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Female • 15 • Germany

unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Thailand

unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Thailand

unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

If you are looking for a student who loves life and can't wait to be a part of yours, Johanna, from Germany is your girl! This highly intelligent young girl is passionate about school, but also loves getting lost in playing musical instruments. She enjoys spending time with her family, riding horses and taekwondo. She is leaning toward a career in law but is hoping to develop a better understanding of what she wants to do with life while on exchange. She is excited to experience American High School life. While she understands it won't be like "High School Musial" she wants to take in the culture, the football games and the variety of classes offered. Johanna has big dreams for her future, but her ultimate goal is to live life the fullest. Will you help her reach that goal and invite her into your family?

Art Cards Martial Arts Piano Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Estonia

Hannaliisa, better known as Hanna to her friends, is a dreamer! Her friends describe her as fun, kind and supportive. She is motivated and never gives up on anything she sets her mind to. She wants to travel when she grows up, experiencing different places and new cultures, and is excited to start her travel experiences by going on exchange to the United States. She hopes to gain a better understanding of what she wants to do in her adult life while she is on exchange, all while expanding her horizons and improving her "can do" mindset. This self-aware and adventurous teen is ready to take on the ultimate adventure of going on exchange. Will you invite her into your family?

Geography Watching Sports Music-Listen English Lang Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Friendly Luis from Germany is from an open-minded family that loves to laugh and chat about everything. His favorite contribution to the household is taking care of their dog, a responsibility he takes very seriously. As an only child he will certainly miss his parents while on exchange, but is eager to try new things and hopes to surprise himself with what hes able to achieve. Luis values time with his friends doing things like ice skating or seeing movies. In his free time he likes to play tennis and video games. After visiting the US over summer vacation, Luis is more determined than ever to step out of his comfort zone with your help! Invite this kind and curious student into your home and enjoy his charming personality and humor.

Mathematics Movies Ice Skating Music-Listen Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Putting out fires is what Jakob from Germany, a firefighter in training, does best! As a member of the youth group of his local fire department, Jacob has spent the last 2 years training and educating others in fire and emergency safety, and looks forward to becoming a volunteer firefighter once hes of age. Jakob is also a pianist with 7 years of practice and would love to continue tickling the ivories while on exchange. As a middle child of 3, Jakob enjoys being part of a busy home where everyone has there own hobbies, balanced out by some family time hiking or watching movies. In his free time Jakob tinkers with his computer and stays active outdoors. After taking a family vacation to the US, Jakob is more excited than ever to embrace American culture and become a part of your family.

Chemistry Photography Gym Workout Piano Geography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • France

SPRING SEMESTER STUDENT: Say Bonjour to Anaik from France! Easy-going Anaik is described as open-minded and outgoing by her teachers and peers. She plays volleyball and soccer and would love to continue these or other sports while on exchange. Her favorite subjects are English and Physical Education, with both being strong suits for this sporty student. Anaik is close with her family and enjoys spending time with her parents and older sister preparing meals, playing board games, and traveling to new places. In her spare time she busies herself with drawing, photography, and caring for her dog and cats. Anaik feels that her best trait is her sense of humor, and she hopes youll agree and bring her laughter into your home!

English Lang Photography Soccer Piano Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Estonia

Enthusiastic Rasmus from Estonia proudly wears the title of extrovert. He loves being with people, whether engaging in a class group or spending time with his parents and 2 younger brothers. Described as positive and open-minded, Rasmus is ready to try anything and everything while on exchange! He enjoys being a leader and participated in a European Union youth education program allowing him to meet other young people across Europe. Despite his sociable disposition, Rasmus admits that even he can appreciate some quality solo time. He enjoys reading, watching sports, and spending time outdoors, especially swimming. Rasmus most values loyalty and honesty and looks forward to making true lifelong friends. Let this bright-eyed student into your home and watch him achieve his dreams!

