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Male • 15 • Ukraine

Sports are a major part of life for Oleksiy, is a 15-year-old boy from Ukraine! He plays soccer, boxes, swims, skiis, but his real passion is taekwondo, and he is proud to have a black belt in this particular sport. Oleksiy says that being active in sports helps one to keep healthy. In addition to sports, he helps his grandparents around their homes, and in their garden and orchard. Oleksiy is described by his teachers as a most studious and motivated student who has well developed leadership skills. He is also a member of the school parliament. Oleksiy and his family (Dad, Mom, and younger sister) enjoy time together watching movies, playing board games, and going for pizza every Friday night, He also likes hanging out with friends - usually playing some type of sport. Particularly interested in environmental issues, Oleksiy hopes to pursue a career in green energy or alternative energy sources. His goal is to "make a difference in our world!" OLEKISY IS A FLEX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT.

Economics Soccer Political Sci. Martial Arts Social Studies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Pakistan

Fifteen-year-old Ahmad from Pakistan describes himself as kind, helpful, and polite! He lives with his parents and two "beautiful and charming" sisters. The family communicates openly, and are respectful of each other. They like to discuss current affairs and events together, and carefully consider the opinions of each family member before making decisions. Ahmad is an excellent student who wants to become an engineer, and plans to study pre-engineering after high school. For fun, he plays cricket daily, which is his passion. He also likes to take morning walks for activity. Ahmad has a wide circle of friends that he relies on for support as well as his family. They celebrate birthdays together, go out for dinner, discuss current events, or simply hang out. He improves his worldview through reading books on various subject and says "books are best friends." He likes to listen to classical music as well. Ahmad looks forward to learning about our culture and meeting all kinds of new people during his exchange experience! AHMAD IS A YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT.

Engineering Reading Gym Workout Outdoor Act. Family/Friends
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 18 • The Netherlands

Eighteen-year-old Catharina, also known as Cathy, from the Netherlands is a hard-working student whose work motivates others, but she's also a fun-loving teen! She loves to swim and read at the beach, and wants to learn to surf. She also hopes that she might have a chance to continue playing her favorite team sport--soccer, during her exchange year. From a small city, Cathy likes big cities and explains, "On the weekends you can find me in Amsterdam or Rotterdam." She likes high school social science classes best because they will help her to meet her goal of traveling the world and learning about other cultures. After returning home to enter a university, Cathy plans to put her travel interest to good use by studying Hotel and Restaurant Management. Meanwhile, she enjoys meals, movies, shopping, and travel with her relaxed family, and outdoor activities with her active friends. "I love everything, she writes; "I'm very open-minded and with the right people everything can be fun." Cathy, who loves to laugh and make others laugh, is sure to bring fun into your family! MUST BE PLACED IN CALIFORNIA

Social Studies Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Has Job
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Bulgaria

Sixteen-year-old Miroslav from Bulgaria, who goes by "Miro," describes himself as thoughtful and curious! Miro is part of the DIY club at his school; in this club, he has created accessories and an escape room to escape from everyday life. Miro does not participate in any organized sports, but he enjoys riding his bike in the park every day that he can, while listening to music. Miro loves pop and dance music, some of his favorite artists being Adele, Miley Cyrus, and Meghan Trainor. Another way Miro likes to stay active is mountain climbing. Miro also enjoys doing Yoga, reading, and shopping. Miro studies many languages and plans to study and pursue a career in Psychology. Some of his chores include cleaning, cooking, doing dishes, doing laundry, and taking care of his rabbit. Miro wishes you health, happiness, and good luck in life! MIROSLAV IS A YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT.

