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Male • 14 • Spain

Turning 15 this July, meet Xabier from Spain! Xabier describes himself as a kind, cheerful, and extroverted young man. His hobbies include reading, discovering new music, and meeting new people. He also loves spending time with his family and friends, doing activities such as hanging out at the mall, trying new restaurants, going to the movies, or traveling. Xabier hopes that his exchange year will help him to grow as a person, and that he will become stronger from this experience. He looks forward to making new friends and becoming involved in school activities as well. Xabier thanks you for hosting, and hopes that this will be an enriching year that will end in a life-long friendship! Arriving in August of 2019. DIRECT PLACEMENT TO CALIFORNIA

Languages Paint/Draw Music-Listen Photography Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 25 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ANN ARBOR: Meet Charlotte, who will be volunteering as a chaperone for the USA for You program in Ann Arbor! Charlotte describes herself as an open-minded, loyal, and tolerant person who loves to laugh. She was previously an exchange student through YFU in Uruguay, and now studies International Management while working for an exporting company. She is also an active volunteer with YFU Germany, and is excited to travel to the USA as a chaperone for the USA for You program. When she has free time, Charlotte loves spending time with her friends, cooking, playing board games, and visiting flea markets. Charlotte is thankful that you are willing to welcome her into your family, and looks forward to meeting you soon!

Business Cooking/Baking Movies Reading Volunteering
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Finland

Coming from a large family, 16-year-old Eino from Finland knows how to be a team player! Self-described as a happy boy, some hobbies for Eino include cycling, camping, hiking, canoeing, computer games, orienteering, being around animals, and studying the Sciences and the English language. Eino explains that the best times with friends include eating food, listening to music, playing games, and simply talking. He enjoys playing tennis, badminton, and volleyball with his father and brother. Eino also likes to swim and dive when the weather allows him to do so. Eino writes that his family is quite close, and that they eat at least two meals together daily. They also enjoy the sauna, and traveling to their summer cottage where they hunt for berries and mushrooms. Eino helps out at home with the family dog, general home repairs, and helping with meal prep and clean-up. Eino's parents write that he is an open-minded, happy, social teenager who is a good cook. They would also like to thank Eino's host family in advance for giving him this chance to be an exchange student as he has dreamed of doing this for a very long time! Arriving in August of 2019

Biology Canoe/Kayak Bicycling Music-Listen Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Introducing Paul, a 15-year-old boy from Germany! Paul loves sports, especially American football. He also loves to ski, play soccer, and golf. As you can see, he is a very sports-minded young man! When he's not playing sports, you might find Paul working out at the gym or playing PlayStation games with friends. His favorite subject in school is Math, and he plans to become a tax accountant in the future. Paul and his friends see him as one who is self-confident, helpful, and athletic. His teachers say that he is excellent in Math and Natural Science, and that he gets along well with teachers and peers. During his exchange year, Paul hopes to discover a new way of life, make friends from different countries, and hopefully play American football. Paul is looking forward to becoming a part of your family! Arriving in August of 2019

Business Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Genuine, honest, and uncomplicated, 16-year-old Enno from Germany is known around school for being friendly, helpful, and kind! Both sporty and musical, Enno attends a school that focuses on music, theater, and the arts. He plays the drums and the piano, and recently helped to organize a concert tour for young musicians. Enno also loves sports, though! He plays both tennis and basketball, and during the summer, he likes to ride his longboard or go stand-up paddle boarding on a local lake. During the winter months, Enno loves to go skiing. Enno works as a bike messenger for a local company, delivering items to different shops in the area. He also loves doing volunteer work, and helped to collect shoes and clothing donations for a recent project. At home, Enno helps with the laundry, groceries, gardening, and occasionally helps to do some cooking (his specialty is potatoes au gratin!). He and his friends like to watch movies or go swimming, and they even took a dance class together to learn how to waltz and tango. Enno enjoys learning languages, history, and politics, and might like to become a lawyer. In the meantime, he says that he is open to try just about anything and is looking forward to many new experiences! Arriving in August of 2019

