his imagination in his creations and sharing them with the world. Aurélien comes from a large family with three older siblings. His family loves to travel to different countries in their camper so they can enjoy other cultures together. In addition to his large family, Aurélien has a whole menagerie of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles and chickens! It's easy to see how much he loves animals. Though he is a vegetarian, he is open to eating meat on exchange. In his free time, Aurélien loves to go shopping with his friends, watch TV and go bowling. Perhaps Aurélien will find a home with your family.

Art Paint/Draw Skiing-Downhill Violin Design
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Spain

After travelling all over Europe, 15 year old Maren from Spain, is ready to travel to the USA! She has been dreaming of an exchange experience ever since she was little; her mother's stories of her exchange experience have made Maren long for the stories she can tell her children someday. Maren is a true lover of people! She loves to do whatever she can for anyone around her and always has a hug waiting! She is also a self-described chatterbox, so she just might talk your ear off. One of Maren's favorite hobbies is ballroom dance, which she has been doing for eight years. This kind-hearted young lady is ready for the adventure of a lifetime and can't wait to dance her way into a second family. Could that family be yours?

Mathematics Dance-Ballroom English Lang Cooking/Baking Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Spain

Her passion is dancing, but for Maria from Spain, sports in general are a big part of her life. Maria is described as sociable and extroverted (she says that she is "not at all shy"), someone who is easy-going, adventurous, and loves to try new things and meet new people. Maria has been dancing since she can remember, everything from Spanish Flamenco to ballet to hip hop, and devotes a lot of time to it. She likes to keep fit and enjoys going to the gym, loves to do all kinds of sports activities with her mom, and until she dedicated herself to dance, liked to play volleyball. Maria not only likes participating in sports, she also enjoys watching soccer, basketball, and volleyball games. In her free time, Maria likes to read, watch movies, watch fashion shows and read fashion magazines, and bake new desserts for her family and friends, whom she says she cares deeply about. A favorite activity is traveling, and Maria hopes to travel all around the world someday. As an only child, Maria would be excited about the opportunity to experience having a sibling in the family!

Economics Watching Sports Gym Workout Music-Listen History
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Described by her friends as a caring, diligent, and reliable person, Elisa from Germany takes great joy and satisfaction in helping others. She is involved in numerous activities that serve those around her, for example: school medical team, children's worship helper, a water rescue organization. She is also involved in volleyball, dance, and plays the piano. Elisa says of herself that she "enjoys being with others, but sometimes enjoys simply being by herself". Elisa counts it a great honor to have been chosen to represent her country in the USA. She is looking forward to stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing new experiences. Elisa is grateful for your willingness to host her and is looking forward to meeting her host family. Is that family yours? CBYX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Biology Dance-Ballet Swimming Singing/Voice Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Denmark

Benedictine, known as Bene, is an animal lover from Denmark and enjoys being around most any type of animal. She also has a true passion for horses and has participated in horseback riding for many years. Bene can be found doing dressage as well as general horseback riding and often goes on trail rides with her friends. When not riding, she can be found enjoying a good book. Bene particularly likes fantasy and historical fiction novels. To wind down and relax, she enjoys cooking and baking with a particular emphasis on chocolate desserts. Bene will enjoy these culinary creations with her friends and family while watching movies or TV shows. In addition, she likes to listen to music and is a huge Billie Eilish fan. According to her friends, Bene is kind, funny, and intelligent and would make a great addition to your family.

Art Paint/Draw Skiing-Downhill Piano History
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Thailand

Bring a little bit of Thailand into your world by welcoming Jai into your family. Jai is a well-rounded young man who is eager to begin his exchange year with your family. He loves the outdoors, basketball, swimming and table tennis as well as reading, watching movies and drawing. While on exchange he hopes to broaden his world view as well as improve his English language skills. He also hopes to learn to play the guitar, go hiking and camping as well as attend an American birthday party! Jai has always dreamed of coming to the United States on exchange. Will you welcome him into your family?

