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Female • 15 • Japan

Fifteen-year-old Minami from Japan would like to sing her way into your heart! A long-time member of her city's mixed choir, who shows her leadership during choir competitions, she hopes to continue singing during her YFU exchange year by joining the school choir. If she isn't singing, she may be found listening to her favorite J-pop or K-pop music or watching movies, eating, and taking photos with friends. Described as hard-working and responsible, Minami is an excellent student, whose favorite subject is math. With her parents and younger brother, she enjoys family meals at home, eating out in restaurants, traveling or staying home and watching her favorite Japanese baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers. Do you enjoy badminton? Do you have a favorite baseball team? How about challenging Minami to a badminton competition in the yard, and introducing her to your local or favorite professional team? Your YFU daughter just might return to Japan singing the praises of an American baseball team!

Mathematics Watching Sports Swimming Chorus/Choir Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Chun Na
Female • 15 • Japan

"I want to make good use of each day of my exchange and I want to make awesome memories with my host family!" Meet Fifteen-year-old Chunna from Japan! Her favorite sport is softball, and she is the captain of her team. She likes to hit up the batting cage with her father to practice during her free time. She is a girl with a dream to work at a Disney resort someday. Chunna describes herself as a motivated and energetic girl. Her father always tells her that "your charm is in your smile." So, she says "I just keep smiling all the time." Chunna likes animals, cooking, drawing, traveling, and volunteer work. Her teachers and friends describe her as bright, friendly, and competitive. With her friends, she likes to shop, study, go out to eat, and go to the movies. She wants to experience change, become more independent, and never give up on her dream!

History Paint/Draw Softball Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Looking for a student who soars above the rest? Meet 17-year-old Ryoma from Japan whose passion is aviation! Ryoma has been fascinated with aviation since he was young, and one day he would like to become an air traffic controller. Ryoma?s other passion is baseball! He would love the opportunity to watch an American major league game. Ryoma also enjoys playing badminton, watching basketball, and listening to music. This responsible young man wants to increase his leadership and English skills while on exchange; and he is most grateful to you for accepting him as a member of your family!

Mathematics Baseball Music-Listen English Lang Watching Sports
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

While interested in all sports, 17-year-old Miki from Japan's passion is cycling, either competitively or with family and friends. He even likes the challenge of cycling up a steep mountain. He also enjoys mountain climbing, gym workouts, computer games, going to movies, shopping, and traveling. He consider himself to be gentle, flexible, frank, bright, honest, and trustworthy. His teacher says that he is open-minded, and helpful to other students as a mentor or sharing supplies, if needed. Also, he is motivated and when he begins a project, he will push through to the end. He hopes to make many new friends, try new activities, and improve his English skills while on exchange. Miki will help around the house as a member of the family. He thanks you and looks forward to meeting you soon!

English Lang Watching Sports Gym Workout Music-Listen Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Waka is a 16-year-old girl from Japan who describes herself as bright, talkative, and friendly! Waka's hobbies include playing sports, reading mystery novels, baking sweets, listening to music, and spending time with her "cute" dog. She has participated in a Track & Field team for four years, and would be interested in trying a new sport during her exchange year. At school, Waka is interested in social studies and history, and plans to work within the international relations field in the future. She dreams of working for the United Nations or a non-profit organization someday. Waka knows that improving her English skills will help her achieve her career goals, and will broaden her horizons. During her exchange year, Waka hopes to learn more about American history, and join an after school club or activity. "I hope to make lots of friends in the USA and have lots of happy days like in Japan," says Waka! She wants to have a great relationship with her host family so that she can become a real family member. Waka is looking forward to living with your family, and experiencing the American high school life!

