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Female • 16 • Japan

Watching baseball and discussing politics are things that 15-year-old Nonoka from Japan enjoys doing with her family! Her dream is to work at the American Embassy in Japan and take an active part in the international community. This might be one reason why two of her favorite subjects in school are political science and economics. She lives with her mother, grandmother and grandfather, and describes them as cheerful, carefree, and friendly. She likes to play volleyball and badminton. In the past, she has belonged to track & field, swimming, and dance clubs. In addition, Nonoka loves chocolate! Her family grows vegetables as a hobby, and thus you can often find them in the garden. With her friends, she likes to go shopping and watch movies. She thinks this exchange experience is one of the most important things in life. While on her exchange, Nonoka hopes to learn about American culture, politics and economics, and would love to go to a stadium to see a sports game!

Economics Watching Sports Swimming Piano Political Sci.
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Sixteen-year-old Asuka from Japan is excited to meet her host family and begin her exchange year! An excellent student, her teachers say that she has strong communication skills, is adaptable and flexible, and is a leader at school. Her favorite subjects are languages and music. "When I talk in English, I can feel different cultures. I can learn about the world through English," says Asuka. She describes herself as open-minded and curious to try new things. One activity she hopes to try while in the US is dancing. She wants to learn but has not had the opportunity to try it in Japan. Asuka has played the piano for 10 years and would like to continue while on exchange, if possible. Asuka says, "Music makes me happy and cheerful." She is a member of a swim club, and plays tennis and table tennis. Asuka also likes animals, enjoys listening to music, outdoor activities, and spending time with friends--especially singing karaoke with them. Will you be the one to open your heart and your home to Asuka, and share your culture and way of life with her?

English Lang Watching Sports Swimming Singing/Voice Music
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Misaki is a cheerful and kind fifteen-year-old student from Japan! Described by friends and teachers as helpful and friendly, Misaki is a music-loving girl. She has played the piano for eight years, and loves to listen to pop music, including some K-pop. Misaki lives with her parents, her older brother, and younger sister, and their family is very close. She likes to play tennis, often playing with her dad. Misaki also loves to shop with friends. She plans to become a doctor one day so that she can help children in developing countries. She loves history, especially Japanese history, and likes to learn about cultures through history. Misaki is excited to share her Japanese knowledge and learn everything that she can about American culture. She hopes to try new things like horseback riding and soccer while on exchange, if possible. Misaki can't wait to start the adventure of her exchange year and become a part of your family!

History Watching Sports Tennis Piano Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

"Let's have fun together," states a cheerful, considerate, outgoing, and adaptable Sae, age 15 from Japan! Multi-talented, she plays piano, has won a badminton championship, and held the leading role in a ballet recital. She relishes time with her family cooking, traveling, shopping, and watching television together. She also assists with tasks around the home. Additionally, Sae is fond of animals, photography, cooking, and watching movies. An "enthusiastic learner," she puts forth great effort in her classes. Sae's favorite class is English, which will assist her in pursuit of her desired future as a television announcer, and working internationally. Sae states, "I really appreciate your accepting me in your family!" She looks forward to cooking for her host family, making many friends participating in American clubs and activities, as well as going to McDonald's and Starbucks!

English Lang Dance-Ballet Badminton Piano Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Megumi, a 15-year-old girl from Japan, loves to laugh and be around other people! One of her main activities with friends is performing in a brass band, playing the Euphonium. Music makes Megumi happy, both listening and playing it. Besides the brass band, Megumi also plays the piano. She enjoys listening to J-Pop, a popular genre of music in Japan. On the rare occasions she is not studying or playing in her band, Megumi likes to go shopping with friends. Megumi spends a great deal of her time studying. Math is her favorite subject in school, although she has not decided on a career yet. Megumi lives with her parents, older brother, younger sister, and their two Shetland sheepdogs. Megumi's father always knows how to make her laugh and her mother is very kind. She gets along well with her siblings and loves to play with her dogs. The family enjoys camping together and skiing. While she loves her family, Megumi hopes that her exchange year will give her the opportunity to become more independent. She looks forward to meeting her new American family!

