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Male • 15 • Uruguay

Active and energetic, Tristan from Uruguay is excited to experience the American culture during his exchange semester! Tennis and volleyball are his favorite sports, but he also loves trying new activities with friends, ranging from water sports and rugby to chess and yoga. When he's not studying or practicing his sports skills, Tristan can be found drawing, reading comics, working out at the gym, or playing with his dog. Tristan's friends describe him as a caring person who can always brighten your day. His teacher adds that he is curious about the world around him, and greatly believes in himself and his achievements. With a thirst for knowledge, Tristan is eager to try new activities during his time in the USA. He looks forward to the academic and athletic opportunities that his American high school may provide, and is especially eager to make new friends from across the globe! Will you choose Tristan as your Uruguayan son? Spring Semester 2020

Mathematics Paint/Draw Gym Workout Music-Listen Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Do you enjoy trying new foods? Aaliyah from Germany would love to whip up something special for your family in the kitchen! Cooking and baking are favorite hobbies for this young lady, especially making Italian cuisine with her mom. Perhaps, you can swap family recipes? Aaliyah would love to take a cooking class while in the USA as well. When she's not practicing her culinary skills, Aaliyah enjoys playing basketball and soccer with her dad, having movie nights with friends, or studying. Aaliyah is passionate about languages, with a goal to become fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese! For her future career, Aaliyah can see herself working as a lawyer or a judge. During her exchange year, Aaliyah is excited to discover a new culture, attend an American high school, and try new activities. Her parents would like you to know that she is a friendly and helpful person who is always wearing a smile. Make a dream come true by inviting Aaliyah into your family!

Law Watching Sports Music-Listen Languages Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Chile

Always smiling and eager to learn, Florencia from Chile has admired the American culture since she was a young girl! This sincere and loyal young lady surrounds herself with friends, and prides herself on creating long-lasting friendships. With a love for music, Florencia and her friends enjoy supporting their favorite artists at concerts. While in the USA, she hopes to discover new types of music with the help of her host family and new friends. Other favorite activities for Florencia include playing cards, writing about her dreams, taking photos, and walking her dog. She has also participated in a volunteer organization, which builds homes for the poor in rural areas. Weekends are spent going out for hamburgers with friends on Friday's, having family barbecues by the river, or traveling to the beach for some sunshine. At school, Florencia loves her Math classes, and hopes to study psychology in the future to better understand the human mind. During her exchange year, Florencia would like to strengthen her social skills, become more adaptable, and perfect her English. She can't wait to become a part of your family through this amazing experience! Winter Year 2020

Mathematics Photography Music-Listen Psychology Cards
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Germany

Attention Harry Potter fans! Paula from Germany would love to talk to you about all things from this wizarding world. She loves reading to escape to faraway places, and enjoys discussing her favorite stories with friends. When she's not wrapped up in a book, Paula attends ballet lessons, practices her table tennis skills, and enjoys skiing. Paula is a part of her school's drama club as well, an activity she would like to continue in the USA. She also loves being around animals, and would be happy to help care for her host family's pets. Coming from a close-knit family, Paula looks forward to time spent playing board games, rock climbing, or simply hanging out with her big brother. At school, Paula works hard to achieve excellent grades and is described by teachers as a team player. In the future, she dreams of becoming a math, science, and sports teacher. This cheerful young lady is excited to experience the beautiful landscape and friendly citizens of the USA. Through her exchange year, she would like to develop a greater acceptance towards different people. Paula is so thankful for the opportunity to share this experience with your family!