History Photography Music-Listen Social Studies Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Eren is a 15-year-old girl from Japan! An excellent student, teachers describe her as hard-working and friendly. Her favorite subjects in school are English and art. Since she enjoys drawing, she would like to pursue a career that entails designing. Eren is a member of the mandolin club at school, and enjoys playing in concerts and school festivals. She looks forward to playing her mandolin for her host family! Her family enjoys sharing dinner together, walking their dog in the park, and watching movies. Since Eren enjoys the outdoors and nature, she likes camping, hiking, and bouldering. Having lived with her family in the US when she was a young child, her good memories have led her to want to spend a year learning about American culture and living with an American family. She is very excited to meet her Host Family and "thanks them for welcoming me into your family!"

Art Watching Sports Swimming String Instr. English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Japan

Seventeen-year-old Kazune from Japan, who goes by Kaz, describes herself as sporty and a leader, and her friends say she is a good listener! Kaz loves sports, is the captain of her handball team, and also plays volleyball and soccer. She listens to pop music, and one of her favorite artists is Selena Gomez. Kaz's favorite subjects in school are Chinese, English, and Geography. She plans to go to a university to study tourism, and then pursue a career as a tour guide. One of Kaz's favorite hobbies is cooking. Her grandma is a very good cook and is teaching Kaz how to cook and bake. Kaz also enjoys dancing and café-hopping with her friends. Kaz describes her family as supportive, and they have a good relationship and can always cheer her up. They cook, shop, and go to her brother's baseball games together. Some of her chores include cleaning, laundry, and helping with meals. Kaz thanks you for being her host family, and is looking forward to meeting you and making a lot of memories with you!

Languages Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Geography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Looking for some pep and enthusiastic conversation in your life? Meet 16-year-old Shoka from Japan! Possessing a sunny disposition, good listening skills, and plenty of energy, Shoka brings a bit of sunshine wherever she goes! Sporty and active, Shoka participates in badminton, track & field, swimming, and mountain biking. At school, she likes math and PE, and hopes to attend university in the future. She also enjoys singing karaoke because it helps to relieve stress. Shoka likes animals of all kinds, listening to music with friends, outdoor activities, and cooking as well. At home, Shoka lives with her parents and younger twin sisters. Together, they enjoy camping, snowboarding, and cycling. Family pets include a dog, hamster, and a goldfish. While on exchange, Shoka is excited to make lots of new friends, and she hopes to try a team sport like volleyball or basketball. Maybe you will be the family to make her dream of exchange come true!

Mathematics Cooking/Baking Swimming Singing/Voice Hike/Backpack
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Brazil

Sixteen-year-old Gabriel from Brazil is an avid reader and internet user as he believes that reading is one of the most interesting ways to acquire knowledge! He loves musical instruments, plays the transverse flute, and listens to classical music. He would like to learn to play new instruments during his exchange year. Gabriel is involved in church activities every week. He also enjoys a good challenge by playing chess and table tennis with his family or friends. With a belief that the sciences help us to understand the universe around us, Gabriel hopes to one day achieve a PhD in one of his favorite science fields or math. He describes himself as studious, quiet, fun, responsible, easy-going, and likes to learn new things. He thanks you for hosting, and is looking forward to his year with you!

Biology Computer Games Music-Listen Chemistry Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Denmark

Kardi, a 16-year-old girl from Denmark, describes herself as kind, helpful, and friendly! Her friends add that she is honest and funny. When she is with her friends, they enjoy shopping or going to the movies. Kardi gets very good grades at school where she is considered "sweet, charming, and well-liked." She works well alone but also contributes positively in groups. She is respectful, well-behaved, and is always prepared. In addition to schoolwork, a part-time job at a restaurant also keeps her schedule full. When she has time, she enjoys baking, drawing, and crafting. As for sports, Kardi works out at the gym a few times per week but she especially loves dancing! She danced for two years but gave that up this year to spend more time on schoolwork. She hopes to start dancing again while on exchange. Kardi describes her family, which includes her parents and sister, as "normal." As a family, they watch movies and have meals together. Her chores at home include cleaning her room and helping with meals. Kardi thinks the USA is one of the most amazing countries in the world! She has "always dreamed of visiting the USA someday but never thought in a million years, that she would be able to live and study here!"

