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Female • 14 • Thailand

Instilled with traditional Thai values by her grandmother, such as politeness and friendliness, Phatraphorn, whose English name is "Foremost", is excited to spend a year in the USA! Foremost lives with her extended family, including her parents, siblings, aunt, and grandparents. She loves her large family, and also enjoys welcoming guests with her mom at their family's resort. Foremost is a passionate learner of the English language, and hopes to be able to use her skills in the future as an English instructor. She is also an active girl who enjoys swimming, jogging, and playing badminton during her spare time. Foremost's other favorite activities include playing the guitar, volunteering, watching movies, and spending time outdoors. Though her friends view her as a kind leader, Foremost would like to become even more confident during her year abroad. She would also love to try skiing for the first time! Will you welcome Foremost into your family? Arriving in August of 2019

English Lang Watching Sports Swimming Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Friendly, open-minded 16-year-old Amy from Germany is described by her friends as an ambitious, happy, and reliable girl! She enjoys being active through both fitness and dance, but still enjoys baking a cake or two for her friends and family. At school, Amy enjoys her PE, Geography, History, Biology, and English classes best, and plans to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a caregiver in the future. Amy describes her family's lifestyle as relaxed, loving, and exciting. She and her mom can often be found cooking together or going to the movies, and they especially look forward to holiday celebrations that bring her extended family together. With her friends, Amy likes going to cafes, shopping, and swimming at the lake during the summer. Amy cannot wait to make new friends and create new experiences in the USA. She is particularly looking forward to the quintessential American holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Over the course of her exchange year, Amy hopes that she will become more self-confident and independent. Will your family be the one that Amy will make a special cake for on Thanksgiving? Arriving in August of 2019

Biology Watching Sports Phys Fitness Music-Listen History
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Germany

Seventeen-year-old Kimberly from Germany is a funny, friendly, reliable, and helpful student! Kimberly enjoys keeping active through playing soccer and handball, and is excited to try a new sport during her exchange year. A good student, Kimberly's favorite subjects at school are Math, English, and PE. She lives at home with her mom, dad, and sister as her older brother is away at school. Kimberly describes her family as humorous and helpful. As a family, they enjoy playing board games, sharing family meals, and taking care of their pet dog named Kasper. Kimberly's friends find her to be funny, honest, and a good listener. They enjoy the camaraderie of their soccer team, trips to the city, watching movies, and simply being together talking and laughing. During her exchange year, Kimberly is looking forward to sharing her culture while making wonderful friends and memories. She thanks you for taking the time to get to know her, and can't wait to meet you next August! Arriving in August of 2019

Chemistry Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Meet confident, sporty, and family-oriented Nico, a 15-year-old student from Germany! Nico lives at home with his parents, little sister, and two pet cats. Spending quality time with family is a very important aspect of Nico's life, participating in activities together such as swimming, hiking, watching movies, or simply talking about their days. At school, Nico's favorite subjects are Politics and Economy because he dreams of studying Economy Law in the future. Nico is a sporty boy, who has been practicing the martial art of Judo since he was a young child. He currently volunteers as a Judo coach for younger children, and also enjoys playing baseball with friends during his spare time. While in the USA, Nico would love to try a new sport such as basketball or American football, but he is also eager to join in with his host family's favorite hobbies. Nico previously spent a week with a host family in Spain, and now he can't wait to integrate into an American family and school. He knows that this exchange experience will greatly impact his life and personality while also improving his English skills. "I really hope to be able to become a part of your family and live with you like a son," says Nico! Arriving in August of 2019

Business Watching Sports Baseball Music-Listen Law
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Germany

Lara, who turns 15 in January, is an open-minded, friendly, curious, and independent student from Germany! Lara loves reading, and writing poems and stories. She also keeps fit through karate classes and her dance team. One of her newest hobbies is cooking and baking, so perhaps she could prepare a German meal for you! Lara has a big heart for volunteering as she currently serves as a mentor for younger students at school, and preps church members for Confirmation. Her teachers describe her as a helpful and enthusiastic student. Coming from a large family, Lara says that her family life is lovely, balanced, and active. They enjoy sharing meals, the household chores, and taking care of siblings and pets together. Lara's friends find her to be happy, loyal, and a "hobby psychologist" because she loves to help her friends. Together, they can be found going to the movies, shopping, spending time outdoors, or talking and simply being together. Lara, with her kind heart and varied interests, is looking for a family in America with whom she could share her culture while making new friends and wonderful memories! Will you welcome Lara into your family? Arriving in August of 2019