Science Dance-Ballet Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Uruguay

Full of laughter and with a caring heart for others, Paula from Uruguay is excited to become a member of her American host family! This sociable girl loves to surround herself with friends, often riding bikes, working out at the gym, and going to the beach together. At school, Paula is fascinated by the subject of Biology, and dreams of becoming a nutritionist in the future. Paula values eating healthy and being active, so she is eager to try a sport during her exchange year. She also loves to spend time outdoors, and is open to any new adventures that come her way. While in the USA, Paula hopes to make many friends, mature as a person, and live new experiences that will shape her into a global citizen. Paula thanks you for welcoming her into your heart and home! Winter Year 2020

Biology Watching Sports Gym Workout Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Playing multiple instruments, volleyball, and ballroom dancing are only a few of the many interests that make Charlotta from Germany unique! This motivated young lady plays the violin, trumpet and piano, and shares her talents in her school's orchestra and brass band. Volleyball practices, ballroom dancing lessons, and volunteering as a children's group leader at church keep Charlotta busy as well. She has even worked at a care facility for dementia patients, where she offered her musical talents in a special concert for the residents. With her family, Charlotta looks forward to outdoor adventures such as biking, canoeing, and skiing. However, Charlotta explains that she is just as happy during quieter moments, playing cards and board games, eating ice cream, or cooking. Empathetic, adaptable, and always willing to compromise, Charlotta is eager to understand American values and traditions through experiences shared with her host family. She is especially exited to be involved in school activities and to attend the prom. Charlotta and her parents thank you from the bottom of their hearts for allowing her to share this extraordinary experience with your family!

Art Dance-Ballroom Bicycling Piano History
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Meet Daan, an ambitious, helpful, and family-oriented young man from Germany! Family is at the center of Daan's life, which includes his parents, younger brother, and pet dog. Together, they make time for evening meals and conversation around the dinner table, traveling to faraway places, and often visiting their grandparents who live nearby. Daan and his brother are dedicated soccer players, and have been playing on the same team for the past 10 years. Although soccer is an important part of Daan's life, he is also open to trying traditional American sports such as football or basketball while in the USA. During his free time, Daan can be found riding bikes with his friends, working out at the gym, spending time outdoors, and studying to earn excellent grades. When he has finished high school, Daan already has an internship lined up at an insurance agency so that he can explore this potential career path. Daan has been fascinated by our beautiful country since his first visit. Now, he dreams of meeting the people who live here, attending an American high school, and learning more about the culture and language. Daan thanks his future host family for welcoming him into their home and for making his dream of an American exchange year come true!

Mathematics Watching Sports Gym Workout Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

With a love for American Football, Ben from Germany is hoping to score a touchdown by becoming a member of your family! Ben would love to continue playing football during his exchange year, and is eager to discover his host family's favorite teams. When he's not practicing on the field with his team or with friends, Ben works hard as a paperboy to earn money for his year in the USA. He also lends a hand to his parents by babysitting his younger sisters and taking care of their two pet cats. When their busy schedules allow, Ben's family enjoys playing boardgames and testing out their endurance at adventure parks. At school, Ben studies hard to achieve very good grades, and has a special interest in the English language and building creations with his hands in his Industrial Arts class. In the future, Ben plans to become a teacher. Described as having a big heart, Ben is looking forward to the new experiences that his exchange year will bring, which will shape his future! Will your family be cheering on Ben from the football stands next school year?

English Lang Watching Sports Football-U.S. Music-Listen Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Alina from Germany is ready to dance her way into your heart! Active in both hip-hop and German Carnival dancing, Alina would love to join the cheerleading squad or dance team at her American high school. Singing and playing her ukulele are other ways that Alina showcases her creativity. With a big heart for animals, Alina loves playing with her cute pet cat and enjoys walking dogs for neighbors. Bilingual in both German and Russian, Alina loves to learn new languages, and is excited to share both cultures with you. In the future, she hopes to put her language skills to the test and study International Management at university. She also finds time to serve on her school's Student Council, where she enjoys contributing ideas and planning events for her classmates. Spending quality time with family is extremely important to Alina. Going to the zoo, bowling, shopping with her mom and sister, or having cozy movie nights at home are their favorite ways to bond as a family. Now, Alina can't wait to build a friendship with her American host family. She thanks you for welcoming her as your German daughter, and for teaching her about your culture!