History Watching Sports Phys Fitness String Instr. English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Football fans! Basketball fans! Motoki (17) from Japan will enjoy watching (or playing!) games with you! Yes, this lively exchange student is passionate about playing and watching sports! Motoki is an adaptable, cheerful, mature, kind and always smiling boy who loves playing basketball and snowboarding. Motoki's family is very active, and they often go snowboarding together. Motoki can often be found exercising, hanging out with friends, and watching sports. During his exchange year, Motoki would like to play American football, watch an NBA or NFL game or participate in a running race. He is a fan of the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder. Besides sports, Motoki hones his culinary skills with his friends on the weekends, with his specialities being teriyaki chicken and oyakodon. Motoki is very good at mental arithmetic, and mathematics is his favorite subject at school. Smart, bright, and smiling Motoki is looking forward to spending his exchange year with his wonderful host family!

Mathematics Watching Sports Singing/Voice Camping Running/Jogging
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Sixteen-year-old Hinata from Japan is a girl described as a strong leader by her teachers! Hinata studies English, and competes for her school in English activities. She is excited about improving her language skills further during her exchange year. Hinata has also been involved in Art Club at school as she enjoys drawing. One of her favorite activities is figure skating. She practiced for 8 years, and would like the opportunity to continue this in America, if possible. Hinata considers herself cheerful and positive. She would like to make many new friends in America, and learn about the culture while sharing some of her Japanese culture with you! Hinata lives with her mother and grandparents. They enjoy going out for dinner, and she and her mother like to take long vacations together. Hinata is an enthusiastic and friendly girl who would be a fun addition to any family!

English Lang Paint/Draw Ice Skating Chorus/Choir Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 18 • Japan

Meet 18-year-old Yuto from Japan! He is passionate about the Japanese art of calligraphy, and cannot wait to share this passion with his host family - even creating "Kanji" gifts for each person! He also likes to sing and exercise; he says that he attends Japanese Karaoke once a week with his family, and enjoys playing basketball. He hopes to try street basketball in America! He hopes to improve his English, learn about American culture, and build friendships in order to communicate with people all over the world during his exchange year. Yuto is very excited to introduce Japanese foods to his host family, like his favorite food Okonomiyaki! Yuto is accustomed to helping around the house, and will be happy to help with chores for his host family. He hopes to become involved in volunteer and school activities as he does in Japan. One day, he hopes to become a city planner, and would be interested in seeing American city plans and construction sites! Consider opening your home to Yuto this year!

English Lang Watching Sports Singing/Voice Paint/Draw Percussion
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Meet Natsuho, age 16 from Japan, who always has a smile on her face, and will brighten your days with her positive attitude, kindness, and thoughtfulness! Nicknamed Natchan, she enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, walking her dog or riding horses. Quiet time is consumed with reading, listening to or singing along with music, watching baseball as well as filling another album with photos of her dog. With great interest in foreign countries, Natchan is a member of a Global Leader Program where she delights in communicating with individuals with different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, her maturity and leadership skills are demonstrated as an elected member of her school's Executive Student Council. In the future, Natchan desires to become a staff member in the United Nations or a similar organization. Limited time with family is cherished by Natchan who states, "I always have fun with my family." Her friends enjoy her humorous nature in the activities they share. During a three week exchange last year to Montana and awed by the beautiful nature that surrounded her, Natchan decided to come back to the US for a longer stay. Hoping to participate in American activities, Natchan is prepared to take on the challenges of adapting to a new family and culture. Is your family ready to add some sunshine to your lives?

English Lang Watching Sports Singing/Voice Theatre Arts Music-Listen
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Welcome 15-year-old Miho from Japan whose friends describe her as an active girl who is always laughing! Miho enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, and baseball in the park with friends. She would love to watch a Major League Baseball game while in the USA! She also plays the piano, swims, and attends an art school. Miho lives with her parents and an older sister, whom she describes as gentle and bright. She describes her family's lifestyle as being fun every day! Miho's sister studied abroad when she was in high school, which inspired Miho to become interested in foreign countries and languages. She would even like to study a foreign language at university after she finishes high school. During her exchange year, Miho hopes to increase in self-confidence and improve her communication skills. "I would like to spend time with my host family as much as possible," says Miho!