Languages Cooking/Baking Bicycling Music-Listen Hike/Backpack
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Estonia

Ambitious and accomplished 17-year-old Brigitta from Estonia believes that nothing worth having comes easy! She gives everything her all, from sports to academics. Brigitta's passion is ballroom dancing. She also has studied folk dancing, which she believes is culturally important. A love of running is something that Brigitta shares with her parents. Together, they have traveled to many different places to compete. The family trains together, and Brigitta also spends time practicing running on her own, in addition to her dance practices. On top of all of these activities, Brigitta finds time to volunteer in her community, and earn exceptional grades. Brigitta enjoys nature and spending time outside with her friends. She loves the beach in the summer at the family's seaside vacation home. Brigitta is very close to her parents and visits her grandparents at least once a week. Brigitta is a positive, determined, and goal-driven girl who would be an asset to any family. She promises you will not regret making her a part of your family! MUST BE PLACED IN CALIFORNIA

Mathematics Dance-Ballroom Golf Music-Listen Dance-Folk
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 14 • Brazil

FALL SEMESTER: Daniel a friendly student from Brazil! He will be 15 when he arrives in the USA. He isn't sure what he wants to do after high school, but it will probably be science-related, as he is very interested in math and science. Daniel also enjoys music and plays four instruments - bass, ukulele, piano, and drums. Daniel does parkour in his free time and sometimes goes scuba diving with his mother. Daniel is looking forward to following in the footsteps of his family members who also did exchange programs! STUDENT MUST BE PLACED IN CALIFORNIA

Science Computer Games Piano Biology Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

15-year-old Jonna, from Germany, loves to laugh! Her friends describe her as a funny and open person, and she can hardly wait for all the new experiences awaiting her in America. Although Jonna plays on a handball team in Germany, she says her exchange year is for trying new things like cheerleading, softball, or even American football. Jonna can be found hanging out with friends, baking, snowboarding, and practicing her photography skills in her spare time. Jonna also enjoys diving when she's on holiday. She loves to see new fish, explore coral reefs, and explains that diving makes her feel "weightless." She loves listening to music in her spare time, and her current favorite musician is Shawn Mendes. She also enjoys Disney songs! Invite happiness into your family with Jonna!

Languages Watching Sports Diving-Scuba Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Harumu rocks! Get to know this musically inclined, independent, and respectful 17-year-old from Japan. Harumu is passionate about rock music and loves playing his guitar and songwriting with his fellow bandmates. He is grateful that his father plays guitar and is the reason he started playing himself! He believes experiences are property for the future and he looks forward to building that future together with fellow global citizens. Harumu can?t wait to learn about US culture and share Japanese culture with you. Help bring music to the ears of this grateful guitarist by bringing him into your lives today!

Engineering Paint/Draw Soccer Rock Band Science
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Finland

Say hello to 16-year-old Pauli from Finland! Pauli is a sports fanatic who loves playing tennis and watching ice hockey! He also enjoys following large sporting events such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. His family is close-knit and enjoys traveling throughout Finland together, downhill skiing, and attending the sauna weekly! Some of his other hobbies include running, cooking/baking, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Pauli is looking forward to experiencing an American Halloween and Thanksgiving first-hand. He also can't wait to try new sports while on program or even attend a few games!

Mathematics Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill Physics Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 14 • Germany

"I love the USA" writes Max of Germany. "I visited New York, Washington, Boston and other places but I want more than just to visit as a tourist. I'd like to live in the US to learn more about the traditions and the culture and to get to know the American people." Max will be 15 when he arrives in America to start his exchange year. His mom was an exchange student when she was young and Max has always dreamed of following in her footsteps. Max, who is described as friendly, outgoing, fun, and helpful, is an active young man and likes to be involved in school activities. He has been a leader in the student government for several years and likes to work in collaboration with other students and teachers. He enjoys playing the guitar, soccer, and American football, and hopes to play football in the U.S. too. He goes to church with his family most Sundays and also enjoys traveling, cooking, going to the movies, and having barbecues with friends and family. While anticipating his exchange year, Max writes, "I hope to be rich in experience. I hope to have widened my horizon by learning a lot about other people and traditions. I hope to have adapted to my new surrounding and I hope I will have become a true member of my American Family."

Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Cooking/Baking Tennis
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Amelie, 16, from Germany, quickly shows her special connection with others. Declaring her mom the best ever, she also says that one look between her dad and herself tells the two of them what each other is thinking. "My little sister is my little angel and devil in one person," she adds. "We laugh together and have a lot of fun." This caring for others extends beyond her family because Amelie and her best friend also conduct a weekend sports course for kids and weekly help to teach them karate, which Amelie has trained and competed in for years. This combination of wanting to help people and keep physically active has led Amelie to believe that police work is the right career for her. Described as responsible, able to motivate others, and respected by her peers, who often seek her opinions, Amelie eagerly awaits her arrival in the U.S. Having seen American schools and families on TV and in movies, she writes, "I don't just want to see it; I want to feel it, and I'd like to be part of the real America."