English Lang Watching Sports Cheerleading Singing/Voice Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Say hello to Marvin, an ambitious and kind young man from Germany! Marvin feels inspired and creative through drawing, listening to music, and playing his guitar. He especially loves learning the chords to play along with his favorite songs! Being active and spending time outdoors is also important to Marvin. He can often be found jumping on the trampoline in his backyard or practicing flips and tricks on the diving board. Marvin and his brother also love to play friendly games of table tennis together. While in the USA, he is excited to learn a new sport, such as American football or basketball. Weekends for Marvin are often spent playing sports with friends or taking Sunday bike rides with his family. Described as a committed and helpful student, Marvin has been serving as a Class Representative for three years running. With a fascination for Biology, Marvin plans to follow in his father's footsteps and work in research and development for diabetes in the future. He has already had the opportunity to intern in his father's lab, which further inspired this decision. During his exchange year, Marvin is looking forward to learning what it means to be a part of the American way of life through his host family. He thanks you for coming along on his greatest adventure yet!

Art Watching Sports Swimming Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Brazil

Daniel from Brazil has a need for speed! Inspired by his race car driving grandpa, Daniel has been active in go-kart racing for the past three years. Playing tennis with his family and soccer with friends keeps Daniel moving as well. Daniel is also very open to trying new activities in the USA, and discovering new American sports that are not common in his home country. He already has a favorite American football team - the Miami Dolphins! Described as easy-going and fun to be with, Daniel looks forward to barbecues with his family, playing video games, and hanging out friends on the beautiful beaches of Brazil. At school, Daniel's favorite subjects are Math, History, and Geography, and he has a keen interest in learning new languages. Daniel's goals for his exchange semester are to become more adaptable, mature, and open-minded. "I will do my best to make this experience the best it can be," Daniel proclaims! Spring Semester 2020

History Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Introducing Hannah from Germany who describes herself as curious, brave, and with a caring heart for others! A creative young lady, Hannah enjoys playing the violin in her school's orchestra as well as hip-hoping dancing on a team with her best friends. She is also active in school activities, currently volunteering as a member of a club that speaks out against racism, and sharing her persuasive speaking skills on the debate team. With a previous exchange to Russia under her belt, Hannah's teacher says that she proved to be reliable, and very open to new cultures and experiences. At school, Hannah loves learning about the human body and genetics in her Biology class, and is fascinated by the English language. In the future, she plans to follow in her father's footsteps and become a physician. Weekends are often spent playing cards with her family, studying, walking her dog, or hanging out with friends. Inspired by her family's travels in the USA, Hannah is excited to gain a deeper view into the daily American lifestyle. She thanks you for choosing her as your German daughter!

Science Cards Dance Team Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Emely is an adventurous and ambitious teen from Germany! With a love for nature and animals, Emely looks forward to horseback riding each week. She also showcases her sense of adventure through frequenting amusement parks. During quieter moments, you might find Emely getting lost in a fantasy or romance novel. Emely walks to school each day, where her favorite subjects are Math, PE, and History. Her teachers describe her as a student who is always interested in learning, giving her best, and looking for a challenge. When she has finished school, Emely dreams of becoming a police officer and later, starting a family of her own. Time spent with friends is consumed with riding bikes, swimming at the lake, and watching comedy and action films at the local movie theater. Emely especially looks forward to the Christmas holiday, when she and her friends visit a traditional German Christmas market. She is excited to take part in her host family's traditions as well! Will there be a seat for Emely at your table this holiday season?

