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Asya Reyhan
Female • 15 • Germany

Asya from Germany would love to fill your home with music! She has been singing and playing the piano since she was a little girl, and has recently taken up vocal lessons to hone in on her craft. Asya would love to utilize her passion for performing by joining her American high school's theatre productions, if possible. With a big heart for helping others, Asya volunteers her time tutoring younger students at school, plays games with senior citizens at a local nursing home to brighten their day, and dreams of becoming a pediatrician. Dancing, drawing, writing in her bullet journal, playing basketball with her big brothers, and going to the gym with friends are other favorite ways for Asya to spend her free time. Asya is a vegetarian, who is willing to eat fish with her host family, and loves testing out creative recipes in the kitchen for her family. While in the USA, Asya is eager to attend a real American high school and experience the infamous school spirit within its walls. Asya can't wait to become the newest member of your family!

Music Theatre Arts Gym Workout Singing/Voice Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Finland

Sara from Finland is looking to score an ace by joining your family! With a passion for volleyball, Sara has grown in confidence through playing this sport and feels joy when practicing with her teammates. She would love to continue playing volleyball at her American high school or perhaps, try a new sport like softball. Sara showcases her musical side through playing the piano and the kantele, Finland's national instrument. Time with friends is filled with taking photos in nature, swimming, or going to a cafe to enjoy a slice of cake and a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Sara has a close relationship with her family as well, often baking brownies with her big sister, playing tennis or Finnish baseball in the summer, and skiing and ice skating in the winter months. Sara is described as a determined, organized, and positive girl who is always up for an adventure. Through this exchange experience, she is excited to build new friendships and gain a different perspective on life. "I am looking forward to meeting you and creating new memories with you," says Sara!

Biology Watching Sports Baseball Piano Psychology
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Thailand

Technologically savvy, Get from Thailand loves computers! He enjoys learning about programming and web design, shares his knowledge as a counselor at an electronics camp, and is planning for a future career as a computer engineer. Other hobbies for Get include playing video games, participating in Boy Scouts, playing badminton and soccer, and helping his friends with their math and physics homework. Get looks forward to time spent with his parents and little sisters as well, often playing board games, helping his dad with household repairs, and camping near the mountains or the beach. Family and friends describe Get as generous, helpful, and responsible. While in the USA, he looks forward to growing as a person and becoming a confident leader. He would also love to see snow for the first time, experience a cultural event, and participate in an after-school club. Get thanks you for helping him live his dream of becoming an exchange student!

Computers Web Design Soccer Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Thailand

Basketball is Most from Thailand's passion! He loves practicing this sport with his teammates, and dreams of becoming a professional basketball player or sports trainer one day. Most would love for the opportunity to watch a live NBA or NCAA game with his host family while in the USA! Practicing his drum skills, hanging out with his dad and brothers in their backyard, being active through outdoor sports with friends, and playing the Chinese board game "Go" are other favorite activities for Most. He also has a big heart for animals and would be happy if his host family had pets. No stranger to cultural exchange, Most has experience being a host brother to students from Asia and South America, and has participated in a short-term exchange program to Brazil. This energetic and fun young man is eager to learn the American way of thinking while blending his Thai culture to better understand the other side of the world. Most would like to say, "Thank you very much for welcoming me to your lovely family to begin a long-lasting relationship!"

Watching Sports Percussion Paint/Draw Music-Listen Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Indonesia

Ruby from Indonesia is ready to discover a new way of life so she can live this exchange experience to the fullest! With a love for traveling, Ruby feels alive and refreshed when exploring new cities, trying different foods, and taking photos of beautiful sites. Ruby is also a member of her school's theatre club, where she enjoys acting and learning about the performing arts world with her friends. Playing the violin, swimming, crafting, and cooking with her mom are other favorite ways for Ruby to spend her spare time. Ruby rides her bike to school each day, where she has a keen interest in economics and dreams of expressing her creativity in the workplace as an entrepreneur one day. This cheerful, motivated, and respectful girl decided to become an exchange student because she would like to be a part of a global cultural community while making friends from around the world. Ruby thanks you for hosting, and promises to be a helpful member of your family!