Mathematics Watching Sports Baseball Piano Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Fifteen-year-old Mizuta from Japan is described as being cheerful, thoughtful, a leader, and hard-working. She is active in multiple school activities, and serves as Vice Chair of the Student Council, is a choral conductor, and Vice President of the cheering team. She has also participated in school plays, which have assisted her in finding her voice. Some of her other hobbies include playing the violin, dancing, and fashion. Mizuta participated in a two week student exchange to Thailand, which was very meaningful to her. This experience helped her to establish her Japanese identity, and to celebrate the importance of diversity while learning about other cultures. During her exchange year in the USA, she plans to share her Japanese culture and perspective while also learning from and appreciating new cultures. She is undecided about her future career, but hopes to live and work in multicultural, diverse environments. Mizuta thanks you for opening your home to her!

Mathematics Theatre Arts Cheerleading Chorus/Choir Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Her head is in the clouds - meet Natsumi, a 15-year-old girl from Japan! Natsumi dreams of becoming a flight attendant one day, and is eager to improve her English skills so that she can travel the world for her career! Cheerful and talkative, she loves watching sports with her friends and family, especially cheerleading, volleyball, and badminton. Natsumi has been on the cheerleading squad at her school for several years, and can't wait to continue this activity in America! Along with cheerleading, she is excited to enjoy the outdoors, and hopes her family will take her camping. She went camping as a child and says, "it was a lot of fun!" She is also the Vice President of the student organization at her Japanese school where she enjoys organizing activities for the happiness of others, and writes, "I want to make people happy." At home Natsumi lives with her parents and younger sister. She helps out around the house, keeps her room clean, and has a curfew. Welcome Natsumi!

English Lang Watching Sports Cheerleading Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Switzerland

Oliwia is a 16-year-old girl from French-speaking Switzerland who describes herself as friendly, sporty, and curious! Her favorite sports are soccer and "ninjutsu," which is a self-defense form of martial arts. Oliwia gets very good grades in school, and her teacher finds her to be a polite, motivated, open-minded, and easy-going student. She gets along well with her classmates, and is capable of expressing her own opinions while maintaining respect for different thoughts. Oliwia's family includes her parents, an older brother, and a younger sister. They spend time together traveling, going out for dinner, playing games or watching a movie. At home, her chores include cleaning, helping with meals, and helping with yard work. Oliwia is looking forward to her exchange year to discover our culture, see new landscapes, and learn about you! Needs a cat-free home.

Biology Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Welcome 16-year-old Nono from Japan who describes herself as "always bright and full of laughter!" Nono is a dedicated tennis player who has been practicing this sport for the past four years. She would love to continue playing tennis during her exchange year, if possible as she says "it makes me happy." Nono can also play the piano, has participated in choir, and enjoys listening to music, her favorite artists being One Direction and Austin Mahone. Nono loves dogs, especially her pet dog named Chu! She enjoys walking her dog and feeding him daily. Nono chose the USA for her exchange year because she is very moved by our country's patriotism. She is looking forward to playing and watching American sports, and experiencing American fashions at the mall. Nono is looking forward to joining your family, and can't wait to meet you soon!

Watching Sports Baseball Chorus/Choir Cooking/Baking Tennis
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Sixteen-year-old Erica from Japan is described as being a positive and cheerful girl who lives life to the fullest! Her friends add that she is naturally sociable and approachable. Erica plays both the violin and piano, and enjoys singing in her school's choir as well as singing karaoke with friends. She has also been a member of a swim team for the past 9 years, enjoys yoga, and likes watching tennis matches on TV. Erica is active in English speech and debate contests at her school, and loves learning about world-wide issues in her Global Studies class. She is also a member of her school's Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony club, and she would love to share this tradition with her host family. During her free time, Erica likes photography, and making smoothies and baking, "especially with chocolate," she says! With her friends, she enjoys outdoor activities, reading, volunteering, eating sushi, and watching movies together. Invite this outgoing, optimistic young lady into your home for a wonderful exchange experience!