History Watching Sports Piano Languages Has Job
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Ketura is an ambitious and curious 16-year-old student from Germany! Creative Ketura plays the violin and dances ballet, activities that she hopes to continue in the USA. She also loves crafting, showcasing her talents through sewing, painting, paper crafts, and hand-lettering. An excellent student, Ketura loves attending school, where she enjoys learning new languages and taking music lessons. She also finds time to deliver newspapers, help refugee children with their homework twice per week, and looks forward to weekly youth group sessions with her church friends. Ketura was born in Kenya, which enabled her to get to know a different culture from a young age. She now looks forward to discovering the American culture and practicing her English skills so that she can communicate with people from different backgrounds all over the world. Ketura thanks you for hosting an exchange student, and looks forward to seeing what adventures await her in the USA! Arriving in August of 2019

Languages Watching Sports Music-Listen Music Church Youth Group
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet active and musical Hilda, a 15-year-old student from Germany! Hilda writes that she is ambitious, loves to cook, and is definitely a team player. She recognizes her main hobbies as playing the guitar, participating in gymnastics, and reading. Hilda has loved books ever since she was able to read. Other hobbies for Hilda include going to the theater and cinema (with a special love for live concerts), swimming and surfing in the sea, painting, traveling, writing, and playing the ukulele. As well as being a member of her school's choir, Hilda also enjoys listening to music. Some of her favorite musicians include Ed Sheeran, Twenty-one Pilots, and the Beatles. She considers herself environmental, and is continually learning about our planet. Friends and family are also important to Hilda. With her friends, Hilda enjoys taking silly pictures, shopping, visiting their favorite restaurants and cafes, going to the movies, and having sleepovers. With her family, whom she describes as spontaneous and fun-loving, Hilda shares the love of baking and traveling. Hilda writes that she is looking forward to trying new sports on exchange such as volleyball, basketball, field hockey, and maybe even surfing. Will you welcome Hilda into your family? Arriving in August of 2019

Art Watching Sports Chorus/Choir Biology Surfing
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Brazil

Meet the lovely Valentina, a 16-year-old girl from Brazil! She gets top ratings from her teachers, who say that she always tries her best and earns excellent grades. Her friends say that she is funny, active, kind, helpful, and patient. Valentina views herself as one who is sociable, friendly, and loves to make jokes. Valentina is a passionate swimmer, swimming on a team for the past 9 years, and hoping to continue this sport in the USA. She also loves trying new sports, reading books, traveling, and skiing with her family during vacations. She would love to live with animals as she has no pets at home. Valentina hopes to return home to Brazil with experiences that will change her life for the better. She is so excited to spend a year in the USA with you! Arriving in August of 2019

Biology Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet Marwa, a 15-year-old girl from Germany! Marwa is bilingual, speaking both German and Dari, a Persian dialect. She has also studied Spanish and English. Her favorite class at school is theater, and she loves to dance. She also enjoys playing soccer, and is eager to try volleyball or basketball during her exchange year. Marwa views herself as a nice, ambitious, confident, and thankful girl. Her friends see her as sincere, friendly, charismatic, helpful, and pleasant. Marwa's teachers give her rave reviews, and say that she is reliable, supportive, helpful, and open-minded. An ambitious girl, Marwa plans to have a career in medicine as a doctor. While in the USA, Marwa hopes to be challenged by new experiences so that she can become more courageous and independent. Marwa can't wait to meet you and become a part of your family! Arriving in August of 2019

Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Photography Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

"I like to laugh a lot," writes 16-year-old Adrian from Germany! He also adds when asked to describe himself, "I like to help other people, I like sports and meeting with friends." Adrian is described as easy-going, laid-back, reflective, communicative, and patient. He is interested in sports in general, and plays with his friends for fun. To keep fit, he jogs and goes to the gym once per week. He likes to eat healthy, but admits he loves a good burger or a pizza now and then! He has an interest in History and Politics, and is always willing to join in on discussions. Reading is another strong interest of Adrian's because he likes to "drift into another world." He is the older of two boys in his family. Together, they enjoy skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and visiting with relatives. They love to barbecue together, and try to eat breakfast and dinner together daily. As Adrian looks ahead to his exchange year, he hopes to improve his English, have a great host family experience, and make many new friends. "I am grateful for your willingness to be my host family and I am looking forward to meeting you and spend a year with you and your family," says Adrian! Arriving in August of 2019