Business Theatre Arts Swimming Music-Listen Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Thailand

Meet Ice, a fun, lively, and outgoing girl from Thailand! With a love for traveling to discover new places, Ice enjoys capturing memorable moments shared with loved ones through photos and videos. Ice also has an interest in Western movies and the performing arts, enjoys being involved in community volunteer projects, and can often be found curled up with an interesting book. Tennis, volleyball, swimming, and ice skating are favorite ways for Ice to keep active. She loves animals as well, and would love to experience having a pet for the first time while in the USA. Teachers describe Ice as an enthusiastic student who is open to learning about new cultures and more than willing to share her own customs with new friends. With a prior exchange experience in Canada under her belt, Ice is excited to create new memories and make life-long connections during her exchange year in the USA. "I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your kindness to be my host family," says Ice!

Business Theatre Arts Ice Skating Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Thailand

Clever, creative, and compassionate are three words to describe Jemy from Thailand! This well-rounded young lady loves to cook, often testing out new recipes and cooking delicious dinners for her family. An active girl, Jemy enjoys playing volleyball, badminton, and swimming with her friends. She also expresses her creativity through K-Pop dancing, practicing the dulcimer, and playing the violin. At school, Jemy is a great leader and is well-liked by her classmates for her kind and sincere nature. She is an active member of her school's drama club and loves to help others through volunteer projects as well. With a keen interest in chemistry and math, Jemy plans for a future career as a doctor to spread her love for putting others' needs before her own. During her exchange year, Jemy is excited to learn about her host family's traditions, especially for holidays like Christmas. She hopes to be inspired by the American culture, and would love to try rollerskating for the first time. Jemy looks forward to exchanging cultures with you!

Chemistry Theatre Arts Swimming String Instr. Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Thailand

Say hello to Ice from Thailand! Ice is known among her friends for her charming, dynamic, and trustworthy personality. This year, Ice has worked tirelessly to become her school's drum major, and would love to show you pictures from their latest performance! She is also a member of her school's dance club, enjoys playing badminton, and loves cats and rabbits. During quieter moments, Ice enjoys jamming to K-Pop music, relaxing with a good movie, or taking photos. Ice comes from a small, but warm and loving family. Together, they enjoy taking weekend trips as a family, shopping in the city, and enjoying her dad's delicious cooking. Ice's teachers describe her as a fast-learner with an open-mind, who is always ready to take on new challenges and set goals for herself. For her future career, Ice can imagine herself working as a flight attendant, which is why improving her English skills in the USA will be an important step towards this goal. Ice thanks you for sharing your fascinating culture with her!

Mathematics Dance-Jazz/Mod Badminton Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Thailand

Meet Jenny from Thailand! Jenny loves to ice skate with her friends, and dreams of skating on a frozen lake or river for the first time during her exchange year. She is also a self-proclaimed bookworm, enjoys singing with her school's choir, and plays the Melodeon and traditional Thai Khim. Jenny looks forward to weekends spent with her family, often driving to the countryside to shop at a market, having family game nights, and caring for their two pet turtles and eight koi fish. At school, Jenny studies hard so that she can become a doctor one day, is a member of the math club, and participates in a volunteer club that represents the interests of her school's community. She is excited to discover the American school system first-hand, as she's heard our teachers encourage students to think outside of the box. Described as sincere, enthusiastic and a good listener, Jenny appreciates your kindness in accepting her as your exchange daughter, even though you've never met. She looks forward to sharing special moments with you!

Biology Photography Chorus/Choir Mathematics Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Thailand

An animal-lover, Pat comes to us from Thailand where he lives with his family, eight cats, 2 dogs, 5 goldfish, and 3 geese! He feels happiness through spending time with his pets, and even takes time to care for stray cats and dogs. Pat enjoys practicing the art of origami, plays the Thai xylophone, and likes to go swimming with his friends. Despite living in a bustling city, Pat prefers to spend his time enjoying the peacefulness of nature, especially at a picturesque park. Pat also feels inspired through visiting museums and art exhibitions, and loves to discover new restaurants. Pat wants you to know that he loves cold weather, and would be so excited to try snowboarding while in the USA. Described as driven, generous, and responsible, Pat is eager to spread his wings and become more independent, master the English language, and see how Americans truly live through this exchange experience. He is ready to break up his daily routine and bring his Thai culture a little closer to your family and community. Pat knows you will do great things together!