Art Paint/Draw Dance Team Music-Listen Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Germany

Marie, who will turn 15 before she arrives in the USA, is a charming, honest, and uncomplicated girl from Germany! Music is very important to Marie, having played the piano for the past 9 years. Reading is another passion for Marie as she volunteers her time working in her school's library. Marie's favorite genres to read are fantasy and thriller novels, and she plans to study something book-related at university in the future. Marie keeps active through taking gymnastics and dance lessons during the week, and also enjoys a week-long horseback riding camp that she attends each year. With her family, Marie looks forward to time spent together eating breakfast on the weekends, playing board games and cards, and skiing during the winter months. Marie was inspired to pursue an exchange year after hearing wonderful stories and memories from her two older siblings who also spent a year in the USA. During her exchange year, Marie hopes to become more confident, and is eager to dive right into her host family's daily life. She thanks you for making her biggest wish to live in the USA come true! Arriving in August of 2019

History Cards Piano Reading Skiing-Downhill
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet Sarah, a cheerful and friendly fifteen-year-old student from Germany! As the youngest of eight children, Sarah says family is very important to her and she greatly values their time spent together. Sarah enjoys volunteering at her local youth center, where she helps take care of younger children. She loves animals as well, and has a pet cat, dog, and four rabbits. Sarah's other hobbies include horseback riding, reading, and riding her bike. Sarah likes to stay busy, and enjoys spending time with friends watching movies or making something delicious in the kitchen. At school, her favorite subjects are English, Art, and Biology. When she has finished school, she dreams of becoming a surgeon. During her exchange year, Sarah is eager to try a new sport or join a drama club. She is excited to start her exchange year, and can't wait to share this experience with her host family! Arriving in August of 2019

Art Paint/Draw Bicycling Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Thailand

Is there a place in your family for a sporty, energetic, and musically-talented young lady? If so, meet 15-year-old Ratima from Thailand! Ratima, or Pin as she likes to be called, is the middle child, living with her parents, an older sister and a younger brother. Responsible, open-minded and enthusiastic, Pin enjoys swimming, table tennis, and badminton, and is excited to try new activities while on exchange. She is also quite musical, playing guitar, violin, and piano, stating that music "makes me happy and relaxed." Her hobbies include taking care of her pets, which include a dog, two cats, and many beautiful fish, reading books, traveling, hanging out with friends, volunteering, and watching movies. Her family lives a loving and supportive lifestyle, sharing meals and visiting extended family together. Pin is adaptable and always willing to help others, sometimes tutoring friends who need a little extra help at school. For her exchange experience, Pin says, "I hope my exchange year will enhance my social skills, make me grow more courageous, and give me a broad view of the world!" Arriving in August of 2019

Chemistry Photography Swimming Piano Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Germany

Clara, who will turn 15 before her exchange adventure begins, has big dreams of becoming an actress! She is a passionate member of her school's drama club, and hopes to study Theatre Arts in America one day to make her dreams come true. Clara attends ballroom dancing classes as well, which will end with her showing off her skills at an annual ball. Clara's other hobbies include reading, especially romance and fantasy stories, and drawing, where she lets her creativity and imagination flow. She also finds time to clean her grandma's house once per week to offer her help and to earn extra pocket money. Clara occasionally babysits on the weekends as well because she loves playing with children! Evenings are spent with family, eating dinner, playing a game, or watching a movie together. During her exchange year, Clara is looking forward to discovering the everyday life of an American teenager while gaining a new impression of the world. Clara would like to thank you for hosting an exchange student and says, "of course I hope that I will be that exchange student!" Arriving in August of 2019

Watching Sports Swimming Music-Listen English Lang Dance-Ballroom
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Introducing 15-year-old Silas from Germany, a happy and open-minded boy who is always eager to learn! Acting is a passion of Silas' as he is a dedicated member of his school's drama club, where he recently played the role of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. Silas also plays both the piano and guitar, and shows off his guitar skills in a rock band with his classmates. He and his bandmates love creating music together and being on stage, their biggest show so far being at the town's festival. Silas volunteers his time with a local Youth Fire Brigade as well, which teaches students how to become great firefighters. A very good student, Silas enjoys his Biology class the most because he plans to become a surgeon in the future. Silas' family consists of his parents, little brother, an old cat, and five chickens. He enjoys practical handicrafts and woodworking, and has even built a shed for the family's chickens! Together, the family can be found watching movies, working in their garden, camping, and skiing during the winter months. Silas is so excited to learn about a new culture while in the USA. He knows that this experience will stay with him forever, and that it will positively change his life. Silas says thank you for making his exchange dreams a reality! Arriving in August of 2019