English Lang Watching Sports Swimming Chorus/Choir Social Studies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Shinsuke is a 17-year-old boy from Japan whose nickname is Shin! A very good student in his vocational school, teachers describe him as a "great contribution to his classes and fellow students." Shin's favorite subjects are biology and agriculture, and he hopes to one day work with his father in his farming business. Shin has been a member of his school's track & field club for one year, and says that he feels good when he improves his own record. He also enjoys cooking and photography, but his passion is making videos. He created a video featuring a campaign for the school's cultural festival and won first prize for the finished product! He really enjoys the filming and editing process, and then sharing his work with others. Shin is "looking forward to meeting his host family and having a good year together!"

Biology Web Design Music-Listen Film Making Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Ryusei, or "Taka" as he likes to be called, is a 17-year-old boy from Japan! Described as mature, cheerful and active, he has always been interested in cultural exchange. Taka enjoys both playing and watching sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball, table tennis, and especially team handball. He also enjoys long-distance running. Taka is looking forward to watching American football and any other American sports with his host family. Taka plays the ukelele, and would like to learn to play the guitar while on exchange. Taka loves to read, and enjoys spending time outdoors, listening to music, and spending time with animals, especially his pet turtle! A very good student, his favorite subject is math. His family is busy, but they value spending time together each day eating delicious meals. Taka says, "I am looking forward to having you take care of me!" He can't wait to become a part of your family!

Mathematics Watching Sports Baseball String Instr. English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Meet 17-year-old Kosei from Japan who is studying Information Technology at school! When time allows, he also likes to meet with his English teacher outside of class to converse in English. Kosei's teacher says that he is gentle, orderly, and a leader, having been elected to steering committees for school activities. He is well-versed in many genres of music, so he can talk to many people through music. With a love for sports, he has played baseball and tennis, and hopes for the opportunity to play football, basketball, or baseball while on exchange. He would also like to be a disc jockey for "electronic dance music," and take lots of nature photos while in the USA. Kosei wants to do his very best at every new activity that he tries in America. He likes to go walking and talking while shopping with his friends in big cities. In the kitchen, Kosei is good at making the traditional Japanese dishes of Nabe and Dashi, and hopes to make them for you. Kosei thanks you for this opportunity, and looks forward to the year with you!

Mathematics Watching Sports Tennis Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Meet enthusiastic, 16-year-old Shiori from Japan who enjoys being a member of the English Debate Club at school! She loves to try anything new when opportunities arise through school activities, and family and friends. She plays badminton, table tennis, and likes socializing. Shiori also enjoys cooking, and is good at calligraphy. Shiori describes herself as cheerful, courteous, and serious. During her exchange year, she hopes to make lots of friends, improve her English skills, and learn more about YFU so that she can eventually become a volunteer for the organization in Japan. Shiori thanks you for opening your home to her, and looks forward to having good family experiences together!

English Lang Watching Sports Badminton Music-Listen Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Coming from Japan, 16-year-old Rei loves animals and has many pets! He also participates in horseback jumping competitions, and with a love of sports in general, he plans for a career as an athletic trainer. With an interest in human rights, his teacher says that he has represented his school at human rights contests. While on exchange, Rei hopes to try new sports, especially winter sports. He describes himself as calm, optimistic, easy-going, and does things at his own pace. Rei's family enjoys camping and having barbecues, and with friends, he likes to go to the local sport's center, go cycling or play games. Though his favorite food is the hamburger, Rei is practicing cooking some traditional Japanese foods in hopes that he can cook them for your family! He thanks you for giving him this opportunity to make many new friends and wonderful memories while learning abut the American culture and sports. Rei can't wait to meet you and become a member of your family!

