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Female • 42 • China

WINTER SHORT-TERM STEM PROGRAM: Welcome Jing from China, who will be chaperoning the short-term STEM program! Jing describes herself as a confident, outgoing, reliable, and generous person. Her hobbies include running, reading, cooking, spending time outdoors, volunteering, watching basketball, and listening to country music. With family, Jing looks forward to time spent having dinner together or taking trips to visit relatives. Jing currently works as an English teacher and is the head of her school's English department. She also has experience leading exchange programs in the past, including programs to South Korea and Singapore. During her time in the USA, Jing hopes to learn more about the American culture and people, while helping her students to improve their English skills!

Watching Sports Running/Jogging Music-Listen Cooking/Baking Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 14 • China

WINTER SHORT-TERM STEM PROGRAM: Welcome friendly and fun, 14-year-old Haoran from China to the USA! Haoran's English name is David, and he is passionate about basketball. He enjoys playing this sport for his school's team, and loves watching NBA games, especially when Lebron James is playing. David hopes to learn how to dunk a basketball by the end of this year! Some of David's other hobbies include being around animals, reading, listening to music, watching movies, and spending time with friends. At school, David's favorite class is PE, and he loves to participate in various school activities with his classmates. When he has finished school, David plans to become a teacher. During his time in the USA, David is looking forward to discovering the differences between the Chinese and American learning styles. David would like to thank you for making his exchange dreams come true by welcoming him into your home!

Watching Sports Music-Listen Movies Reading Family/Friends
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • China

WINTER SHORT-TERM STEM PROGRAM: Meet 15-year-old He from China, known to friends and family as Allan! Playing the drums, watching NBA games, and playing soccer are some of Allan's favorite hobbies. At school, Allan's favorite subjects are Biology, PE, and Music. When he has finished school, Allan dreams of traveling the world and becoming a surgeon. Allan's family includes his parents and their two pet turtles. Together, they enjoy mountain climbing on the weekends, going for walks, traveling, and cooking. Allan describes himself as someone with a lively personality who loves to make new friends. During his exchange experience, Allan hopes to learn more about why the USA is one of the most powerful countries in the world while broadening his horizons. Allan is looking forward to meeting you, and hopes that he will bring laughter and joy to your family!

Biology Watching Sports Percussion Computer Games Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • China

WINTER SHORT-TERM STEM PROGRAM: Siyang is a funny and friendly 15-year-old boy from China who loves to make people laugh! Siyang goes by his English name of Jackie, which was inspired by Jackie Chan. Jackie loves to play basketball with friends, and explains that this sport brings him great happiness. His other hobbies include watching movies, computer games, cooking, volunteering, and hiking. Jackie tries to be very helpful at home, doing chores such as cleaning, washing dishes, and taking care of younger children. At school, Jackie likes his Math and PE classes the best, and plans to become a mathematician or a math teacher in the future. Jackie values this wonderful opportunity to study in the USA as he believes this will help him to develop as a person and become more outgoing. "Thank you for your enthusiasm to let me join your family," says Jackie!

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen Computer Games Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • China

WINTER SHORT-TERM STEM PROGRAM: Say hello to 16-year-old Guoqiang from China, also known as James! Favorite hobbies for James include reading, computer games, volunteering, playing ping pong with friends, and hiking with his family. James also enjoys exploring China with his family, and is especially close with his dad. James' favorite subject at school is Math because he finds it to be easy and fun. He even dreams of becoming a Math teacher in the future! James describes himself as a funny and friendly person. He decided to pursue an exchange experience because he believes this opportunity will challenge him and help him to grow as a person. While in the USA, James would love to learn how to play American football with his host family, if possible. James would like to thank you for accepting him into your family!

Mathematics Watching Sports Computer Games Hike/Backpack Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • China

WINTER SHORT-TERM STEM PROGRAM: Zifei, a 15-year-old girl from China, is looking forward to sharing her Chinese culture with her American host family! Nicknamed Fiona, she also hopes to improve her English skills while studying abroad. Calligraphy, dancing, running, drawing, and painting are all hobbies that bring Fiona joy. Although, Fiona's family is quite busy, they enjoy spending time together, and she likes to help her parents by taking care of her little brother. At school, Fiona is fascinated by the subject of Science, and plans to travel the world and become a scientist someday. While in the USA, Fiona would like to try new activities that will help her to grow as a person. Fiona gives her heartfelt thanks to you for considering her as your exchange daughter! Fiona needs a home with no indoor pets.