Biology Theatre Arts Skiing-Downhill Piano Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Welcome Finn, a 15-year-old student from Germany to the USA! At school, Finn's favorite subjects are Math, Chemistry, and Physics because they help him to understand how the world works. Finn loves animals, and hopes to one day become a veterinarian like his grandfather. He also enjoys creative activities, such as drawing, painting, and photography, because they allow him to relax. Finn is an active boy as well, as some of his favorite activities are rock climbing, skiing, and archery. He can also be found paddle boarding at the lake during the summer months, and sledding with his family during the winter. Finn describes himself as an open-minded and spontaneous boy who is fascinated by learning about new cultures and people. During his exchange year, Finn would love to play a team sport at his American high school. He can't wait to make new friends and learn more about the American culture while in the USA! Arriving in August of 2019

Art Paint/Draw Skiing-Downhill Flute Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 14 • Thailand

Meet friendly, easy-going, and sporty Theerat from Thailand, who loves country music and the NBA! Nicknamed Q, he lists Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Scotty McCreery, and Florida Georgia Line among his favorite country performers, and LeBron James and Kyrie Irving as his favorite players. It's no wonder that Q, who will be 15 on exchange, also plays the drums and basketball, and hopes to continue playing basketball in the USA, if possible. Besides his interest in music and hoops, Q is happy outdoors cycling or indoors applying his computer skills. His interest in computers certainly isn't limited to gaming; he loves logo and website design, programming, and video editing - all of which should help him in a future business career as should his interest in economics. Q describes his family as warm, open-minded, and close, with much time spent eating together, playing sports, and gardening. With all these things to commend him, Q also enjoys opportunities to "repair everything" around the house. How about adding fun, creative, family-oriented, and handy Q to your family? Arriving in August of 2019

Computers Watching Sports Percussion Science Film Making
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Korea

Active, warm-hearted, and humorous 15-year-old Tae-hun from South Korea, loves playing and watching soccer and basketball! When he's not engaged in sporting activities, he can be found reading, playing computer games, listening to music, and volunteering. With great respect for his family, Tae-hun relishes time spent with his very close-knit family. They often can be found sharing meals, shopping, hiking in the mountains, talking or watching movies together. At school, where he is President of his class, Tae-hun's positive attitude, humor, and smile often lifts the spirits of fellow classmates and teachers. Favorite classes for Tae-hun include Math, English, and Law. His great interest in History led him to become a member of his school's Korean History Debate Club as well. In the future, his plan is to become a lawyer to help others. While in the USA, Tae-hun dreams of becoming a "good member of your family," while making great memories, playing sports, exploring nature, volunteering, and discovering the cultural differences between Korea and the USA! Arriving in August of 2019

Law Watching Sports Music-Listen History Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet creative and active, 15-year-old Franziska from Germany, known to friends and family as Franzi! She describes herself as an open and happy person who loves to laugh. Franzi keeps fit by playing team handball, but also enjoys quiet time spent reading, drawing, and writing stories. She loves photography as well, and could imagine pursuing this craft as a career in the future. She is also considering becoming a doctor as she enjoys learning about the human body in her Biology class. During her exchange year, Franzi hopes to become more independent and organized, and to also build new international friendships. Franzi is eager to try a famous American sport as well, such as basketball, baseball, cheerleading or football. She is looking forward to discovering if American high schools are just like the movies, and to becoming a member of her host family! Arriving in August of 2019

Art Watching Sports Music-Listen Biology Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Helpful, friendly, and warm-hearted 16-year-old Selina from Germany loves to dance! She is a member of a German carnival dance team, and loves that this gives her the opportunity to perform in a group. She would like to continue dancing during her exchange year, if possible. Selina's other hobbies include baking, outdoor activities, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. Selina describes her family life as loving and harmonious. Together with her parents and two younger sisters, she enjoys having barbecues, going for bike rides, and traveling. With friends, Selina loves ice skating in the winter, listening to music in the park, and going shopping. At school, her favorite subjects are Math and Chemistry, which she finds very exciting. During her exchange year, Selina looks forward to becoming more confident, gaining new experiences, and making new friends. "I hope you are going to be my host family and if so, thank you very much," says Selina! Arriving in August of 2019