Mathematics Paint/Draw Skiing-Downhill Brass Instr. Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

16-year-old Rina from Japan loves sports, especially tennis, often playing with friends and her brother. She also plays soccer and likes to travel with her family to visit grandparents and see ancient landmarks. Following in her grandfather's footsteps, she loves taking photos of beautiful sites. She also enjoys watching movies, especially Harry Potter films. With a keen interest in building styles and floor plans, she aspires to become an architect. Rina describes herself as being kind and a good listener. Her teacher states that Rina is thoughtful and considerate, and always persevering and diligent when something is important to her. Rina looks forward to many new experiences while on exchange and hopes to try hiking and perhaps, cooking the American cuisine. She thanks you for welcoming her into your home and family!

History Watching Sports Soccer Piano Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Thailand

American football: here he comes! Kunpakorn (15) from Thailand, is passionate about sports! Nicknamed "Tem," he currently plays track, basketball, and rugby though, when in the USA, he can't wait to try American football. Tem also finds watching sports to be very fun. He lives with his father, mother, younger sister, and grandmother. One of their favorite things to do together is to travel because it is always a learning experience. He describes himself as easy going, reasonable, competitive, and happy. With friends, Tem enjoys playing basketball and eating pizza. "The biggest reason I want to be an exchange student in the US, aside from traveling and sports, is because I am very curious about your country. Everything is going to be new for me such as food, language, culture, religion, etc. But it is going to be an amazing journey. Thank you. See you soon!" An excellent student, Tem already has a high English level.

History Watching Sports Music-Listen Paint/Draw Guitar
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Italy

Sixteen-year-old Camilla from Italy is described by her friends as trustworthy, extroverted, and self-assured! Camilla likes to be active through various sports, but especially loves running. Camilla has a great relationship with her friends, and enjoys spending time with them on the weekends in the city center. She also has a good relationship with her parents upon whom she relies for advice. With her family, Camilla can be found eating her favorite foods, going to soccer games, or attending church. At school, Camilla enjoys the subjects of math and science, and is considering becoming a doctor someday. While in the USA, Camilla is interested in improving her English skills and learning about a new culture. She hopes to make many good memories during her year abroad. Will you be the family who helps her to create those memories?

Science Watching Sports Mathematics Photography Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Fifteen-year-old Miu from Japan is described by her friends as talkative, but also a great listener! She lives in a large city with her parents, both of whom attended university in the US, and her younger brother. Miu often helps him with his studies and even makes lunches for both of them to take to school. She loves her teachers and friends at school, but above all, she loves being in the school choir. She has many other interests, including figure skating; so, she's looking forward to watching the Olympics! Even though she's learned a lot about the US from her parents, Miu is interested in learning how people's actions and manners are different from those in Japan. She's looking forward to the guidance her host family will give her in navigating American culture. Will you be that family?

History Watching Sports Martial Arts Chorus/Choir English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Thailand

Coming from Thailand, 17-year-old Tidtanya describes herself as friendly, kind, smiling, funny, and a lover of animals! Tidtanya's nickname is "Klai," and she plans to become a flight attendant in the future. During her free time, she likes to go swimming or watch movies with friends, especially sci-fi or action films. She also enjoys reading, playing computer games, and listening to music. On weekends, she can be found going to the market with her mom so that they can prepare delicious meals together. During her exchange year, Klai hopes to make lots of new memories and friends. She looks forward to learning how to cook the American cuisine and perhaps, try playing a new sport. Klai is very grateful that your family is willing to share your life with her as she has dreamed of visiting the USA for a very long time. She looks forward to meeting you soon!