Science Paint/Draw Running/Jogging Piano School Act.
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Sixteen-year-old Celina from Germany describes herself as friendly, helpful, goal-oriented, and self confident! Celina plays soccer, but her passion is music and dance. She plays the guitar and sings, and dances hip-hop in a dancing club. Celina leans toward the pop/rock genre when listening to music. Her favorite subjects in school are Languages, Business, and Accounting. Currently, Celina is studying Business and Accounting at a vocational school, and plans to study Business Administration at a university in the future. After graduating, she dreams of pursuing a career in tourism management as an event planner. Some of her hobbies include reading fantasy and thriller novels, drawing, and meeting up with her friends. She explains that reading and drawing help her to relax. Celina describes her family as normal; they enjoy cooking, going to concerts, shopping, and traveling together. Some of her chores include cleaning, helping with meals, taking care of her cats, and doing laundry. Celina thanks you for considering hosting her as your exchange daughter, and is looking forward to becoming a part of your family! Arriving in August of 2019

Business Paint/Draw Dance Team Chorus/Choir English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Korea

Fifteen-year-old Min-Hyeok from South Korea describes himself as persistent and "patient like a salmon!" Min-Hyeok enjoys playing soccer and baseball, but his passion is music. He loves to play the piano and sing; he sings in the genres of NeoSoul and R&B, and he hopes to sing for you one day. His favorite subjects in school are history and the Korean Language because he thinks history is important for the future, and he is proud of their scientific language. Min-Hyeok plans to attend an art's college to study music in order to become a musician. He plays in a music crew at school, and is also involved in his church's youth group. Min-Hyeok enjoys going to the coffee house and drinking coffee with his friends. Some of his other hobbies include computer games, photography, watching horror and thriller movies, and watching soccer. With his family, Min-Hyeok enjoys going fishing and singing around the campfire. Some of his chores include cleaning, helping with pets, and laundry. Min-Hyeok is glad to have the chance to introduce himself to you, and will try his best to be a good son! Arriving in August of 2019

History Watching Sports Baseball Singing/Voice Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Enna is a sociable and open-minded 15-year-old girl from Germany, who loves to help others! She currently serves as a Student Representative for her class, and volunteers her time to tutor students in Math and French. Enna is also fond of adventures, and she loves to make memories with her friends and family while traveling. She considers herself to be an active and team-minded girl, playing Netball for the past 11 years on her school's team. During her exchange year, Enna would love to try new sports such as tennis, hockey, basketball, or swimming. Other hobbies for Enna include learning about fashion and make-up, searching for healthy food recipes, studying, skiing with her family during the winter months, and swimming with her friends at the local pool or lake during the summer. Enna and her friends look forward to weekends spent shopping, taking pictures, or having a girl's night where they cook delicious food, watch Romance movies, and talk about life. While studying abroad, Enna hopes to become more confident and independent so that she can handle any challenge that comes her way. "I am already looking forward to meeting you and finding out what is important to you all," says Enna! Arriving in August of 2019

Mathematics Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet 15-year-old Fiona from Germany! Fiona describes herself as an outgoing, open, and reliable girl who loves sports. Her main sport is soccer, but she also enjoys skiing, gymnastics, and running. Fiona likes to listen to Korean Pop music, and watch soccer, handball, and other sports on television. Her favorite subjects in school include Math, Business, Accounting, and PE because she loves to exercise. She plans to attend a university after high school and study psychology or forensic medicine. Fiona enjoys cooking and baking for her family, especially her grandmother who lives close by. Her family is very close and do many activities together. She sometimes babysits her cousins who live near her as well. Fiona describes her family as open-minded, and they love to travel together and spend time outdoors. In the winter they go skiing, and in the summer, they enjoy traveling to the mountains. Some of her chores at home include cleaning, helping with meals, and doing laundry. Fiona is looking forward to getting to know you, and can't wait to see you! Arriving in August of 2019