Chemistry Cooking/Baking Dance Team Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Sixteen-year-old Alena from Germany is sporty, creative, and family-oriented! Whether dancing on a team or playing soccer, she enjoys keeping active and hopes to join a soccer team at her new school. "I really love my soccer team because I have a lot of good friends there and we are quite successful," she explains. Alena finds creative outlets in drawing, painting, taking pictures, reading, cooking, and baking. With friends, Alena also likes movie nights, listening to music, and working on puzzles. Her family enjoys many simple pleasures together: hikes, soccer matches, and holiday and birthday celebrations with friends and relatives. One such activity important to Alena is playing board games with her brother and grandparents. Speaking of her immediate family, Alena says, "the best part for me on Sunday is having a big breakfast with them and when my dad cooks scrambled eggs." With previous exchange experiences in France and Hungary, and the support of an American exchange student in her current school, Alena is excited about coming to the USA. "I am looking forward to this adventure," she writes, "and hope you will want to go with me through this year!" Arriving in August of 2019

English Lang Watching Sports Dance Team Music-Listen Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Coming to the USA from Germany, open-minded and creative 15-year-old Julia is a very family-oriented girl! She finds it important to have dinner together daily with her parents, where they talk about their days and upcoming plans. On weekends, they take small trips, go for walks, or visit friends together. Julia likes to play badminton and dance hip-hop for fun. She also plays the flute and finds time to tutor younger students with Math. Julia loves to help people, and especially enjoys the rewarding look on her students' faces when they suddenly understand. She also works on the school's newspaper, publishing her art and writings. Following high school, Julia plans to attend university, and find a career which will allow her to see the world and make a difference. When time allows, her passion is to paint and draw illustrations, bringing "characters to life." Julia is an observant, calm, and enthusiastic person who is very fun to be around. Loving English, she finds herself to be even more sociable when speaking this language rather than her native German. Julia looks forward to living life in the "country of opportunity," and thanks you for opening up your home to her! Arriving in August of 2019

Mathematics Dance-Jazz/Mod Badminton Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

"Funny, likable... and punctual!" Fifteen-year-old Maurice from Germany is also an avid basketball player, and would love to play an American sport like football or baseball during his exchange year. Maurice is also musical, and has taught himself how to play the guitar. Describing family life and friends as being very important to him, Maurice enjoys playing computer games or spending time outdoors with his friends, or going to see a movie or watching a TV series with his family. Maurice has been dreaming of coming to the USA since he was a little boy, and he is excited about everything his upcoming exchange experience may hold, especially the opportunity to make new friends and learn all that he can about a new culture! Arriving in August of 2019

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen English Lang Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Say hello to 16-year-old Lisa from Germany! Lisa is a dedicated volleyball player who loves having fun with her teammates. She likes that this sport allows you to spend time with your friends, and she especially loves the feeling when you see your fans cheering you on from the stands. Lisa describes her family life as uncomplicated and normal. She explains that her parents are very supportive of her not only in sports, but also in school as they know that she is a very ambitious student. Together with her parents and younger brother, Lisa enjoys working in the garden and playing board games during the weekends. With her friends, Lisa can be found working out at the gym, cooking and baking, taking photos, watching movies, listening to music, or shopping. At school, Lisa is fascinated by her English language class as she loves learning about the American culture while practicing her speaking skills. She believes that being open-minded is one of the most important qualities that a person can possess, and finds it interesting to learn how others think and live. Lisa can't wait for her exchange year to begin, and hopes that this will be one of the best years of her life! Arriving in August of 2019

English Lang Watching Sports Gym Workout Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Estonia

Kirsi is a multi-talented and busy 17-year-old young lady from Estonia! In the Estonian language, Kirsi means "cherry." Kirsi is active in several sports, such as soccer, Muay Thai boxing (a form of martial arts), and dancing. Dancing is her passion, as in it she finds peace of mind and happiness. Kirsi is also a talented pianist, having graduated from a music school. Education is important to Kirsi, who plans to attend university to become a physical therapist and work with athletes. On top of these activities, Kirsi volunteers in her community with a yearly festival. She also enjoys time spent with family and friends, going to movies or taking family vacations. Kirsi lives with her parents, and has two older brothers whom she sees often. Since visiting the USA several years ago, Kirsi has been determined to return as an exchange student. She wishes to improve her English, and strengthen her already strong sense of independence. Kirsi hopes to form new friendships that will inspire her to be the best version of herself! Arriving in August of 2019