Mathematics Swimming Music-Listen Physics Walking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Thailand

"Hi, I'm Palmy and I'm your future daughter from Thailand!" Palmy has a passion for drawing and recently, has become fascinated with the digital arts. She loves seeing her imagination come to life through drawing cartoons of people and animals with her computer. Palmy enjoys reading as well, and can often finish an interesting book in less than 24 hours! A dedicated pianist since the age of four, Palmy says this instrument warmed her heart the first time she heard its beautiful sound. Palmy's family and friends describe her as an enthusiastic and funny girl with a great zest for life. Palmy has big goals to learn as many new languages as possible, to visit every country in the world, and is considering a career in the hospitality & tourism field. While in the USA, Palmy would love to go on a picnic, visit an American library, and join in with her host family's favorite hobbies. Palmy thanks you for sharing your piece of America with her!

English Lang Dance-Folk Badminton Piano Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Amira from Germany is compassionate, respectful, and a lover of animals! Horseback riding is Amira's passion, as she enjoys exercising in the beautiful nature. She also loves playing soccer on a team, and recently earned her surfing license. A family-oriented young lady, Amira greatly values time spent with her parents and little sister. She especially looks forward to attending sporting events with her dad, going to concerts or running with her mom, helping her sister with her homework, and taking family vacations to the sea. Time with friends is filled with shopping, bike rides, ice skating, and testing out new recipes in the kitchen. For her future, Amira has big plans to become either a lawyer, doctor, or police officer. Amira is so excited to meet her host family and make new friends at school. She expresses her gratitude to your family for hosting, and can't thank you enough for considering her as the newest member of your family!

Law Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Mailin from Germany would love to share her beautiful music with you! A diverse instrumentalist, Mailin plays the guitar, takes piano lessons, and plays the transverse flute in her school's big band. She also expresses her creativity through hip-hop and ballroom dancing. With a fascination for learning new languages and different cultures, Mailin is currently studying English, Latin, and Spanish at school. She finds time to volunteer as a tutor for younger students, and babysits children from her neighborhood as well. Mailin grew up in a rural town with her parents and younger siblings. Together, they enjoy taking their dog for a walk in the forest, playing board games, riding bikes, and visiting camp sites with their caravan in the summer. This ambitious, curious, and kind young lady is eager to experience the American way of life through studying in the USA. Mailin thanks you for sharing your culture with her and for welcoming her into your family!

Languages Watching Sports Piano Mathematics Dance-Ballroom
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Do you have a piano at home? Victor from Germany would love to play you a tune! Passionate about singing and playing the piano, Victor feels joy while performing for others. He and his sister enjoy sharing their talents together for birthday celebrations and charity events at their local hospital as well. Victor is also a dedicated tennis player, a member of a go-kart racing team, and is involved in Boy Scouts. He loves to be active with his family and friends outdoors, often riding bikes, hiking in the Alps, or swimming in one of Germany's many lakes. Victor looks forward to visiting his big sister at university, where they explore her city, bake cookies, and go indoor rock climbing. Inspired by his sister's exchange year, this creative, kind, and social young man hopes that his experience will help him to better understand different cultures. Victor would love to call you his American host family and share his beautiful music with you!

Biology Computer Games Bicycling Singing/Voice Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Indonesia

Welcome Wuri from Indonesia! Wuri is a caring, cheerful, and humble young lady who feels blessed to come from a supportive and loving family. A motivated student, Wuri works hard to achieve very good grades and takes extra lessons after school in Math and Science to further her knowledge. In the future, Wuri hopes to return to the USA for university and to start her own business. Playing the guitar and singing, taking photos, practicing with her badminton team, traditional Indonesian folk dancing, and volunteering are favorite ways for Wuri to spend her spare time. She also looks forward to catching up with her family on the weekends to share stories and cook their favorite foods. With a curiosity for the American culture, Wuri is excited to have inspiring experiences, master the English language, and make new friends during her exchange year. She thanks you for welcoming her into your family to share in this wonderful experience!