History Computer Games Gym Workout Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Friendly, funny, and self-confident Lisa, a 16-year-old from Germany, has interests ranging from baking to swimming! "I really like to cook and to bake, to be creative and to try new recipes and flavors." It is something she also enjoys doing with friends, especially baking cookies. As for swimming, Lisa says "I love water and to be free in it and the silence that is always there." She also enjoys playing the guitar and singing. Lisa lives with her mom, dad, two younger sisters, one younger brother, and two dogs. "We are a big family so it's never quiet and action is always there." Her favorite subjects in school are Biology and Chemistry, and one day she would like to be a pediatrician. Her main reason for going on an exchange is to meet new people and to be part of the American way of life. "I want to know how it is to be in a new family and to know where the cultural differences are. I would be so glad and grateful if you would let me be a part of your family," says Lisa! Arriving in August of 2019

Biology Watching Sports Swimming Chorus/Choir Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Mari is a typical 16-year-old girl from Japan, with shopping and eating sweets being among her favorite activities! There is much more to Mari, however, as she is actively involved in her school and community serving others. She volunteers with victims of a recent earthquake in her country, and helps introduce prospective students to her school. Mari is also active in sports, such as volleyball, loves outdoor activities, and enjoys music! She would like to be involved in a choir during her exchange year, as well as activities she may not have the ability to do in Japan. Mari lives with her parents, older sister, 2 younger brothers, and 2 cats. Mari loves meeting and talking to new people, which is part of why she is excited about coming to the USA. On a one-month exchange trip to the USA when she was 14, Mari felt that she did not take full advantage of the opportunity, and she wants to be sure she is fully immersed in the culture for this experience. She is excited to be a part of an American family and share a great experience! Arriving in August of 2019

English Lang Watching Sports Swimming Chorus/Choir Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Introducing Rei, a 15-year-old girl from Japan! She is sociable, cheerful, and full of laughter. Rei is an active girl who plays tennis on a team and enjoys skiing with her family in the winter. She would like to continue these activities while on exchange, but she is open to new experiences as well. Rei also has an adventurous spirit, with a love for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and hiking. In Japan, she is a part of a volunteer group which guides tourists around the city. Also musical, Rei has played the violin since she was 3 years old as well! Perhaps, she can play beautiful music for your family? Rei would like to come to the USA to become fluent in the English language, learn about our culture, and meet new people. She hopes to become independent and make many fun memories while on exchange! Could Rei be the newest member of your family? Arriving in August of 2019

Mathematics Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Switzerland

Estelle is a 16-year-old girl from German-speaking Switzerland who loves to be in motion! She takes jazz and hip-hop lessons each week, but also enjoys sports in general and even simply working out. Estelle is seen as an important member of her class at school. Her teacher describes her as non-judgemental, and very good with other students who may be different. Estelle is also known to be adaptable and open-minded. She enjoys getting together with friends to hang out or watch movies. Many of her friends are in her dance classes. Estelle's parents were exchange students, which has fueled her dream to come to the USA. She is excited to see how America may be the same, or different from the many movies she has seen! Estelle lives with her parents, 3 younger siblings, and the family dog, with whom she has a special bond. Estelle takes her studies seriously, and even tutors younger students for extra pocket money. She intends to go to a university and study Law or Psychology in the future. Estelle is excited to get to know you and for the adventure to begin! Arriving in August of 2019

Law Surfing Gym Workout Music-Listen Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet Eslem, a 15-year-old girl from Germany! Eslem describes herself as motivated and friendly, but also funny and honest. Her favorite subjects in school are English, French, and PE. She loves to learn new languages, and is interested in becoming an English teacher after attending university. Eslem also enjoys playing soccer, and would like to continue playing while she is on exchange, but she is up for new activities as well. With friends, Eslem can be found shopping in the city, watching movies, or spending time outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather. During her exchange year, Eslem hopes to grow as a person through having new experiences and meeting different people. She is very excited to learn more about our culture from her host family, and make life-long memories in an American high school! Arriving in August of 2019