History Photography Swimming Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • France

Meet DIY project enthusiast Sidonie, known to friends and family as "Sido," from France. This 16-year-old girl writes that DIY projects allow a person to explore their creativity. Sido goes to church weekly with her family, and is willing to also go to church with her host family during her exchange year. She writes that she is a teenager who is smiling most of the time, and staying positive the rest of the time. Sido has a passion for downhill skiing, which she has practiced for the past 11 years. She also enjoys watching dance, travel, shopping, and listening to music. Sido loves to listen to music when she works and cooks! Did you know that she loves to cook chocolate cake, pie, and other French pastries? Other hobbies include painting and drawing, outdoor activities, movies, and web design. Sido also writes that she is curious, and loves discovering new places and anything new. She loves to enjoy the moment, taking time to reflect and take pictures. Fashion is another interest for Sido. She loves going shopping with her mom and sister, and uses her creativity to pick out outfits matching them with headbands for her curly hair. Coming from a large family, Sido understands the need for getting along and helping out. Sido helps out at home now, and will be sure to do her part when she arrives at her new home in the USA!

Art Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Meet bubbly, bright, and curious 16-year-old Miyu from Japan! Miyu is a musical teenager as she plays the trombone and is a member of an orchestra back home in Japan. Miyu is also a member of a choir, and loves to sing as well as listen to music. Hobbies for Miyu include cheerleading, movies, reading, computer games, photography, and being outdoors. Volunteering is another hobby which is a high priority for Miyu. Shopping and traveling with friends and family are also favorites of Miyu. She enjoys spending time with her siblings during the holidays; playing with her brother in the park, and shopping with her sister. Starbucks is one of Miyu's guilty pleasures! Miyu helps out a home by keeping her room clean, helping her sister with homework, and folding the laundry. Miyu is excited about introducing her new American family to Japanese culture, including sushi and matcha. Above all of this, Miyu is very much looking forward to bonding with new family and friends, and making memories to last a lifetime! Miyu needs a home with no indoor pets.

Languages Watching Sports Cheerleading Chorus/Choir Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • China

Looking forward to his first trip to the USA, 15-year-old Qianhan from China describes himself as a bright and optimistic boy who has many friends! He always tries to do his best and help others whenever possible. He enjoys time volunteering, and volunteers in the school's library on a regular basis. His hobbies include playing the guitar and singing in the school's choir. With friends, Qianhan goes to museums, libraries, and the cinema. His other hobbies include listening to music (Imagine Dragons and One Republic), watching and playing soccer and basketball, cooking, baking, and reading. He hopes to have the opportunity to learn more about football, photography, and cooking while on exchange. It sounds like it is time to share your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe with a certain young man from across the world!

Languages Watching Sports Chorus/Choir Mathematics Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Anne, (16 in May) describes herself as creative! She is a very good student who attends a school in Germany that focuses on music and creative subjects, such as design and photography. One of her favorite subjects is art, and she loves to draw and paint. Teachers describe her as open-minded and motivated - well liked by both classmates and teachers. She has good leadership skills as well as being able to mediate in difficult situations with different opinions. She also works well with children. Anne dances, plays handball, and skis, and looks forward to trying different American sports during her exchange year. She describes her family life as harmonious, and says they try to have meals together every day. They also enjoy hiking, watching movies, and playing board games. Her grandparents live nearby and Anne often visits them. Although she does not have a pet, she loves animals and loves playing with her grandparents' dog. Anne has heard about American high school life and looks forward to the different activities available. She also looks forward to meeting her host family and becoming a part of their family life!

Art Paint/Draw Music-Listen History Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Emilia is a 16-year-old girl from Germany who is curious about history and other cultures, and loves to travel! She has already done an exchange experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina. During her time there, she enjoyed the new adventures, exploring new places, and making new friends. This experience ignited her appetite for more, and she looks forward to learning all about American culture during her U.S. exchange. She expects to have lasting experiences that will help her mature into adulthood. She is empathetic, open-minded, and has a strong altruistic side as she volunteers with refugee children and plans on a career where she can work with children. Her friends describe her as "a person you need in your life and never want to get rid of." When she is not giving back to the community, she likes dancing, cheerleading, reading, and baking for special occasions for her friends and family. She hopes to continue cheerleading and dancing while in the USA, if possible. "I can't wait to finally get to know the USA, and, even more, my host family," says Emilia!