Business Watching Sports Badminton Singing/Voice Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Elora from Germany loves to express herself through creating beautiful music! Singing and playing the piano are her musical passions, and her favorite piece to perform is "Nuvole Bianche." Elora has an interest in fashion as well, keeps active through working out at the gym, and enjoys taking her two pet dogs for walks. At school, Elora is fascinated by her philosophy class, where they discuss life's deepest questions. In fact, she is considering studying philosophy or psychology at university in the future. She is also a member of her school's drama club, and looks forward to taking the stage for their annual performances. Ice skating, playing board games, and relaxing by a river to enjoy the sunshine are favorite ways for Elora to spend time with her family and friends. Elora is described as a kind, funny, and polite young lady who is always open to new experiences. She can't wait for the adventure of traveling to the USA for the first time to make new memories and build lifelong friendships! Will you welcome Elora into your family and fill your home with music?

Biology Theatre Arts Gym Workout Singing/Voice Psychology
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Totally obsessed with animals, Lorena from Germany would love to help you care for your family's pets! She has a love for all types of animals, especially her pet cat, and enjoys horseback riding during her spare time. Other favorite activities for Lorena include playing volleyball and table tennis with friends, baking delicious German desserts, taking photos to capture special memories, and spending time with her little sister. Lorena has a passion for reading and writing as well, with big dreams of publishing her own book one day! She would love for the opportunity to take a Creative Writing class at her American high school, if possible. A hardworking student, Lorena's favorite subjects are Accounting, English, and Biology. In the future, she plans to attend university to become a teacher or a hotel manager. Lorena is described by family and friends as helpful, respectful, responsible, and warm-hearted. While in the USA, she is looking forward to learning about the American culture, meeting new people, and developing her personality. Most of all, she is excited to become a part of your family during this important experience!

Biology Photography Music-Listen English Lang Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Italy

Dreaming of an American exchange year since he was a young boy, Nicco would be happy to be your future son from Italy! Nicco is a friendly, talkative, and positive young man who strives to see the glass half full, rather than empty. Passionate about tennis, Nicco enjoys practicing his skills with his parents and big sister. He also has experience playing soccer, swimming, and learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Relaxing on the beach with his family, enjoying the incredible Italian sunsets outside of his window, playing with his pet black Lab, reading, and watching series in English to improve his language skills are other favorite activities for Nicco. He values time spent with his close-knit group of friends as well, often going out for pizza or sharing conversation over a coffee. Described as a curious and motivated student, Nicco plans to attend an Economics university in the future, before taking over the reins of his father's wine-making business. With a belief that there is always something to be learned from others, Nicco knows that his life will be forever enriched through sharing this exchange experience with your family. "I hope you will be proud of me as your son and I hope this will be a great life experience for us all," Nicco says!

Economics Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Anna from Germany is ready to add some extra color to your life! Described as warm-hearted, positive and selfless, Anna values time spent with her family, and enjoys cultivating new friendships. She is a dedicated member of her school's swim team, enjoys horseback riding with her little sister, and often rides bikes with her family to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Anna and her family also love testing out new recipes in the kitchen together, often whipping up some Asian cuisine, burgers or traditional German food. A motivated and ambitious student, Anna loves learning new languages at school, serves as Class Speaker, and is a part of a student mediator team. When she's not busy studying to achieve excellent grades, Anna enjoys reading, being around animals, and baking with friends. Anna's family is currently hosting a student from Thailand, so she understands both sides of the exchange experience. While in the USA, Anna wants to see the real America, learn to see the world from a different angle, and she can't wait to celebrate her first Thanksgiving. Anna is so excited to meet you!

Languages Watching Sports Gym Workout Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Meet Josie, a student from Germany with an endless love for nature and outdoor activities! Josie loves to be on the water, whether she's swimming, paddle boarding or boating. She especially looks forward to summers spent at her family's cottage by the sea, where they have a family tradition of building campfires and having evening barbecues. Josie is also passionate about dancing, a sport that she practices throughout the week with friends. Reading, creating art through photography, playing volleyball with friends, being around animals, and having picnics on the beach are other favorite activities for Josie. This adventurous and open-minded young lady chose the USA for her exchange destination for our country's unlimited possibilities and value of freedom. She is excited to make new friends for life, get to know the American cuisine, and to gain a second family on the other side of the globe. Josie thanks you for opening your home to an exchange student, which will provide precious memories and an unforgettable life experience!