History Watching Sports Swimming Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

"Seize the day, enjoy what you are doing and share your joy with others," are words that Laetitia from Germany strives to live by! This compassionate and thoughtful girl loves to surround herself with family and friends, and is easily inspired by those who work to make the world a better place. When she's with her loved ones, Laetitia enjoys fun activities such as bowling, hiking, playing sports, and traveling to interesting places. She is active in her school's choir, plays the piano, and her latest adventure has been learning the self-defense art of Krav Maga. Laetitia also finds time to volunteer at her church as a confirmand leader. At school, Laetitia looks forward to learning new languages, and dreams of one day becoming a pediatrician. Through this exchange experience, Laetitia hopes to add new perspectives to her life, and would love to try a new sport or activity. Laetitia thanks you for your generosity and open hearts!

Languages Watching Sports Martial Arts Chorus/Choir English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Friendly, trustworthy, and open-minded best describes Ava from Germany! Ava has a passion for dancing, especially performing with her dance team. She would be happy to continue dancing while on exchange, but is also open to new and exciting activities as well. Scouting is also an important part of Ava's life, often planning weekend camping trips with her troop where they build tents in beautiful locations, cook, and sing around the campfire together. At home, Ava can be found practicing her ukulele skills, baking, or curling up with a good book in front of the fireplace. She also enjoys creating photo albums from her family's travel adventures. A very good student, Ava loves to journey through the past in her History class, with a special interest in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the future, she plans to attend university and find a career that allows her to work with children. During her exchange year, Ava is excited to discover the American school system and study new and interesting school subjects. She thanks you for the opportunity to live this incredible experience with your family!

History Photography Dance Team String Instr. English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Uganda

Meet Emmanuel from Uganda! Coming from a large family, Emmanuel has grown up in a faith-centered home and attends church weekly with his parents and siblings. He looks forward to attending church with your family in the USA as well! At home, Emmanuel helps his parents with household chores such as caring for their cows, goats, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. He also looks forward to family camping and hiking trips. Emmanuel feels blessed to have the opportunity to study abroad in the USA. He strives to excel in each academic subject, and dreams of becoming a lawyer or starting his own business in the future. Emmanuel enjoys sports, often playing soccer and volleyball with his friends. During his spare time, you might find Emmanuel discovering new places or reading novels. A bit of trivia about Emmanuel... jackfruit is his favorite food, especially the satisfaction of climbing to the top of the tree to pick it himself! Although he hasn't had the opportunity to learn to bake, he hopes to explore this activity with his American family. Emmanuel thanks you for hosting and says, "I am grateful to be considered for this life altering opportunity!" English is the 1st language of Uganda. Winter Year 2020

History Cooking/Baking Soccer Hike/Backpack Religion
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 14 • France

Introducing Louis, a positive and social young man from France who enjoys meeting new people! Louis is a dedicated tennis player who looks forward to weekend practices with his teammates. He also has experience playing golf and swimming, and loves to spend time outdoors. During the winter, you can find Louis practicing his skiing skills with his family on the slopes, and in the summer, he enjoys fishing and relaxing on the beach. A typical teen, Louis and his friends often spend time together after school, working on homework, playing sports, going to the movies, or going out for sushi. An excellent student, Louis plans to fight the injustices of the world through a future career as a lawyer. Louis was inspired to pursue an exchange semester after traveling the west coast of America with his family. With a curiosity for new cultures, he is eager to experience the American lifestyle with his host family while gaining in maturity and independence. He would also love to learn an American sport, such as baseball, ice hockey or American football. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity to fulfill my dreams," says Louis! Spring Semester 2020

Law Watching Sports Golf Music-Listen History
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Argentina

Athletic and academically-focused best describes Martin from Argentina! With a keen interest in Economics, Martin plans for a future career as an accountant. He would love to pursue a master's program in the USA, so perfecting his English skills is an important goal for Martin's exchange year. Martin showcases his sporty side through playing soccer, basketball, and volleyball. He also enjoys watching soccer and basketball games, and would love to learn about baseball from his host family and new friends. When he's not studying to achieve good grades or practicing with his soccer team, Martin enjoys working out at the gym, swimming at the community pool, playing FIFA, or making pizzas with his friends. Sunday's are family days, where his parents and four siblings gather for a barbecue. This responsible young man dreams of living in the USA to experience its rich history and cosmopolitan culture. Martin can't wait to make new friends, starting with his American host family! Winter Year 2020