Mathematics Sailing/Boating Golf Guitar Sociology
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • France

Curious Tess from France is ready to take on the USA and immerse herself in new experiences. From holiday customs to high school traditions, Tess is intrigued by American culture and looks forward to forming a close bond with her Host Family. Described by friends as caring and a great listener, Tess loves typical teen pastimes like eating out and going to the movies. Tess values spending time with her family, which includes 3 brothers, playing board games and traveling together. She also enjoys baking and watching sports, and would love to try cheerleading while on exchange. Will you cheer Tess on and welcome her into your home?

Law Watching Sports Music-Listen Languages Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

German student Laura took the dive into the family sport of volleyball a few years ago, and hasnt looked back! As an only child with parents that have been playing the sport for 20+ years, she said it was only a matter of time until she picked up the ball too. Laura appreciates that sports and other hobbies like reading help her relax when life gets busy. With a strong interest in chemistry, this dedicated student is described by teachers as motivated and curious. Laura counts communication as one of her strong suits, and strives to keep friends and family laughing to lighten the mood. She enjoys being social and is excited to build new connections, but can also appreciate some alone time. Whatever your household style, Laura is eager to become a part of your familys routines and get to know you.

Chemistry Watching Sports Music-Listen Photography Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Uruguay

WINTER YEAR STUDENT: Attention basketball fans! Aparicio eats, sleeps and breathes basketball, and would love the opportunity to share this passion with your family. When he's not busy practicing his skills on the basketball court, Aparicio enjoys spending time in the countryside with his family, caring for his pets, and playing video games with friends. Aparicio has an analytical mind and plans to become an engineer one day. He is a creative problem solver, very independent, and a team player. Aparicio is the youngest of three, and will be following in his siblings' footsteps as an exchange student in the USA. He is so excited to meet you and become life-long friends!

Engineering Computer Games Gym Workout Music-Listen Chemistry
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Italy

SPRING SEMESTER STUDENT: Davide is a caring and thoughtful young man who greatly values spending time with his family! He paints a classic scene of his home in the Italian countryside with his grandparents living next door. He comes from a region in Italy famous for delicious pastas, which he plans to share with your family. Davide's hobbies include mineral collecting, photography, and listening to music. He stays active through playing basketball, frisbee, soccer, and tennis with friends. Davide hopes his exchange semester will help him to develop a new perspective, find new paths, and build lifelong friendships!

History Watching Sports Music-Listen Philosophy Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Italy

SPRING SEMESTER STUDENT: Gabriele is an extrovert with many passions! As Science Team Leader of his school's Podcasting club, he has enhanced his knowledge of biology & physics. This active teen is also a member of a Journalism club and has been involved in Boy Scouts for the past ten years. During his free time, Gabriele bikes, swims, and feasts on fast food with friends, plays recreational soccer and basketball, and enthusiastically watches sports. In his quieter moments, Gabriele enjoys reading mystery novels or sitting by the local castle playing cards, chess, and board games with his family. With many interests and a determination to be kind to everyone, Gabriele will be a great addition to any home!

Chemistry Watching Sports Piano Mathematics Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Australia

SPRING SEMESTER STUDENT: Collecting sneakers and basketball cards has allowed Marley to meet so many cool friends! Marley would love to share his unique hobbies with your family. He is also a member of his school's basketball team and is excited to learn more about baseball and football in the USA. Marley lives in a beautiful Australian town with his parents, sister, and their black lab named Kali. During his free time, Marley enjoys visiting the race tracks with his dad, swimming with friends, and watching movies. Marley is mature, fun, and quick-witted. He would be an excellent addition to any home and can tell you all about life Down Under!

Science Watching Sports Music-Listen Economics Cards
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Uruguay

WINTER YEAR STUDENT: Nicole is an animal lover, soccer player, and great friend! She lives with her parents in a small Uruguayan city and would love to experience life with host siblings. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys riding horses and kayaking at her family's farm, practicing with her soccer team, and taking walks with her loved ones. Nicole's friends would like you to know that she is kind, helpful, and outgoing. She hopes to share lots of laughs, good conversation, favorite foods, and her culture with your family. Nicole knows this will be an experience she will cherish for the rest of her life and is so excited to meet you!

Mathematics Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
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