Biology Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen Sailing/Boating
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Welcome Maria from Germany! Maria's friends describe her as a loving person with a very big heart, especially for children. They also add that time spent with Maria is always fun and never boring! Maria is passionate about ballroom dancing, and looks forward to learning new variations and practicing her skills at Saturday "dancing nights" with her classmates. She has also been active in German carnival dancing for the past 12 years, and would love to use her performance skills to join the cheerleading squad at her American high school. Maria enjoys surrounding herself with friends as well, often spending time outdoors, taking photos, walking in the park, or shopping together. At school, Maria has a keen interest in learning about the human body in her Biology class, and plans for a future career as a midwife. Maria is so excited to spread her wings and travel to the USA for the first time. She is eager to improve her English skills, become a part of the American lifestyle with her host family, and to discover the life of a normal high school student. Maria thanks you for being a part of the YFU family!

Biology Dance-Ballroom Music-Listen Dance-Folk Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Korea

Hyojeong from South Korea is warm-hearted, full of laughter, and ready to join your family! She is passionate about knitting, especially crafting cute hats and mufflers for babies. In fact, Hyojeong loves children and would be happy to have younger host siblings! Hyojeong also enjoys playing the piano, practicing taekwondo, and is a member of a volunteer club that helps individuals with mental health issues. She would love to find a new cause to volunteer for while in the USA as well. Singing karaoke, going out for Shabu-shabu with her family, and chatting about her favorite K-Pop artists with friends are other favorite activities for Hyojeong. With a fascination for Korean history, Hyojeong enjoys learning about her ancestors and cultural roots through this subject. In the future, she dreams of becoming a diplomat and being fluent in multiple languages. During her time with your family, Hyojeong promises to be a good exchange daughter by being helpful in your home. She is looking forward to making wonderful memories with you!

History Cooking/Baking Martial Arts Piano Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Caring, confident, and funny best describes Jasmin from Germany! Jasmin has a big heart for helping others and enjoys volunteering with the first-aid club at her school, helping with events for new students, and working as a sports instructor for younger children. She also serves as a Student Representative to offer a voice for her classmates and plan social gatherings. An active young lady, Jasmin loves playing rugby, skiing, and scuba diving. Her family leads an active lifestyle as well, often hiking, rock climbing, and swimming together. They also enjoy taking weekend trips, playing board games, and working on home renovations as a family. Exploring new worlds through reading, drawing, hanging out with her big sister, and cooking delicious meals for her family are other favorite ways for Jasmin to spend spare time. Jasmin would love to become a member of your family, and thanks you for your kindness in hosting an exchange student. She sends her best wishes to your family from Germany!

Biology Watching Sports Diving-Scuba Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Kind and always smiling is how friends would describe Mia from Japan! Mia is an active member of her school's swimming and badminton teams, and has recently started training in Kata - a solo form of Karate. She also enjoys being outdoors, watching movies, reading, and singing along to her favorite Pop songs. Mia has an interest in volunteering as well, currently helping to clean the streets of her city with friends. At home, Mia lends a helping hand by caring for her little sisters and practicing her cooking skills with her family. She would be happy to make you a traditional Japanese meal as a thank you for your kindness! With a fascination for history, Mia is excited for the opportunity to learn about American history during her exchange year. She is also eager to make many new friends and join an after-school club or activity. Inspired by tales from her mom and sister's wonderful exchange years, Mia is sure that she will treasure this experience with your family forever!

History Watching Sports Martial Arts Singing/Voice Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Germany

With a love for outdoor activities, Lena from Germany finds happiness through playing sports and enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds her! Hiking in the mountains, swimming, and cross-country skiing are a few of Lena's favorite ways to keep moving outside with her family. Lena also enjoys practicing with her tennis team, inline skating, playing the piano, taking walks in the park, and cooking with her family. An adventurous young lady, Lena loves to travel, often capturing memories with her camera. At school, Lena has a fascination for languages and is a member of the Chemistry Club. Currently, she is studying English, Latin, and Ancient Greek, which allows her to understand the origin of modern languages. Described as an ambitious young lady with a heart for helping others, Lena is looking forward to experiencing the diverse and rich culture of the USA. She hopes to gain in confidence and independence, while learning to better appreciate her own heritage. Lena appreciates your willingness to learn from each other through exchanging cultures!