Business Watching Sports Gym Workout Economics Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Argentina

Meet Tomas, a musically-inclined student from Argentina! He expresses his creativity through playing the guitar and ukulele, singing in his church's choir, and listening to a wide variety of music. Besides music, Tomas likes to be active by playing soccer, handball, and swimming with friends. He also loves dogs and has a heart for volunteering within his community, working with a low-income charity that helps children with their homework. Tomas loves seeing their happy faces when he and his friends arrive! A very good student, Tomas enjoys his Biology and Chemistry classes most, and is planning for a career in engineering. Tomas comes from a small family who loves each other dearly. He enjoys watching soccer matches with his dad, playing board games with his big sister, and going to the movies as a family. Tomas is excited to experience his American host family's culture, and believes that it is important to be involved in family activities to get to know each other. Described as lively, full of laughter and always happy, Tomas says that with him, you will never be bored. He looks forward to meeting you in person and beginning this adventure together! Spring Semester 2020

Engineering Paint/Draw Soccer Chorus/Choir Science
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Rowing is Jakob from Germany's greatest passion! He loves the strenuous exercise, self-discipline required, and spending time with his teammates. Before a race, Jakob can be found listening to music from hip-hop to Queen for inspiration. While Jakob would like to continue rowing during his exchange year, he would be happy to try new team sports, if this isn't possible. He is especially looking forward to learning about traditional American sports with his host family. When he's not on the water, Jakob enjoys drawing anime, playing computer games with friends, and reading e-books - he's a self-proclaimed Potterhead! With a fascination for biomedicine, Jakob plans for a future career as a physician or a researcher so that he can discover cures for diseases. Time spent with family is consumed with playing cards, watching Netflix movies, and traveling to explore new cultures. Inspired by his family's travels and a recent American summer camp experience, Jakob is excited to further his knowledge of our culture through his exchange year. He can't wait to get to know you!

Economics Watching Sports Gym Workout History Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Argentina

Malena from Argentina is passionate about sports! Playing soccer is her favorite way to keep active, and she also frequents the gym. Malena would like to experience playing soccer in the USA, if possible, and would love to try dancing as well. Malena also has a creative side, with drawing and painting being her favorite outlets for relaxation. Coming from a large family, Malena looks forward to game nights and supporting their local soccer team at their home matches. At school, Malena is fascinated by the subjects of History, Geography, and Visual Arts. Described as a confident and hardworking student, Malena is considering a future career as a lawyer or a psychologist. Always trying her best, Malena hopes to create a strong bond with her American host family while learning from each other's cultures. She thanks you for welcoming her into your home, and knows that you won't regret this life-changing opportunity! Winter Year 2020

Art Watching Sports Gym Workout History Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Tave from Germany is looking forward to experiencing everyday life in an American family, spending time at school, and becoming a true member of his host family during his year abroad in the USA! He would also love to share his culture with his new friends and host family, perhaps by whipping up some traditional German pancakes in your kitchen. An active young man, Tave can often be found on the soccer field or tennis courts practicing with his teams. While in the USA, he hopes to try his hand at an American sport such as football or basketball as well. Recently elected as Class Speaker at school, Tave is fascinated by the subjects of Math, Chemistry, and History, and enjoys furthering his knowledge at home through books and YouTube videos. Family is very important to Tave, often playing cards and boardgames, riding bikes, swimming, or sharing in great conversation together. Tave was inspired to pursue an exchange year after traveling throughout America with his family, leaving him with a special appreciation for our National Parks and free Coca-Cola re-fills. Now, Tave is excited to make the USA his second home with the help of your family!

Chemistry Watching Sports Baseball History Photography
unbooked STUDENT
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