History Cooking/Baking Cheerleading Music-Listen Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Johanna is a 16-year-old student from Germany who describes herself as an open and friendly girl, with a love for helping others! Her teachers say that Johanna is attentive and helpful, and her open-minded attitude has a positive effect on class discussions. When she has finished school, Johanna hopes to pursue a career in teaching. A member of two choirs (church and school), Johanna says that singing in a choir makes her feel a part of something special and she loves making great music. Family is important to Johanna - she says they generally eat meals together and talk about the day's activities. She and her mother often cook or bake together, and she jogs with her Dad. Johanna also enjoys running because it's a healthy activity and helps to clear her mind. After a trip to the US with her choir, Johanna knew she wanted to become an exchange student and spend a year learning more about American culture. She is excited to meet her host family and is "thankful I am to stay with you and get to know you!"

History Photography Running/Jogging Chorus/Choir Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Jan Luca is a 16-year-old boy from Germany who enjoys sports! He is on a baseball team, which is somewhat unusual in his country. He also plays soccer, swims, and bicycles - saying that being active is not only fun, but also good for the body. He is looking forward to trying new American sports during his year in the US. Jan Luca says that his family usually has meals together on the weekends, and enjoys watching movies as well. He and his friends often play soccer and go to the lake during the summer. Describing himself as social and open to new people and situations, Jan Luca says that he likes to help others when he can. He is looking forward to meeting his host family and welcoming the "American spirit into his life!"

Mathematics Film Making Baseball Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Ronja, a 16-year-old girl from Germany, is an excellent student who hopes to pursue a career working with and helping people! She describes herself as hard-working and responsible - always focused on achieving goals she has set for herself. Her teachers say that she is an excellent student, and is well-liked by both teachers and classmates. Ronja attends hip-hop and ballroom classes at a dance school, and enjoys performing in a variety of settings. She has also been a part of a theater group. She enjoys drawing and painting, listening to music, and reading in her spare time. Ronja is close to her family, and also enjoys hanging out with friends - watching movies, dancing, cooking, and going to concerts. She is looking forward to meeting her host family, and this "great opportunity" ahead of her!

History Dance-Ballroom Music-Listen Web Design Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Finland

"Are you ready to rumble?" Sixteen-year-old Lauri from Finland writes that he hopes to see an American sporting event while on exchange because he wants to see how Americans make a game ten times more exciting with lights and loud music! Self-described as a teenager who enjoys meeting new people but also likes quiet time, Lauri writes that some of the things that make him happy include friends, family, comedy, and sports. Lauri feels that one of his natural strengths in life is speaking out and making a good impression upon people. He easily adapts to new things and places, and his friends would definitely call him a loyal friend. Lauri describes his family as busy but enjoys time on the weekends to relax and eat diner together. They also like to play soccer in the summer and go skiing in the winter. With friends, Lauri enjoys hanging out at the mall and playing video games. Lauri would like to have an opportunity while on exchange to try out either American football or baseball, if possible. Lauri helps out at home by keeping his room clean and helps with family meals. Would you like to have fun at a sporting event with Lauri? Lauri needs a dog-free host family.

History Watching Sports Music-Listen English Lang Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Switzerland

Meet optimistic and open-minded Anna, a 16 year old girl from German-speaking Switzerland! Anna introduces herself as "easily adaptable, curious, and empathetic towards others." Anna began playing the harp 6 years ago, and considers her family to be both musical and sporty. She also enjoys snowboarding in the winter, has tried fencing, and loves reading because she "can imagine everything" by herself! Anna lives in a home with her mother, father, younger sister, and two younger brothers. They all share in with the housework, and talk about their lives during meals. Anna also helps with her younger siblings, yard work, and is used to following a curfew. Fill your home with music; welcome Anna today!

History Paint/Draw Snowboarding String Instr. Geography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Sixteen-year-old Luise from Germany loves sports, especially soccer! Even though soccer is an important part of her daily life, Luise is open to trying new sports in the USA. Luise says that she lives in two cultures! Luise was born in Thailand but moved to Germany when she was 4-years-old. She often visits extended family in Thailand during the holidays. Luise's favorite subjects in school are math and biology. She hopes to study biology at a university after high school. Luise likes to stay active, and works out at the gym every other day to stay physically fit. She always tries to eat healthy, but enjoys getting a pizza often with her friends. Luise's family is very important to her, and she is excited to meet her new family in the USA. Luise's dad wants you to know that she is very responsible, happy, and makes friends easily. Luise wants to thank you for allowing her to share your world, and is ready to start her dream of a lifetime!