Biology Movies Martial Arts Music-Listen Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Passionate about music and dance, 15-year-old Julia from Germany is an enthusiastic and friendly girl who loves to have fun and laugh. Julia has been a member of a dance team for 10 years, sings in 2 choirs, and enjoys playing the piano. She describes herself as having a normal everyday life; attending school where she especially enjoys language classes, and spending time with her family and friends. Julia has a very close relationship with her family, which includes 2 brothers and her grandmother. As a family, they enjoy having dinner together, going to the cinema, going for a bike ride, or hiking. Julia loves spending time with both her younger and older brother as well. Julia has been on an exchange program with her school's partner school in Holland, and loved the opportunity to learn a new culture and experience many new things. She is very much looking forward to trying some typical American activities or sports, and would like to thank her future host family for choosing her as their new family member!

Chemistry Cooking/Baking Dance Team Chorus/Choir Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Jonas is a friendly and active 15-year-old student from Germany! Jonas loves to play sports, especially soccer, but says that he's not a very competitive person. He just loves to play sports to have fun with his friends. He is also excited to learn how to play new sports while on exchange. Jonas lives with his parents and says that their family is affectionate and open. He also has a cat and an aquarium, which he helps care for. Jonas likes to play video games with friends in his free time. He also plays the drums and was previously a drummer in his school's band. At school, his favorite subjects are math and science, and his teachers describe him as a mature and insightful student. Although he says that he can be shy to start with, Jonas loves to try new things and is looking forward to all of the exciting new experiences that his exchange year will bring! WILLING TO CONSIDER PAYING UP TO $5,000 IN TUITION

Science Watching Sports Soccer Percussion Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Denmark

Mature, responsible, and optimistic Hannah, age 15 from Denmark, looks forward to her next great adventure - traveling to meet her American host family! With her family of 2 brothers and parents, she relishes their traveling adventures, often trying new foods and activities. Some of these experiences have resulted in "some of the best memories I have with my family." Additionally, Hannah savors time spent watching sports with her father, romantic comedies with her mother, and a variety of movies with the entire family. Helpful around the home, she assists with cleaning, cooking, baking, as well as meal preparation and clean up. Cherished time with her friends is consumed with attending concerts, going to the cinema, and playing board games. An avid reader, she states, "a book is a gift you can open again and again." Hannah enjoys exploring book shops, looking for her next great novel. In the future, Hannah hopes to use her creativeness to become an author. Due to her allergies, Hannah will need a home free of indoor pets. Is your family ready for its next great adventure with Hannah?

Watching Sports Music-Listen Writing Paint/Draw Concert Attend
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

SHORT-TERM COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAM: Meet 15-year-old Paula from Germany, who is helpful, friendly, and ready to try new activities during her time in the USA! Paula's favorite hobbies include reading, snowboarding, painting, and spending time with animals. Paula has two dogs of her own, and dreams of becoming either a dog handler or a policewoman someday! With her family, Paula can be found going for walks in the forest, traveling to Austria for ski trips, or spending holidays near the Baltic Sea. Paula and her best friend love to take the train to Berlin for the day, or simply hang out at each others' houses and talk. During her time in the USA, she is hoping to see American sports such as basketball or baseball first hand, while also becoming a member of her host family and seeing a glimpse of typical, American life! MUST BE PLACED IN WASHINGTON DC

Paint/Draw Music-Listen Cooking/Baking Snowboarding Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 24 • Germany

SHORT-TERM COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAM: Moritz from Germany is excited to be a chaperone for the short-term program of German students traveling to Washington DC! He completed a yearlong exchange experience when he was in high school, and is eager to meet new faces in a brand new city. Moritz is currently focusing much of his spare time towards skydiving, but he also enjoys basketball, watching sports, reading, cooking, and being around animals. One of his other unique hobbies is riding and fixing up motorcycles. Learning how to ride a motorcycle off-road is one of the top ten items on Moritz's bucket list! Moritz is currently attending an internationally-focused university, and has future plans to become a political consultant dealing with international affairs. Before he started university, Moritz did a lot of traveling and even worked for a documentary filmmaker. He says that this was an extraordinary experience that allowed him to research and speak with people from many different backgrounds. Moritz thanks you for your willingness to turn strangers into friends, and is delighted to meet you soon! MUST BE PLACED IN WASHINGTON DC