Business Cooking/Baking Soccer Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Fifteen-year-old Raminta from Germany is both a sporty and musical girl! She keeps active by playing tennis and taking hip-hop dance lessons, and shows off her creative side through playing the piano and singing in her school's choir. Raminta loves her hobbies because they enable her to relax after school and spend time with her friends. She hopes to continue playing tennis in the USA if possible, but is eager to try new activities such as horseback riding, swimming, or being a cheerleader to gain new experiences. At school, Raminta is fascinated by learning new languages. She was raised bilingually, speaking both German and Lithuanian, and currently studies English, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. With a love for languages and the desire to learn about different cultures, Raminta pictures herself working in the International arena in the future, and possibly pursuing another exchange experience. Raminta is very close with her family, which includes her parents and two sisters. Together, they enjoy swimming, cycling, and traveling. Raminta also values time spent with her big sister, working on homework together or playing tennis. Raminta was inspired to study abroad in the USA after a family trip to California where she experienced the friendly and warm nature of the American people. "I really look forward to coming to you because family is very important for me," says Raminta! Arriving in August of 2019

Languages Photography Tennis Chorus/Choir Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Switzerland

Meet Aurelia, a 16-year-old student from German-speaking Switzerland! Aurelia likes to be active by swimming on a team for the past 10 years, as well as swimming in a nearby lake with friends for fun. She also plays tennis, and looks forward to snowboarding in the winter months with her friends and family. Aurelia can also be found with her local Scouts troop once per week, spending time with her friends, or relaxing with an interesting book. Aurelia is a vegetarian, and loves cooking and baking for her family throughout the week. Her favorite foods to bake are chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and apple pie - yum! An excellent student, Aurelia's favorite subjects at school are English, PE, Economics, and Law. Aurelia always tries to be in a positive mood, and she loves to talk with others and laugh. This is one of the reasons why she was inspired to study abroad in the USA, as she finds our people to be friendly, talkative, and open as well. "I'm looking forward to meeting you and thank you for opening your home to me," says Aurelia! Arriving in August of 2019

Law Cooking/Baking Swimming Music-Listen Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Finland

Welcome 16-year-old Milla from Finland to the USA! Milla plays volleyball for her school, and absolutely loves this sport and her awesome team. She knows that it may not be possible for her to continue playing volleyball in the USA, so she is willing and happy to explore new activities. Milla shows off her creative side by taking piano lessons for six years, and now using her talents by singing and playing the keyboard in a band. Other hobbies for Milla include reading, cooking and baking, and studying Geography on her own time. At school, Milla's favorite subjects are Math, Social Studies, Economics, and PE, and she plans to attend a School of Economics when she has graduated. Milla describes herself as a very family & friend-oriented person. With her family, Milla enjoys relaxing with a movie at home, going out for dinner, shopping, going for walks in nature, or visiting their grandma together. With her friends, Milla can be found going to the movies, having lunch together, or spending time at each other's houses while surfing through Netflix. During her exchange year, Milla is looking forward to creating lifelong friendships, studying new subjects at school, and having new experiences. She hopes that she will experience life as an ordinary, American teenager, and she is excited to become a member of her host family! Arriving in August of 2019

Economics Watching Sports Singing/Voice Mathematics Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Estonia

Cheerful and friendly, Demmy-Emilie is a 16-year-old student from Estonia who has a love for learning, adapts easily, and is a very positive person! Demmy-Emilie loves being active outdoors in the sun, playing tennis, and singing in her school's choir, but her passion is dancing. She began gymnastics and ballet lessons as a young child, and now dances with a disco dance team! During her exchange year, Demmy-Emilie would love to try cheerleading as this would be a great way to develop new skills and make new friends! In addition to her dancing and gymnastics skills, Demmy-Emilie explains that learning to play the piano and guitar at a young age has also helped her to grow as a person and find her path in life. Demmy-Emilie is close with her family, which includes her parents, big brother, and their pet Yorkshire Terrier. Together, they enjoy celebrating family holidays, traveling, playing board games, and watching movies. Demmy-Emilie is grateful for her family's travel adventures as this has given her the chance to experience new cultures and world views, and become more open-minded. Demmy-Emilie loves challenges and new opportunities, and can't wait to make lifelong friends while studying abroad in the USA! Arriving in August of 2019