Biology Photography Soccer Music-Listen Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Welcome Daya, a 16-year-old boy from Germany, to your home! Daya is very sporty; he loves playing soccer regularly. He also enjoys basketball, dancing, ice skating, and really anything that gets him moving! Daya is looking forward to participating in many activities during his year abroad, and hopes that they will help him make many new friends. Daya's friends say that he is a responsible, friendly, and uncomplicated boy. At home, Daya lives with his mom and dad, older brother and younger sister. They enjoy spending time together, especially walking their dog. Daya is expected to help with meal preparation, yard work, taking care of pets, and following a curfew. Add Daya to your team next year!

English Lang Watching Sports Music-Listen Computer Games Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Denmark

Kind, friendly, and easy-going, 15-year-old Chris from Denmark is excited to experience everything about American life! Chris is an excellent student who always has a positive attitude. Chris says that he really likes to be active with both his family and friends. He enjoys going biking with his dad, goes to the gym or plays badminton with his friends, and sometimes helps out in his mother's restaurant. He really likes to be outside (but says no thanks to camping!). Other than badminton, he has not found a sport that he really loves to play, and he's hoping to try out a few during his exchange year - maybe American football? Chris also likes to play computer games with his friends, and enjoys the competitiveness of it. He describes his family as just a normal family - parents, brothers, and a parrot named Pip! Chris loves animals, in particular dogs and cats. He is excited and ready to embrace everything about life in America!

Biology Computer Games Badminton Music-Listen Physics
unbooked STUDENT
Mathilde Frimann
Female • 16 • Denmark

Sixteen-year-old Mathilde from Denmark is an enthusiastic, curious, and upbeat girl who is fond of nature, and would be a great addition to any family! Having been a part of Scouts, she has appreciated lessons learned while camping, such as survival skills and team work, as well as the beauty that surrounded her. Additionally, her creativity is demonstrated in her detailed drawings, jewelry she crafted, as well as participating in cosplay - dressing and acting like a character from a novel, movie or anime with a group of other students. Mathilde also delights in attending musicals. Family oriented, Mathilde spends family time skiing, walking the dog, shopping, assisting her mom with meal preparation, and playing video games with her dad and younger brother. Mathilde's friends describe her as kind, reliable, and open-minded. They enjoy spending time together on weekends at anime conventions, shopping, or having sleepovers. Quieter times will find her immersed in a good book or behind the lens of a camera. At school, Mathilde eagerly participates in Physics and Chemistry, fond of discovering how the world works and feeding her curiosity of herbs and herbal medicines. Independent in her studies, she also volunteers to assist other students who may struggle with assignments. Mathilde states she is "eternally grateful" to the family that shows her great kindness by opening their home to her!

Biology Has Job Swimming Music-Listen Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Denmark

Polite, caring, enthusiastic, and athletic Laura, age 15 from Denmark, loves music, nature, and fitness! She has played the piano for over 9 years and more recently, learned to play the guitar. Additionally, she has sung in numerous choirs and adores dancing. In the past, she swam several days a week, but now plays soccer and works out in a fitness center. Quieter times will find her expressing herself by drawing. Close to her family, especially her younger sister, they are fond of going for walks, playing board games, watching movies, traveling, skiing, swimming or shopping in a nearby town together. Described as caring, fun, and trustworthy by her friends, together they can be found at the local cinema, shopping or hanging out at a sleepover. Always on time for school with completed homework, Laura is especially fond of English, science, and math. She hopes to one day "make a difference regarding climate changes." Having been to the US once, Laura declares, "It was definitely one of the best trips I have ever had." Laura states that she is "so pleased" that you will open your home to her for ten months. Will your family be the one who makes a difference in her life?