Political Sci. Watching Sports Cooking/Baking Volunteering Outdoor Act.
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Thailand

Described by friends as funny and smart, 15 year-old Nisha, or Pine, has quite a diversity of interests! Her hobbies include collecting Korean music albums and forming small creatures from Nano blocks. At school, Pine plays alto saxophone and is a member of the Academic Club. Her favorite subject is math, because "you don't have to memorize--it just requires logic." Outside of school, Pine enjoys cooking/baking, animals, crafting, hanging out with friends and listening to music, outdoor activities, shopping, traveling, and volunteering. She enjoys watching volleyball and basketball and hopes to try sports that she has never done before while in the US. Her family typically eats meals and bakes together. Family life is simple & relaxed. Her goals while on exchange are to improve her English, broaden her cultural knowledge, and network with friends around the world. Will this energetic young lady fit into your family?

Mathematics Paint/Draw Swimming Saxophone Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Thailand

Funny, creative, and eager to learn 17-year-old Chayata from Thailand, or Petch as she prefers to be called, is eager to dive into her exchange year in the US! Like most teens, this well-rounded young lady enjoys music, not just listening, but also playing the ukulele and the khim. She enjoys playing checkers, badminton, and table tennis recreationally and hopes to try some American sports next year. At school, math and science are favorite subjects, which she plans to use in the future as a doctor. Her teachers describe her as flexible in roles as both a leader and as worker. Hobbies include cooking/baking, arts & crafts, hanging with friends, outdoor activities, traveling, shopping, and watching movies. In Thailand, her time is split between school, where she lives in a dorm during the week, and home with her parents and one older brother. While on exchange, her goals include improving her English skills, gaining self-confidence, and learning the American way of life. Petch hopes to share Thai meals with with you, meet new people, and gain as many experiences as she can!

Science Paint/Draw Badminton String Instr. Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Thailand

Meet 15-year-old Piriyakorn, also known as Front, hailing from Thailand! Front describes herself as easy-going, cheerful, caring, and generous. Her favorite hobbies include reading fiction novels, listening to music, watching movies, and spending time with her best friends. Front explains that reading fiction makes her feel like she is in a world of imagination and helps her to relax. She also enjoys playing badminton and volleyball in her spare time. Front and her friends enjoy eating lunch together every day at school and always make sure to help each other study if someone is in need of help with their schoolwork. Front's favorite subject in school is math as she enjoys calculating, and she is also a member of her school's science club. After spending time at the hospital where her mother works as a nurse, Front decided that her dream is to become a doctor. She wants to help cure people from their illnesses and pain, and also hopes that this career will allow her to take care of her family one day. Front wants to thank you for your willingness to share your life with her and hopes to provide a great example of the Thai culture!

Science Watching Sports Music-Listen Mathematics Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Thailand

Fifteen-year-old Jillapat from Thailand, also known as Ongfong, describes herself as friendly, funny, and attentive. An excellent student, she enjoys math at school and hopes to become a businesswoman someday. This young ambassador is always smiling, outgoing, friendly, and willing to help others. She likes playing basketball and badminton, and going swimming. When hanging out with friends, they often listen to music, go out to eat, or watch movies. Ongfong plays guitar and the Thai flute and says music helps her relax and learn more vocabulary. From her exchange year, she hopes to learn new cultures, gain new experiences, make new friends, and share Thai culture with others. She knows she will grow up and learn more about herself while in the US. A few of the things she hopes to do in the US include playing in snow, traveling, and watching a basketball game. Her hobbies include outdoor activities, photography, reading, shopping, traveling, and watching movies and sports. This curious and ambitious young lady can't wait to share a year with you!