English Lang Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 25 • Germany

CHAPERONE: Henrik from Germany is thrilled to be chaperoning the USA for You program in Ann Arbor! With experience as a high school exchange student in upstate New York, Henrik now volunteers with YFU Germany to help new students have wonderful exchange experiences. Henrik has a keen interest in foreign culture and languages, and is now studying to become an English and Chemistry teacher. He loves traveling, and is looking forward to experiencing a new area in the USA with his future host family. Henrik's hobbies including playing golf, biking, cooking and baking, handicrafts such as woodworking, and having game nights with friends. He thanks you for hosting, and looks forward to meeting you soon! SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ANN ARBOR

Science Cooking/Baking Bicycling English Lang Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

"I like doing sports a lot," writes 15-year-old Moritz from Germany! Volleyball is his favorite, but he is open to trying any sport with a ball. His parents, who were also exchange students, have described to him the importance of sports in American high schools, and he is beyond eager to experience this for himself! Besides volleyball, he enjoys soccer, climbing, skiing, swimming, and sailing. When he has downtime, you can often find him on his computer playing games with his friends. Moritz also enjoys traveling, and has visited more than 15 countries - including a trip to the USA this past summer. After visiting with his mother's former host family in Washington state, they traveled to New York to see all the sights. This peaked his interest in being an exchange student himself, to learn more about the American culture and lifestyle. Moritz writes, "I thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the American way of life. In return, I want to give you some insights into the German culture. I have a good sense of humor, so we should have a good time together!" Arriving in August of 2019

Computers Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Sailing/Boating
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • The Netherlands

Hugo, a 16-year-old boy from the Netherlands, is an active and friendly student! Hugo is an ambitious sailor and longboard rider, who wishes to continue practicing those activities during his exchange program. He also keeps active through other water sports, playing field hockey, and spending time outdoors with friends. To Hugo, this exchange program will allow him to learn how lifestyles can be different in another country. In addition, having the chance to study abroad will broaden his horizons and help him to figure out his future career plan. Hugo loves his computer classes in school, but he is excited to take many different subjects in the USA and explore new domains. Hugo's relationship with his family is full of fun, especially enjoying outdoor activities and playing board games with his parents and older sister. Hugo's sister was also an exchange student, whose wonderful memories inspired Hugo to pursue his own experience. Will you be the family to share unforgettable memories with Hugo? Arriving in August of 2019

Computers Sailing/Boating Music-Listen Computer Games Water Sports
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Chiara is a 16-year-old girl from Germany whose passion is soccer! She loves playing on her soccer team, which she explains is like a second family. However, she is looking forward to trying some new American sports while in the USA as she loves being active. Chiara says she likes everything about sports and outdoor activities. A good student, Chiara's favorite subjects in school are Art, English, and PE. She especially likes Biology because she hopes to become a physiotherapist in the future. Chiara's teachers describe her as a positive-thinker and a diligent student. Chiara says her relationship with her family is great. One of her chores is to walk their dog, and she admits to loving animals. When she has time to chill, she watches movies and listens to music. Chiara is grateful to her host family for being willing to welcome her into their family "because you are one of the reasons this year will be so exciting and unforgettably great!" Arriving in August of 2019

Art Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet Finja, a creative and intelligent 15-year-old from Germany! Finja has aspirations of becoming a film director or a producer. You will be proud to say you knew her before she was famous! She is preparing by writing and producing short-films with friends, as well as gaming videos featured on their YouTube channel. Finja also plays the piano - perhaps someday she will compose and play the soundtrack to her own movie! Finja likes school as well. She especially enjoys Science and Computer Science classes because she likes learning how things work. She also enjoys learning new languages, currently studying both English and French. Not only is she smart and creative, she's also athletic. Finja has been practicing Judo for 10 years, plus she's in the gymnastics club at school and likes rock climbing at the gym when she has the time. As if that weren't enough, she volunteers too! Finja helps out at a youth club and at a camp for young children. Will you welcome Finja into your home? Arriving in August of 2019

Computers Web Design Piano Science Film Making
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • The Netherlands

Seventeen-year-old Kai from the Netherlands describes himself as a friendly, outgoing, and honest boy! He lives with his mom, dad, and his friendly pet cat. Together, his family enjoys shared meals, household tasks, going scuba diving, traveling, and visiting his large extended family. Kai's mom came to the USA with YFU as a high school student, so they have visited America often. Kai is a good student who especially enjoys being a coach to his peers, and being paid to tutor students at their home. When he has finished school, he plans to study Information Technology at university because he is passionate about computers and new technologies. He likes the camaraderie of his badminton team, spending time with animals, playing computer games, watching movies, and planning short trips with his friends. During his exchange year, Kai would be happy to have host siblings and pets, and to share his culture with your family while making new friends and life-long memories. "Thank you for considering me to be a part of your family," says Kai! Arriving in August of 2019