Science Photography Music-Listen Chemistry Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Belgium

Friendly, funny, dynamic and generous are words that describe Clarisse from French-speaking Belgium. An excellent student, Clarisse hopes to work in international business one day. She's eager to perfect her English during her exchange year, although she has immersed herself in English over the years in many ways and is very proficient already! Clarisse loves to dance and hopes to continue while on exchange. She's very open to trying new activities as well. With her friends, Clarisse enjoys shopping, walking around the city, and seeing films. During the pandemic, she taught herself to sew! Clarisse is looking forward to learning first-hand about American culture and traditions with her new host family! Could Clarisse be your newest family member?

Business Watching Sports Music-Listen Law Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Thailand

After hearing stories of his two siblings' exchange years in the U.S., easy-going Varis (Va) from Thailand is excited to join your family! He likes to play basketball, soccer, other games as well as listen to music. He enjoys weekend time with his family, where they cook special dishes together that he would love to share with you. Va is an avid reader and participates in library club. In school he enjoys studying English, math and sciences. Va aspires to one day be be a dentist or a diplomat. Friendly, open minded, and adaptable, Va thanks you for giving him this wonderful opportunity!

Biology Watching Sports Music-Listen English Lang Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Denmark

Ambitious, open minded and friendly are just a few words that Kasper's teachers use to describe him. Kasper says he enjoys school and a variety of classes from cooking to science. His excellent grades show his commitment to his education and his extra effort he makes to achieving his goals. Kasper enjoys all sports including tennis, basketball, and fitness training. When not at school Kasper enjoys camping with family and friends. He loves cooking over a campfire and primitive camping. Kasper has job in a local supermarket and is saving money for his exchange year. It is best for Kasper to have a pet free home since he allergic to pet hair however, dogs that do not shed are not an issue. Kasper would like you to know that he loves being around people and embraces all cultures. He is excited to be a part of an American family and even hopes he can cook a Danish dish for you! Grateful Kasper says see you soon! Willing to consider private school tuition up to $5k.

Science Has Job Gym Workout Music-Listen History
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Mongolia

There's much more to Mongolia than Genghis Khan, and Khuslen looks forward to teaching you! He's a modern-day guy, who hopes to study IT Management in an American university after his exchange year and finishing high school at home. One of five siblings, Khuslen helps his younger brothers with their homework, especially learning new math skills and memorizing English vocabulary. He challenges himself by participating in academic competitions such as math and science and serves on the student council to help solve problems that come up in his school. Khuslan has his more active side, too. During the winter, he likes hiking in the mountains and sledding, but much of the year finds him with his friends, either riding bikes or playing basketball. "Cleanliness and peace" are the most important characteristics of his family lifestyle, but everyone also enjoys cooking and trying foreign foods. He's sure to find new favorites during his exchange year! Described as easy-going and caring, Khuslan says, "I'm thankful and excited to join your family." Khuslen will arrive in January 2024.

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen Physics Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Turkey

Yusuf is looking forward to his year in the USA! He is very close with his family and enjoys spending time with them. Sometimes the entire extended family will gather for a picnic or he'll help his mother with shopping. He and his brother enjoy going to movies together. Yusuf plans to study mechanical engineering and enjoys taking things apart and reassembling them and technology in general. Perhaps robotic club is a an activity that your school offers that he may enjoy! Yusuf is an active volunteer at home. He is a member of the child's rights committee of his city and volunteers some time at a youth center where he and his friends plan activities for younger children. YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Computer Games Piano Movies Volunteering Family/Friends
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • West Bank

Mostafa has many interests and is ready to add some new ones when he arrives in the USA. He is a bit intrigued by American football. However, soccer is his game, "because I love it so much and it is fun when playing with my friends or other people is like being in another world like you forget about everything while playing, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you should never quit." Mostafa's family enjoy spending time together. He regularly loses at chess to his father! They all enjoy watching soccer together. Occasionally they have a meal our and he often helps his mother cook. YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Computers Computer Games Mathematics Cooking/Baking Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Germany