Languages Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Japan

Seventeen-year-old Honoka from Japan is interested in the English language! She thinks that improving her English skills during her time in the USA will be very useful with the Olympics going to be held in Tokyo in 2020. Honoka finds English to be the most important language in the world, and plans to pursue a career related to the English language in the future. Honoka also loves basketball! She played on a team for four years, and now volunteers her time as a team manager. A good student, Honoka's favorite subjects are English and PE as she likes to be active. With her family, they enjoy traveling and spending time together. She has younger twin brothers that she enjoys taking care of as well as a younger sister. With her friends, Honoka likes having sleepovers, riding their bikes to festivals or going out for dinner to talk. Honoka's favorite foods are fruits and desserts, and she loves animals! She chose the USA for her exchange experience because she wants to get to know a different culture and make a lot of friends while improving her English skills!

English Lang Watching Sports Photography Badminton Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Koshiro is a 16-year-old boy from Japan who is described as open-minded and considerate by his teachers and peers! He has long had an interest in coming to America for an exchange year. Koshiro is keen to improve his English skills and make many new friends during his time in the USA! In Japan, Koshiro loves playing basketball during his free time. He often plays with friends, and hopes to be able to play during his exchange year as well. He also enjoys listening to music and watching TV dramas, both foreign and Japanese. Koshiro especially likes "Supernatural" from US TV. Koshiro also plays video games, and hangs out with friends discussing anime. Koshiro lives with his parents and sister. Although his parents work a lot, they like to spend holidays camping and traveling together. While the family is close, Koshiro is looking forward to joining an American family and learning about your traditions!

Watching Sports Music-Listen Camping Computer Games Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Harumu rocks! Get to know this musically inclined, independent, and respectful 17-year-old from Japan. Harumu is passionate about rock music and loves playing his guitar and songwriting with his fellow bandmates. He is grateful that his father plays guitar and is the reason he started playing himself! He believes experiences are property for the future and he looks forward to building that future together with fellow global citizens. In addition to guitar, Harumu likes to build with Legos, play soccer and tennis, and spend time with his family. Harumu can't wait to learn about US culture and share Japanese culture with you. Help bring music to the ears of this grateful guitarist by bringing him into your lives today!

Engineering Paint/Draw Soccer Rock Band Science
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Japan

Do you enjoy family conversation? If so, meet 17-year-old Asaka from Japan! Asaka loves to talk, is competitive and adaptable, and has a reputation for being a hard-worker. Her passion is ballet, which she has studied and practiced since she was only four, and hopes to continue while on exchange. However, Asaka is curious and courageous, and hopes to try many new things next year--possibly cheerleading. She also plays golf with her family, and would like to improve her golf skills. Asaka is working hard to improve her cooking skills so that she can share Japanese cooking with her host family as she learns about American culture and food. Her parents both work in dentistry, and Asaka hopes to become a dentist in the future. Some of her goals include making LOTS of new friends, establishing a great relationship with her host family, learning about American customs - especially Thanksgiving and Easter, and sharing Japanese food with her host family. If you enjoy conversation around the dinner table, and appreciate a positive outlook and sunny disposition, look no further than Asaka!

Mathematics Web Design Music-Listen English Lang Dance-Ballet
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Say hello to Ryuta, a 16-year-old boy from Japan who describes himself as positive, hard-working, and great at making new friends! Ryuta is a dedicated tennis player, and he would be interested in continuing this sport while in the USA, if possible. Some of Ryuta's other hobbies include cycling, swimming, watching sports, skiing, playing video games, collecting sneakers, golfing, and anime. Ryuta also finds time to volunteer by teaching and playing with children through a Japanese national organization. He would love to continue volunteering during his exchange year as well! When Ryuta has finished school, he plans to attend university and become a bank clerk before taking over his father's business someday. Ryuta is interested in basketball and watching NBA games, so he is looking forward to learning to play in the USA while cheering on your hometown team! Ryuta's family has hosted several exchange students over the years, which has inspired him to pursue his own experience abroad. Ryuta is looking forward to creating a good relationship with his host family and new friends in America while improving his English skills and learning about our culture!

English Lang Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
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