Computers Has Job Gym Workout Music-Listen Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Sixteen-year-old Natsuno from Japan describes herself as friendly, kind, and honest! She plays the piano, but her main activities are sports and art. Natsuno plays basketball, practices karate, and snowboards. She also enjoys camping because she loves being in nature, and fishing because she thinks it is fun to catch fish. Her favorite hobbies include crafting and painting because she loves to create original pieces. Natsuno loves her Math class at school, and plans to attend a university and live overseas in the future. She is very close with her family, often shopping with her dad to help him pick out clothes, and exercising to music with her mom. Some of her chores include cleaning and helping with meals. Natsuno thanks you for opening your home to her and is looking forward to seeing you! Arriving in August of 2019

Mathematics Paint/Draw Piano Photography Martial Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Fifteen-year-old Ronja from Germany is a curious, open-minded girl who loves to laugh! Her friends will tell you that she loves to talk about any and all subjects as well. Ronja is passionate about the environment, and is an active member of the Scouts. She is also involved in various school activities, such as the student government and student medic groups. Her other hobbies include dancing, playing the piano, and performing and teaching German Wheel acrobatics. Ronja is close to her parents and younger sister, but she looks forward to creating a second home in the United States, a place that she can learn from and always go back to. Ronja hopes to learn about the American culture and improve her language skills while in the USA. "I hope you're going to be my host family and if so, thank you very much," says Ronja! Perhaps your family will learn all what German Wheel is as she explains it to you over a family dinner? Arriving in August of 2019

Political Sci. Photography Piano Philosophy Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

"Even when something seems too difficult, I never give up." writes 16-year-old Chiara from Germany! Chiara, who likes to do all kinds of sports and try new things, has a part-time job delivering newspapers to earn extra pocket money. Her favorite sports are handball and track & field, playing on her school's team for the past several years. She is also involved in an orchestra, where she plays the clarinet. Other hobbies for Chiara include reading, watching movies, cooking and baking, being outdoors, snowboarding, and spending time with family and friends. With her family, Chiara enjoys having dinner every day and sharing good conversation. They also play table tennis together. She enjoys cooking traditional meals from different countries with her family as well. Chiara meets up with her friends to train for handball and other athletics. She describes herself as open and ambitious, and hopes to try something new while on exchange such as volleyball, gymnastics, tennis or swimming. Pottery or painting is also something Chiara is interested in trying out. An interesting fact is that Chiara loves zebras! She is intrigued by their stripes, shyness, and quiet behavior. Chiara is not shy to having family pets as she takes care of the family's 2 pet rabbits. Will you welcome Chiara into your family? Arriving in August of 2019

History Watching Sports Music-Listen English Lang Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • France

Meet 15-year-old Apolline from France who is a very active and multi-faceted teenager! Self-described as friendly but also serious and attentive, Apolline spends time throughout the week balancing school, playing the flute in an orchestra, attending a music education class, swimming, and participating in theater club at school. Other activities include running with her brother and father, cooking and baking, and playing volleyball and handball. Apolline writes that her family is an important part of her life, and they spend time together attending the circus, theater, restaurants, cinema, and family parties. Friends add another aspect of importance to Apolline, and she enjoys time with them hanging out and trying new activities and sports. Apolline looks forward to her upcoming exchange year in order to discover a new country and culture, meet new people, and make new friends. She thanks her new host family in advance for welcoming her into your family, and for allowing her to discover the American culture! Apolline needs a pet-free host family. Arriving in August of 2019 ,