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen Photography Swimming
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Thailand

Say hello to Aungwara from Thailand, nicknamed Neua, who will turn 15 before coming on her exchange year! Neua is interested in all things related to the performing arts. She has been involved in various Thai traditional dancing and music clubs for the past three years, which she loves because it enables her to showcase her beautiful Thai culture as well as perform at several festivals throughout her country. Neua is also an instrumentalist who plays the piano, traditional Thai instruments, and has recently picked up the ukelele and classical guitar. During this past school year, Neua has joined her school's choir and drama club and was selected to play the lead role in their production of "Annie" the musical. She hopes that her well-rounded performing arts interests will help her to become an actress someday or work within the entertainment sector. In her free time, Neua likes to play soccer, table tennis, cook, read books, take photos, and attend concerts. Neua hopes that her exchange year will teach her to have a wider worldview and can't wait to learn more about the American culture!

History Dance-Folk Soccer Chorus/Choir Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Fifteen-year-old Bernd from Germany is described as being polite, creative, supportive of peers, mature, and adaptive! He is very active in the youth ministries of his church, is involved in a number of mentoring initiatives within the church, and he sings in the church's gospel choir. In the future, he plans to study theology, and pursue a career as a pastor with a focus on hospice ministries. He also expresses an interest in learning about other religions. Other interests include competitive chess and group computer games. Bernd has also been playing the violin for 8 years and finds time to volunteer for the local youth fire department. During the exchange year, he hopes to participate in new hobbies and experiences, especially trying some unique American sports, and learning new perspectives. Bernd is a vegetarian, but is willing to eat meat occasionally with his host family. Bernd can't wait to see the differences between American and German culture first-hand!

History Watching Sports Chorus/Choir Religion Church Youth Group
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Noah is a 17-year-old boy from Germany who describes himself as open-minded, helpful, and sporty! He plays basketball on a team, and enjoys watching games on TV as well. He is looking forward to experiencing the "American sport spirit." An easy-going young man, teachers say that he is a positive influence in class and is always respectful of others' opinions. Although his family is busy, they eat dinner together every day and attend church on Sundays. Noah is willing to attend his host family's church as well. He says that listening to music is very important to him, and he finds time to do so every day. He also enjoys baking and cooking, and says that his cakes from scratch are a "win for everyone!" Noah is grateful for the opportunity to experience a year in the USA, and is excited about the ups and downs and everything that he can't imagine just yet!

English Lang Computer Games Music-Listen Cooking/Baking Swimming
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Spain

"One of my very best students!" says Adriana's teacher! Adriana, 15 from Spain, has excellent grades and enjoys reading, writing, and art. Becoming an Artist would be her wish one day, but she plans on attending a university after high school to study science. She excels in all that she does, and is active in cultural programs centered around charity. Adriana says that she is very tidy, likes things organized, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Enjoying the outdoors is one of Adriana's favorite activities. Riding her bike, going for a walk with the dogs, or going to the beach with her family are things that she very much enjoys. Adriana has visited the USA one time and really wanted her visited to last longer, so becoming an exchange study was the perfect fit for her. During her exchange year, she cannot wait to become a part of your family! She wants to experience the culture, perfect her English, and make lifelong friends. Adriana wants you to know that she appreciates your hospitality and opening your home to her. She is excited to start her year in the USA! MUST BE PLACED IN GRADE 10.

Art Paint/Draw Skiing-Downhill Piano Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Mexico

Mountain biking, or just about any cycling activity, is a passion for 15-year-old Diego from Mexico! He says that there is nothing that he enjoys more than being able to ride his bike. Described by a teacher as a natural leader, Diego is said to be curious, creative, kind, and honest. A very good student who enjoys math, Diego dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer, owning his own bicycle factory, and creating his own brand of bikes. The youngest of 3 boys, Diego hopes that his host family will have siblings as well since he enjoys spending time with family. Besides cycling, Diego loves outdoor activities and playing soccer. He is interested in trying some new activities as well. Diego likes to spend time with his friends or family, doing activities such as going to a coffee shop, riding motocross, or just chatting. Diego knows that this experience will help him to become more independent and mature. He can't wait to have a great experience with your family!