English Lang Dance-Folk Dance Team Piano Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Go Team! Cheerleading, dancing, and gymnastics are all favorite hobbies for 15-year-old Novalie from Germany. Novalie especially enjoys creating pyramids and stunting while cheering, and would love to continue this sport or joining a drama club in the USA. Self-described as an open-minded, friendly, and honest teenager, Novalie also enjoys scuba diving, where she feels free in the water while exploring the life of many different creatures. Other hobbies for Novalie include cooking and baking, being around animals, listening to music, singing, theatre, arts and crafts, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. With her family, Novalie attends church weekly, cook meals, takes care of their pet cats, and play games around the table. With friends, Novalie writes that she either goes into the city or hangs out at home watching movies or baking something delicious. Novalie loves to travel, and has a special interest in learning new cultures. She would be very thankful if you would consider hosting, and thinks that you will have a fun school year together! Arriving in August of 2019

Mathematics Watching Sports Cheerleading Piano English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Lina, a fifteen-year-old girl from Germany, describes herself as being an honest, spontaneous person who is always open to new experiences! Her friends think of her as caring and fun to be with as well. Lina's main passion is drama and the theatre, which could be a future career for her. Lina would like to continue her involvement in theatre while in the USA, but she would also be open to trying new activities, such as swimming, volleyball or baseball. Lina is the oldest child in her family, and helps her parents out around the house by doing typical teenage chores. Lina is excited to experience Christmas in the USA, and to see what Thanksgiving is all about! Maybe Lina will be sitting at your table next fall as you carve into your family's turkey? Arriving in August of 2019

Theatre Arts Soccer English Lang Paint/Draw Music-Listen
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Fifteen-year-old Robin from Germany feels that his positive attitude helps him to get along with everyone he meets! Even though he has never been to the USA, Robin loves American sports, such as baseball, which he hopes to be able to try, and American football, which he describes as "the real football." Serving as quarterback for his school's team, Robin is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers and hopes to have the chance to see a live NFL game while in the USA. Robin describes his family as being fairly relaxed, although they do enjoy a friendly cooking competition from time to time to see who can make the better meal. In addition to occasionally cooking, Robin also helps out around the house doing general chores and yard work. When he has free time, he enjoys going to a movie or swimming with friends. Robin is looking forward to his year in the USA! Will you be the family who could be rooting for him in the football stands next fall? Arriving in August of 2019

Computers Watching Sports Tennis Music-Listen Physics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Finland

Sixteen-year-old Eveliina from Finland is passionate about music! She loves to sing while playing the piano or ukulele at home, and enjoys attending concerts with her friends. She also brings in her love for photography by managing a fan Instagram account for one of her favorite bands! Besides going to concerts with her friends, they like to simply chill out, listen to music, go out for Chinese, and sometimes sing karaoke together. Reading books and writing in her diary are two more things that Eveliina likes to do to relax. Eveliina lives with her parents and older brother. They try to spend time with each other as much as possible, which might entail going for walks, visiting grandparents during the holidays, or watching movies at home or at the cinema together. Eveliina is truly looking forward to her exchange experience because the American culture has always fascinated her, especially how lively and outspoken Americans are. Her mother worked as an Au Pair in the USA when she was in her twenties, and has shared many wonderful stories with Eveliina, which inspired her to experience the USA for herself. Will you share your family's culture with Eveliina? Arriving in August of 2019

Psychology Watching Sports Running/Jogging Chorus/Choir Music
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Meet family-oriented, 15-year-old Glen from Germany! He loves to travel abroad with his parents, go geocaching with his mother, and playing table tennis with his father. Glen writes that his father is famous for his roast goose, and that he accompanies by making the dumplings. An interesting fact about Glen is that he was named by his parents in regard to their love of Ireland! Glen describes himself as inquisitive and open-minded to all new things. A very good student, Glen often helps his classmates resolve disputes at school. Hobbies for Glen include playing soccer, swimming, reading fantasy literature, computer games, listening to music, outdoor activities, shopping, volunteering, and watching movies. With friends, Glen enjoys riding his bike about twenty minutes into the city center to go shopping. During his exchange year, Glen is interested in learning more about American football, baseball, and basketball, and would like to try these sports while in the USA. Glen is also looking forward to tasting the infamous American cuisine! Will you welcome Glen into your family? Arriving in August of 2019

Science Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen History
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Korea