Languages Watching Sports Dance Team Chorus/Choir Geography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Meet 16-year-old Maximilian from Germany, known to friends and family as Max! When asked to describe himself, Max explains that he is a curious, friendly, and sporty student with great endurance and willpower. Max likes to keep active through playing soccer and table tennis on a team at his school, and bouldering with his dad. While in the USA, Max is eager to fully immerse himself in America's sports culture, and learn to play baseball and football. At school, Max is passionate about Technology, and enjoys computer programming in his spare time. He also has a special interest in Biology, especially learning about mammals, and loves going to the zoo. Max describes his family as fun, accepting, and appreciative of one another. He also often enjoys time spent with his grandpa, who lives in the same city. With his friends, Max likes playing sports, listening to current music, and playing computer games. During his exchange year, Max is looking forward to mastering the English language, becoming more independent, and discovering a new culture and group of friends. Max hopes that reading his host family letter will bring you joy, and the readiness to accept an exchange student into your home! Arriving in August of 2019

Computers Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Science
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Karl, a 15-year-old student from Germany, is described as an inquisitive, calm, and sociable boy! Karl has tried a wide variety of sports over the past few years, including field hockey, tennis, and soccer, but now devotes his time to practicing Thai Boxing throughout the week, and playing with his school's volleyball team. Family time is very important to Karl, so he makes sure to enjoy breakfast and dinner with his parents and younger brother as often as possible. They also cherish weekends spent together at their holiday home, surfing or boating. With his friends, Karl can often be found playing volleyball or swimming at the beach, hanging out at each other's homes, or spending time in the city center. A very good student, Karl enjoys learning about the subjects of Economics and the English language because he plans to study Business Administration in the future. Karl is delighted for the opportunity to spend an exchange year with an American host family. During his exchange experience, Karl hopes to develop his personality further in order to create the best version of himself, while also gaining new knowledge about everything new that he will explore. "I hope we will meet in August," says Karl! Arriving in August of 2019

Economics Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • France

Welcome 15-year-old Jeanne from France to the USA! Jeanne loves being active through sports and outdoor activities. Her favorite hobbies are playing tennis and drawing, but she is also fond of reading, playing video games, listening to music, and watching movies during her spare time. A very good student, Jeanne enjoys the Arts and Sciences classes most. She loves creating new things through painting, drawing, and photography, but plans to further her scientific studies at university in the future. Jeanne's friends would describe her as a sporty, creative, and dynamic person. With friends, Jeanne can be found spending time at the lake or catching a movie at the local theater. Jeanne and her family enjoy traveling during the holidays to explore new areas and meet new people. She and her father often go for weekend hikes in the mountains as well. Jeanne believes that this exchange experience will enrich her life, personally and culturally. She is excited to discover a new culture and lifestyle while improving her English language skills. "I look forward to meeting you and to learning more about your family," says Jeanne! Arriving in August of 2019

Art Paint/Draw Tennis Music-Listen Science
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Finland

Meet friendly, honest, and happy 16-year-old Claudia from Finland! Claudia strives to be friends with everyone, and always tries to be a positive light in the world. She takes pride in keeping physically fit, and considers working out at the gym to be her main hobby. Claudia loves that the gym offers many different workout options and equipment, and feels proud when she has completed a session. When she is not working out at the gym, Claudia enjoys running, cooking and baking, spending time outdoors, being around animals, and listening to music. Coming from a multi-cultural background, Claudia and her family enjoy sharing meals together, traveling during the holidays, and going to the movies or having movie nights at home. With her friends, Claudia can often be found at a cafe, sharing coffee and conversation while catching up on homework. During her exchange year, Claudia hopes to grow as a person, become more independent, and make lots of new friends. She is looking forward to having many new experiences and creating memories with her American host family and friends. "I want to thank you for opening your home to me and making this experience possible," says Claudia! Arriving in August of 2019.