Meet Adam who describes himself as open, funny and enjoys life. Adam's favorite classes in school are Art, History and Economics. Adam enjoys drawing and in his free time he is always pushing his skills to his next sketch because drawing allows him to relax. Adam likes to workout daily in the gym to keep in shape, but his true passion is kickboxing. He practices weekly and enjoys the lessons of self defense and self-control. Adam hopes to continue his gym workouts and kickboxing once in the USA. Adam's career goal is in Economics. He hopes to understand the American culture and government structure while on exchange. Besides art, Adam enjoys fashion and traveling. His family often travels to Morocco to visit friends and family where he can enjoy the beautiful ocean, beach, and native cuisine. Adam is excited to start his adventure in the USA and having an American family that he can share his year with is a lifetime dream. CBYX SCHOLOARSHIP STUDENT

Art Paint/Draw Gym Workout Music-Listen Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Nishant is an excellent student and hopes to become a professor of mathematics or perhaps physics when he completes college. Nishant is a licensed life guard and has recently started diving. He would be interested in joining the swim team if your school offers this as a sport. He considers himself to be an open-minded, friendly person who genuinely enjoys meeting new people! He's described as a happy person who has a silly side and isn't afraid to sing, badly, or dance when lending a hand in the kitchen or when he is baking a treat, "I can't guarantee that I am very good at it but I am not that bad too :). " CBYX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Science Watching Sports Martial Arts Orchestra/Band Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Julien is an active teen who is used to being part of a big busy family with 7 younger brothers and sisters! Julien helps lead the youth service at church and is active in the church community with his family. Julien is an avid handball player and looks forward to trying a new activity while on program. He also enjoys baking and cooking I suspect his treats do not last long in his big family! Julien also thrives on and enjoys quiet. His friends indicate he has a very calm demeanor and manages stress well. Julien is eager to experience all that he can while he is in the USA.CBYX SCHOLOARSHIP STUDENT

Economics Watching Sports History Photography Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Germany

Meet Dilan, a vibrant and multilingual young woman hailing from Germany. Fluent in Turkish, Kurdish, and German, she effortlessly weaves together her diverse cultural background. Dilan's passion for English surpasses all, declaring it her favorite subject in school. Growing up with immigrant parents has its quirks, and Dilan humorously embraces the challenges of balancing her traditional upbringing with modern influences. Dilan's zest for life is undeniable, as she has spent the past seven years actively participating in her local youth center. From creative crafts to athletic endeavors and lively dances, she eagerly immerses herself in every opportunity for growth, friendship, and fun. Described as funny, open-minded, polite, caring, and helpful, Dilan radiates warmth and enthusiasm. She eagerly anticipates her upcoming exchange year, where she plans to share her vibrant cultures, tantalizing cuisines, and embrace the daily life of her American host family. Dilan's presence promises to enrich lives and forge lasting connections while embodying the essence of cultural exchange.

History Watching Sports Singing/Voice English Lang Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Bulgaria

Meet Petya, a Bulgarian girl whose favorite activities include creative writing, working out at the gym, and volunteering at her city's Christmas market. Born in Spain and having spent nearly half her life there, it's no wonder Petya has a curiosity about other cultures and loves to travel! In fact, one of her favorite pastimes is sightseeing in other cities with friends, and she counts herself :blessed to have friends that want to explore" as much as she does. More often, though, Petya and friends can be found chatting in a café near home or ice skating, a sport she finds challenging and takes seriously. Yet another favorite activity is walking, whether on her own to gather her thoughts or with her friends to share their ideas on any topic under the sun. Hiking in the great American outdoors is an activity she hopes to experience. As a girl who thrives on "meeting people with different mindsets," Petya is excited about getting to know her American host family! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Computers Gym Workout Mathematics Theater Attend Ice Skating
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Looking for a biking partner? Anton loves spending time with his family bicycling the paths of his home town and on family vacations. He even prefers taking a bike to school instead of the bus! He likes playing guitar in his free-time and enjoys rowing where he says he can enjoy nature and the fresh air. Anton?s passion for the outdoors extends to participating in projects helping wildlife and the environment. Coming from a small town in Germany, Anton likes occasions where he has an opportunity to dress up. He enjoys time with friends by going to the local ice cream parlor and he can often be found in the kitchen baking cakes and pies. His mother describes him as ?motivated and hard-working?. He often helps with small chores around the house which includes taking care of the family?s 4 chickens. Anton is eager to delve into daily life with his new host family. For him it is the day-to-day life that excites him most and he looks forward to experiencing what life, as an American teenager, will be like in your home. CBYX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Chemistry Paint/Draw Crew/Rowing Singing/Voice Physics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Do you have pets or other animals? Animal loving Leonie from Germany may be the perfect student for you! The time with her fish and turtles, the family cat, guinea pigs, and chickens is always time well spent. On weekends, Leonie cleans her aquariums. and the family enjoys a Sunday breakfast of eggs from their eleven chickens. Because of her love for animals, Leonie decided nearly seven years ago to become a vegetarian, but she thrives on bread, cheese, eggs, yogurt, vegetables, salads, fruits, and fish. Since she enjoys cooking, she'll gladly help with meals, too. She and her family play tabletop games and garden together, and like all teenagers Leonie likes hanging out with friends and celebrating their birthdays. Other favorite activities include karate, swimming, and drawing. An excellent student in school, Leonie motivates others in group work, has won a prize in a history competition, serves on student council, and participates in weekly drama club. Family oriented and often helping with younger siblings, Leonie looks forward to becoming an active member of her host family. CBYX SCHOLOARSHIP STUDENT