Science Paint/Draw Gym Workout Chorus/Choir Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Czech Republic

If you're looking for a golfing partner, 17-year-old Michal from the Czech Republic is the student for you! Calm, confident, and friendly, Michal enjoys both playing and watching sports, including tennis, table tennis, running, and martial arts - but his real passion is playing golf. Michal says that he would really like to try some new sports in the USA, like football, as well! Michal's favorite hobbies revolve around sports, but he also loves spending time with his friends and likes doing outdoor activities where he can enjoy nature. In school, Michal's favorite subject is economics, and he hopes to study that in college as well. Michal is looking forward to his exchange year, taking in the sights of America, trying new foods and sports, and learning about the American way of life! Michal can live with cats and dogs but they must not enter his bedroom.

Economics Watching Sports Golf Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Sixteen-year-old Caitlin from Germany is looking forward to new adventures in the U.S! She has a strong adventurous side already, with a love of travel, experimenting with new hair colors, and trying new activities. She also has a soft side as her friends see her as a funny, open-minded, helpful, and trustworthy person. She must get these traits from her mother, who is a social worker who helps families in need. She looks forward to perfecting her English in the U.S. She thinks the English language sounds beautiful, and it is her favorite subject in school. She also speaks Polish fluently and a little French, in addition to her native German. Caitlin likes to spend her free time going to the gym, listening to music, and taking and organizing photos of her friends and family to keep her best memories alive. In keeping with her adventurous spirit, she is open to trying new sports and hobbies in the U.S., like cheerleading. Her future plans include a gap year of traveling and working abroad, and then going to university to further her studies. She looks forward to meeting your family and learning all about your traditions and culture!

English Lang Dance-Ballet Gym Workout Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Germany

Kristian is a 17-year-old boy from a small village in Germany. He comes from a close, hardworking family, consisting of his mother, father, and an older brother who lives on his own. They make the most of their time together on Sundays when they go out to eat and visit relatives. They also like to travel together to discover new places and cultures. He is described as "honest, trusting, and helpful," and therefore makes friends easily. Kristian is bilingual, and grew up speaking both German and Russian in his household. He loves English, and is well on his way to mastering it as his fourth language, along with French. He also enjoys Mathematics at school. When not studying, Kristian enjoys playing sports like tennis and basketball, and hanging out with his friends. He hopes to try American football during his exchange year as well. He has dreamed of visiting the U.S his whole life., so he is very excited for his exchange year. He hopes to live and work in the U.S. one day. He is very excited to share his culture with your family, too!

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen English Lang Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

A typical teenager, 15-year-old Leonie from Germany enjoys spending time with her two best friends! "We're watching movies, going shopping, talking, laughing, and just having a great time." Most important to her is her family. She lives with her mom and younger brother, and spends time with her dad on weekends. Every Wednesday, she and her mother do a sports activity together such as jogging. She and her mom are also musical theater fans, having seen shows such as The Lion King, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Tarzan. Leonie loves to escape for a few hours at the theater and sing the broadway tunes. A lover of animals, Leonie had bunnies for eight years, and says that this is one of the reasons why she is a vegetarian. Her teachers describe her as patient, open-minded, having many interests, and being someone who likes to help others. During her exchange year, she wants to learn about American culture. "I want to watch a football game and a baseball game. I hope that I have some little adventures." To visit the USA is her big dream. "I like to find out about different cultures, people and languages. I think that living in the USA will be an awesome experience for me and I hope that after living the time in your family, America will be like a second home for me!"

History Paint/Draw Running/Jogging Music-Listen Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Meet Himeka, a 16-year-old girl from Japan! Himeka lives with her father, mother, older sister, and younger sister. Although they are busy during the week, on the weekends they enjoy shopping and going out to eat together. They also like to go camping! Himeka is described by her friends as very outgoing; the life of the party and entertaining. She describes herself as hard-working and a bright person. She enjoys participating in the drama club at her school, playing tennis, and running for fun. Listening to pop music is one of her favorite things, because it makes her feel powerful! At home, she helps with cleaning the house and helping with younger siblings. While in the USA, Himeka is hoping to learn how to cook American cuisine. Share your American recipes with Himeka next year!

English Lang Watching Sports Tennis Music-Listen Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
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