Fifteen-year-old Min-Hyeok from South Korea describes himself as persistent and "patient like a salmon!" Min-Hyeok enjoys playing soccer and baseball, but his passion is music. He loves to play the piano and sing; he sings in the genres of NeoSoul and R&B, and he hopes to sing for you one day. His favorite subjects in school are history and the Korean Language because he thinks history is important for the future, and he is proud of their scientific language. Min-Hyeok plans to attend an art's college to study music in order to become a musician. He plays in a music crew at school, and is also involved in his church's youth group. Min-Hyeok enjoys going to the coffee house and drinking coffee with his friends. Some of his other hobbies include computer games, photography, watching horror and thriller movies, and watching soccer. With his family, Min-Hyeok enjoys going fishing and singing around the campfire. Some of his chores include cleaning, helping with pets, and laundry. Min-Hyeok is glad to have the chance to introduce himself to you, and will try his best to be a good son! Arriving in August of 2019

History Watching Sports Baseball Singing/Voice Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Enna is a sociable and open-minded 16-year-old girl from Germany, who loves to help others! She currently serves as a Student Representative for her class, and volunteers her time to tutor students in Math and French. Enna is also fond of adventures, and she loves to make memories with her friends and family while traveling. She considers herself to be an active and team-minded girl, playing Netball for the past 11 years on her school's team. During her exchange year, Enna would love to try new sports such as tennis, hockey, basketball, or swimming. Other hobbies for Enna include learning about fashion and make-up, searching for healthy food recipes, studying, skiing with her family during the winter months, and swimming with her friends at the local pool or lake during the summer. Enna and her friends look forward to weekends spent shopping, taking pictures, or having a girl's night where they cook delicious food, watch Romance movies, and talk about life. While studying abroad, Enna hopes to become more confident and independent so that she can handle any challenge that comes her way. "I am already looking forward to meeting you and finding out what is important to you all," says Enna! Arriving in August of 2019

Mathematics Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet 15-year-old Fiona from Germany! Fiona describes herself as an outgoing, open, and reliable girl who loves sports. Her main sport is soccer, but she also enjoys skiing, gymnastics, and running. Fiona likes to listen to Korean Pop music, and watch soccer, handball, and other sports on television. Her favorite subjects in school include Math, Business, Accounting, and PE because she loves to exercise. She plans to attend a university after high school and study psychology or forensic medicine. Fiona enjoys cooking and baking for her family, especially her grandmother who lives close by. Her family is very close and do many activities together. She sometimes babysits her cousins who live near her as well. Fiona describes her family as open-minded, and they love to travel together and spend time outdoors. In the winter they go skiing, and in the summer, they enjoy traveling to the mountains. Some of her chores at home include cleaning, helping with meals, and doing laundry. Fiona is looking forward to getting to know you, and can't wait to see you! Arriving in August of 2019

Business Cooking/Baking Soccer Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Meet 16-year-old Maximilian from Germany, known to friends and family as Max! When asked to describe himself, Max explains that he is a curious, friendly, and sporty student with great endurance and willpower. Max likes to keep active through playing soccer and table tennis on a team at his school, and bouldering with his dad. While in the USA, Max is eager to fully immerse himself in America's sports culture, and learn to play baseball and football. At school, Max is passionate about Technology, and enjoys computer programming in his spare time. He also has a special interest in Biology, especially learning about mammals, and loves going to the zoo. Max describes his family as fun, accepting, and appreciative of one another. He also often enjoys time spent with his grandpa, who lives in the same city. With his friends, Max likes playing sports, listening to current music, and playing computer games. During his exchange year, Max is looking forward to mastering the English language, becoming more independent, and discovering a new culture and group of friends. Max hopes that reading his host family letter will bring you joy, and the readiness to accept an exchange student into your home! Arriving in August of 2019

Computers Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Science
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Karl, a 15-year-old student from Germany, is described as an inquisitive, calm, and sociable boy! Karl has tried a wide variety of sports over the past few years, including field hockey, tennis, and soccer, but now devotes his time to practicing Thai Boxing throughout the week, and playing with his school's volleyball team. Family time is very important to Karl, so he makes sure to enjoy breakfast and dinner with his parents and younger brother as often as possible. They also cherish weekends spent together at their holiday home, surfing or boating. With his friends, Karl can often be found playing volleyball or swimming at the beach, hanging out at each other's homes, or spending time in the city center. A very good student, Karl enjoys learning about the subjects of Economics and the English language because he plans to study Business Administration in the future. Karl is delighted for the opportunity to spend an exchange year with an American host family. During his exchange experience, Karl hopes to develop his personality further in order to create the best version of himself, while also gaining new knowledge about everything new that he will explore. "I hope we will meet in August," says Karl! Arriving in August of 2019

Economics Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
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