Art Web Design Martial Arts Keyboard History
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Greta is a 16 year old girl from Germany who describes herself as friendly and energetic. A young lady who likes to be active, she plays tennis, rides horses, works out at the gym, skis, snowboards and rides her bicycle to school every day. When not personally involved, Greta says she likes to cheer her friends on in their sport activities. One of her specialties is baking birthday cakes and she also likes to knit. An excellent student, Greta's favorite subjects in school are math and science. She is part of the school's debate club (she enjoys talking to convince others of an opinion), the science club and a member of the student council. She has also been selected to tutor younger students in math, which she likes very much. Techers describe her as highly active and motivated - definitely a class leader. Greta describes her family as simple and caring. They enjoy spending time together - especially dinner each night and Sunday breakfast. Greta says she loves animals (the family has two dogs that she takes care of), but has unfortunately developed an allergy to cats. Because family is so important to her, Greta hopes to have a host family that "becomes a real family for her". CBYX SCHOLOARSHIP STUDENT

Science Cooking/Baking Gym Workout Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Meet Julia, a friendly and helpful 16 year old girl from Germany. Julia enjoys travelling, is a big fan of soccer, and loves to read, especially Harry Potter. Julia views herself as determined, positive and open minded. She would also love to learn how to speak Spanish. Her friends say that she is kind, fun and empathetic. And her teacher says that she is polite, is well respected by her classmates, and has a good sense of humor. Julia also tutors younger students. Julia would love to become the newest member of your family. CBYX SCHOLOARSHIP STUDENT

Music Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Meet 16 year old Alexander from Germany! With the goal of keeping his mind and body at their peak, you can find Alexander nearly every day in the gym where he completes his exercise regime. While in the US, he hopes to try his hand at American sports like football and baseball. Before you think he focuses just on athletics, Alexander also enjoys baking because he believes that everyone should practice such an important skill! Family and friends are also important for him, and he sets aside his weekends to focus on them. His family is quite close and they enjoy their weekly board game nights and taking trips to their favorite ice cream shop. Alexander considers himself to be open, and he enjoys meeting new people. He's dreamed of studying in the US because he loves the culture of the country as well as the language. Though he doesn't know what career path he wants to take yet, Alexander would love to continue his studies at an American university in the future. Would you consider opening your home to Alexander? Perhaps he'll even make you a cake! CBYX SCHOLOARSHIP STUDENT

History Computer Games Gym Workout Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Emir is a 16 year old boy from Germany whose biggest dream has been to experience a typical teenage life in the US. A very good student, teachers describe him as motivated - both in school and in life. He is friendly, helpful and supportive of his classmates. Emir's goal is to study medicine and become a doctor. An animal lover, he volunteers at the animal shelter as well as caring for his own dog, cat and rabbit. Emir says his family likes to travel, but also to stay at home, cook (his specialty is cookies) and just relax. They have a large garden and grow lots of vegetables to enjoy eating. Although he doesn't play any instrument, Emir says he does enjoy listening to music. After visiting in the US, Emir is looking forward to the opportunity to spend a year there with his host family. CBYX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Biology Cooking/Baking Music-Listen History Volunteering
unbooked STUDENT
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