Mathematics Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • China

Sixteen-year-old Xianglin, from China describes her family life as "warm, gentle, and fragrant," and hopes to have the same with her "cute future family members!" Xianglin says that she is an outgoing person who believes that interpersonal relationships are one of the most important things in life. She enjoys playing badminton at school, and watching matches between schoolmates. Currently her favorite subject is Biology, because it explains how the human body works. Although she attends a boarding school, all vacations and holidays are spent with her family. Xianglin and her parents enjoy traveling together, watching movies, and eating family meals. Her friends describe her as a dream-seeking optimist with a strong sense of responsibility! Xianglin is so excited to see new scenery and experience all the new and joyful American festivals! Will you share your scenery and special moments with Xianglin? WILLING TO CONSIDER PAYING UP TO $5,000 IN TUITION

Biology Paint/Draw Badminton Music-Listen Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Spain

Describing herself as a "typical teenager," there is nothing typical about Iciar from Spain! An excellent all A's student with an interest in math and physics, this soon-to-be 15-year-old girl has outstanding English skills. Iciar is a very social teen, who takes interest in things easily, and likes to be active. A teacher describes her as someone who always tries to do her best, is curious, likes to be challenged, and has good social skills. Iciar is the representative for her class, and volunteers tutoring underprivileged children. Iciar says that her family has a very strong relationship, getting together regularly with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Iciar, her 2 siblings, and her parents like to take paddle tennis lessons, and Iciar recently has been taking boxing lessons - but just for fun with her friends! In fact, Iciar likes to try a new sport every year. During her year abroad, Iciar is excited to learn about American culture, and would love to participate in group activities or a school club! MUST BE PLACED IN GRADE 10.

Mathematics Photography Tennis Music-Listen Physics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • China

Yiying, 16 from China says, "In 2018, I will drag 2 suitcases across the ocean to a new country, the USA!" Yiying is excited to start her year in the USA, and knows that it will be a "joyful fantasy." Yiying's teacher wants you to know that Yiying is admired by all of her classmates! Her willingness to help others when they are in need along with her easy-going and confident personality, causes her attitude to be contagious to all she meets. Yiying says that she may be a little shy at first, but she knows she will love her new family and the people of the USA. Yiying loves photography and will capture her year in photos. She often takes photos of events at her school and has even won prizes competing with her photographs. Yiying also enjoys painting, listening to music, and shopping with friends and family. Even though Yiying is very artistic, she hopes to attend a university and become an Accountant. During her exchange year, she hopes to live the YFU dream and make the world her home. She wants to share her culture and walk in your life, treat you as her new family, and get totally involved in the local culture. Maybe she could even cook some Chinese food for your family, if you'd like. Yiying is ready to become a part of your family and thanks you for allowing her to live her dream!

Mathematics Paint/Draw Piano Photography Guitar
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • China

Ran from China, also known as Jenny, will be 15-years-old when she arrives to the USA! Although she can be shy when she first meets you, once she warms up she promises to bring happiness to your life! Jenny plays basketball, and hopes her new American family will be interested in this sport as well. Jenny's passion is in her drawing and art, where she says that she keeps her soul. Jenny lives at school, but when she's at home she lives with her parents and two younger brothers. When they're together they like to go mountain climbing, eat lunch at a cafe and then watch a movie together. Jenny knows this exchange year will be a challenge, but she is eager to meet it head-on! She says that it will help her to become more independent, and get to know America in a whole new way. Welcome Jenny from China, and let her paint your beautiful life!

Mathematics Paint/Draw Music-Listen Photography Swimming
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • China

Signing his letter to his host family as "your Chinese son," 15-year-old Wenyu from China says that his American family can call him Daniel! He cannot wait to see what his new American family looks like, and wonders if he will have some host brothers and sisters. Described as a well-mannered and hard-working student who takes pride in his work, Daniel also likes to participate in other school activities like talent shows and sports meets (where the students get to participate in different kinds of sports). In fact, Daniel describes himself as someone who is active and enjoys all different kinds of activities. His favorite hobby, though, is playing basketball. He even has a favorite NBA team, and although he knows it's not practical, he dreams of playing professional basketball someday. Daniel has a close relationship with his family, which includes grandparents and a younger brother. During the weekend, he likes to play sports with his dad and brother, or go with friends to do some shopping or see a movie. Daniel also really likes to cook, and says that his family enjoys eating what he makes. He hopes that his host family will allow him to cook some delicious Chinese food for them, as well!

English Lang Computer Games String Instr. Cooking/Baking Sports, General
unbooked STUDENT
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