Languages Watching Sports Skiing-X Cntry Piano English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Korea

Welcome Sunjin from South Korea! With a bright and kind personality, Sunjin enjoys volunteering to help others whenever possible. He also loves animals, especially cats and dogs, and can often be found watching YouTube videos of cute pets. Cooking is another favorite hobby for Sunjin, a skill he practices with his younger sister. Sunjin would be happy to share his traditional Korean recipes with you! In fact, he is considering a future career as a chef. Playing badminton, swimming, riding his bike, and following his favorite soccer team - the Tottenham Hotspurs, are other treasured interests for Sunjin. Time spent with family and friends normally entails singing karaoke, eating delicious foods, going for walks, or traveling. Through this exchange experience, Sunjin would like to broaden his horizons and discover his passion in life. He is also looking forward to trying any new extracurricular activities that his American high school may offer. Sunjin can't wait to meet his host family, and promises to be a good exchange son and brother!

Mathematics Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen Web Design
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Germany

Meet Anna, an ambitious, helpful, and warm-hearted girl from Germany! A dedicated tennis player, Anna can often be found practicing this sport with her sister, and hopes to continue playing while in the USA. She also enjoys cooking and baking, and is excited to try new American foods and swap recipes with her host family while on exchange. Anna's family shares a love for outdoor activities, especially hiking and cross-country skiing in the Alps together. Playing the flute and taking photos of her family's travels are other favorite activities for Anna. At school, Anna recently joined a Chemistry Club, where she and her peers meet weekly to conduct fun experiments. In the future, Anna plans to use her interest in Science to pursue a career in medicine. During her exchange year, Anna is eager to make new experiences on a different continent while mastering the English language. She is ready to try new sports and clubs at her American high school as well, and knows she will look back on this time in her life as a life-changing learning experience. "I hope you will be my host family to show me your beautiful land and culture," says Anna!

Biology Watching Sports Skiing-X Cntry Music-Listen Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Say hallo to Carolin from Germany! Carolin is a family-oriented young lady who looks forward to quality time spent with her parents and siblings. She has also had the privilege of growing up next door to her cousins, who have all studied abroad in the USA and inspired her to pursue her own exchange experience. Family time is normally spent playing evening card games, swimming in their pool, having a bonfire, or backyard barbecues. Carolin loves reading, listening to music, and being around animals, especially her pet cat and Australian Shepherd dog. She also has experience playing soccer, but is looking forward to a new hobby in the USA, perhaps tennis. At school, Carolin enjoys discovering new cultures and the past of different nations through her History class. She also volunteers her time as a Student Paramedic to keep her school's community safe. This confident, sociable, and tolerant girl is excited to learn more about American history during her exchange year, while broadening her horizons and perfecting her English skills. She thanks you for welcoming her into your family as your German daughter!

History Cards Soccer Music-Listen Social Studies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Finland

Lights, camera, action - Jonna from Finland dreams of becoming an actress or a model! She would love to settle down in the USA for her future career, and knows that mastering the English language during her exchange year will be an important step towards this goal. Jonna is inspired by her wonderful family and friends. A typical teen, she enjoys having picnics, chatting in coffee shops, riding mopeds, shopping, and taking funny selfies with her friends. Walking in the forest with her mom, visiting her little cousins, and swimming and boating in the summer are favorite activities for Jonna and her family. Jonna hopes to find her passion while in the USA, and would love to join her high school's cheerleading squad. If she had to describe herself in five words, Jonna would say she is funny, spontaneous, nice, cool, and outgoing. She also loves to make jokes to make her loved ones smile. Through this exchange experience, Jonna is keen on making new friends and memories while learning something new about herself. She thanks you for welcoming her into your family!

Sailing/Boating Swimming Music-Listen English Lang Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet Magda from Germany! Magda comes to us from a small village where she lives with her parents and pet hamster named Cube. She has a big heart for music, sharing her talents through playing the piano and singing with her school's choir. Magda also enjoys playing tennis, expressing herself through painting, spending time in nature with friends, and cooking for her parents. With an interest in art, biology, music, and learning foreign languages at school, Magda strives to be a respectful student and studies hard to earn excellent grades. After graduating high school, Magda has big plans to work abroad as an Au Pair to learn a new language, before studying architecture at university. Magda is a confident, friendly, and funny young lady who is always ready for a new challenge. Her imagination is running wild with ideas of what it will feel like to live in a foreign country while discovering the life of an American teenager. She can't wait to get to know her host family and the American culture through this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Art Paint/Draw Tennis Chorus/Choir Biology
unbooked STUDENT
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