Biology Watching Sports Orchestra/Band Languages Church Youth Group
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Say hello to Paulina, a 15-year old girl from Germany who is best described as smart, creative, and reliable! She enjoys spending time with her family going to museums, having meals together, and traveling. Paulina loves visiting with her grandparents as well, as they only live three streets away. She helps her grandpa in the garden, and enjoys trips to the theatre together. At school, she is really interested in music, which is why she often spends time after school practicing the guitar with the school's band. Paulina is also a member of a German Scout Group that goes camping three times per year, and she enjoys practicing swimming and coaching young children in this sport. During her free time, Paulina loves to read, play her guitar, draw and paint, bake, and take pictures. In the winter, she goes ice skating every weekend but also appreciates time to relax by herself. Paulina is a person who enjoys spending time with others, she is friendly, is a very balanced person, and a peaceful family life is very important to her. She is excited about her exchange year, learning about the beautiful American culture and being a part of an American high school and family! Arriving in August of 2019

Art Paint/Draw Swimming Music-Listen History
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Responsible, open-minded, and curious are just a few words to describe 17-year-old Isabella from Germany! Isabella comes from a large, multicultural extended family, and enjoys visits from her grandparents during the holidays. An only child, she has a close relationship with her mom, and loves hosting her friends to study together, bake sweets, and sing along to songs. Isabella enjoys helping her mom cook dinner, eating together every evening so they can talk about their days. She is a member of a church youth group, which meets weekly to do fun activities and discuss different topics that are interesting to the group. Isabella is also a member of a drama club, which she has been involved with for the past six years. Each year, they create a performance where they write the script and develop their own characters. Her favorite time of the year is winter because she loves cold weather, skiing with friends, and being outside in the snow. Isabella greatly appreciates your willingness to host a student, and hopes you will consider her because of her love for US history, culture, and the American way of life! Arriving in August of 2019

Chemistry Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill History Church Youth Group
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Artistic 16-year-old Aylin from Germany loves philosophy as she can learn about life, the world, and the differences between cultures! Aylin also enjoys dancing ballet and hip-hop, drawing, sewing, and fashion. She especially loves expressing feelings through dancing and drawing. During her spare time, Aylin meets with friends for barbecues, or simply to enjoy the outdoors. As she has interest in fashion and product marketing, as well as sport's science and health, she is still deciding on her future career. Aylin's parents work frequently to manage their fitness business, so Aylin has taken on many responsibilities, including helping to care for her two younger siblings. Her mother was an exchange student, and has encouraged Aylin to study abroad as well. Aylin is described as a lovable, honest, self-confident, kind, and open-minded girl. She looks forward to her exchange year to become deeply immersed in the American culture and way of life. Aylin is open to any new experience, and hopes to make new friends and become a part of your family. She thanks you for offering her this unforgettable experience! Arriving in August of 2019

Art Has Job Music-Listen Biology Dance-Ballet
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Japan

Fifteen-year-old Japanese student Tsukasa is described as open, cheerful, motivated, and flexible! Interestingly, he was born in the USA, but moved to Japan as an infant. Tsukasa is excited to return to the country of his birth and make new memories with his host family! Other North American connections are strong: he spent 17 days on an exchange program in Canada living with a host family, and his older brother was an exchange student in Florida. Eager to improve his English language skills, he recently attended a two-week English language camp in the Philippines. During his exchange year, Tsukasa hopes to expand his perspectives and thinking, and to continue playing his favorite sports - tennis and baseball. His long-term career goals include the practice of medicine internationally. To prepare for being a contributing host family member, he is currently working with his mother to perfect his cooking skills so that he can treat his host family with Japanese meals! Arriving in August of 2019

English Lang Watching Sports Baseball Music-Listen Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Denmark

Turning 16 this summer, Danish student Mathilde is described by her teachers as creative, confident, outgoing, thoughtful, curious, and family-oriented! They also add that she is an optimistic girl who "gets along with everyone." Mathilde has already had a major international experience - she lived with her family in England for two years when she was in primary school. This experience was very positive, and it gave her new perspectives about cultures and a feeling of excitement for international experiences. Her goals for the YFU experience are to learn about the American culture, and to continue to view other cultures positively. Horseback riding with family members is a major activity that Mathilde enjoys, having experience with both dressage and show jumping. Additionally, she volunteers with horseback riding-related activities for children with her riding club. Mathilde is currently working in a bakery some evenings and weekends to save money for her exchange experience. During her exchange year, she would like to try a new sport offered by her host school, and participate in high school theatre productions. She looks forward to meeting her host family, and thanks you for giving her this opportunity! Arriving in August of 2019

English Lang Has Job Music-Listen Theatre Arts Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
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