Chemistry Cooking/Baking Gym Workout Piano Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Say hello to Ruwen, a friendly, patient, and open-minded 16-year-old boy from Germany! A very good student, Ruwen is fascinated by the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. When he has finished school, Ruwen plans to study Natural Science, and currently is involved in an after-school program working as a Chemical Technical Assistant. Ruwen looks forward to the weekends where he has time for his hobbies and homework. Swimming, tennis, biking, skateboarding, and reading are a few of Ruwen's favorite activities, but he is open and excited to try anything new during his exchange year. Ruwen also enjoys playing basketball and soccer with his friends, and volunteering his time with a religious group in his community. With his family, Ruwen loves taking short trips to the North Sea to fly kites, and traveling to Italy during their summer holidays. Ruwen describes his family life as close, open, and supportive. He knows that he can come to his parents or sisters with anything, and that they will not pass judgement. Ruwen is eager to learn about the American culture from the perspective of a native, and not as a tourist during his exchange experience. He can't wait to live the American lifestyle, improve his English skills, and try new American sports and activities in the USA! Arriving in August of 2019.

Biology Watching Sports Music-Listen Chemistry Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet 15-year-old Emilie from Germany! She describes herself as an animal-loving, friendly, well-behaved, and helpful person who is always ready to try new things. Emilie's main hobbies are drawing and dancing. She enjoys the freedom and challenge that drawing brings, and loves expressing herself through music and dance. During her free time, Emilie can often be found with her friends, swimming, having sleepovers, and simply discussing anything near to their hearts. Emilie is also close with her family, and often babysits her little brother. She is currently pursuing a childcare certification in Germany so that she can learn how to professionally lead children and know how to cope with challenging situations. Emilie helps out with household chores at home such as ironing and cleaning her room, and promises to respect her host family's chores as well. During her exchange year, Emilie hopes to influence her personality by learning new perspectives from a different culture. "I would be so grateful if you would give me the chance to become a member of your family and I'm sure we will have a great time together," says Emilie! Arriving in August of 2019.

Art Paint/Draw Tennis Music-Listen Political Sci.
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Korea

Meet 15-year-old Chaemin from South Korea, whose friends describe her as a kind and helpful girl who is always smiling! Chaemin loves reading and writing poetry in her spare time, especially poetry about nature and her feelings. She explains that when a poem comes to her mind, she instantly feels calm and comfortable. She is also a member of a church choir, and plays the piano, recorder, and two traditional Korean instruments. Chaemin enjoys volunteering at her church each week by setting up tables and chairs for visitors. She looks forward to time spent together with friends on the weekends, going to the movies, window shopping, and eating delicious foods. At school, Chaemin's favorite subjects are PE, Music, and Art. When she has finished school, she is considering studying to be a gospel singer, jazz pianist, social worker, or an international organization employee. In addition to her future career, Chaemin vows to be a good volunteer for society by helping to improve the well-being of those in need. During her exchange year, Chaemin hopes to challenge herself, and would also love to join a choir or band at her American high school. Chaemin would like to thank you for hosting an exchange student, and promises to be a great daughter and Korean representative! Arriving in August of 2019.

Art Watching Sports Badminton Chorus/Choir Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 14 • Germany

Anouk is looking forward to experiencing "school spirit" at an American school during her year abroad in the USA! She is a 15-year-old student from Germany who describes herself as "mostly happy, creative, and really tidy." She would be such a fun addition to your family! Anouk is sporty and active, as well as musical and artistic. To keep active, Anouk plays soccer, swims, and skates, and she is very open to trying new activities while she is in the USA. She also enjoys singing, playing the violin, and being creative. While on program, she would like to continue playing violin, singing in a choir, and playing soccer, if possible. Anouk is close with her family, and enjoys traveling with them during the holidays. Together, they enjoy camping, reading, and watching movies together. With friends, Anouk likes to talk, go skating, get pizza or ice cream, and do homework together. Anouk can't wait for this opportunity to come to America and get to know our culture! Arriving in August of 2019

Art Watching Sports Soccer Chorus/Choir Film Making
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Open-minded, generous, and courageous best describes 15-year-old Anna-Lara from Germany! Anna-Lara has been a member of a local Scouts group for the past 6 years. She considers Scouting to be an important part of her life because she loves being a part of a big community while learning survival skills during fun camping trips. Anna-Lara also enjoys writing and reading stories during her free time. She loves that her imagination can enable her to dive into worlds that only exist in fantasy, and is a big fan of the Harry Potter and Marvel series. Anna-Lara is honored and excited to begin her exchange adventure in the USA. She hopes that her exchange experience influences her life in many positive ways, such as learning to face new challenges, growing from different experiences or simply putting a smile on someone's face! "I hope we have an unforgettable, funny and beautiful time together," says Anna-Lara! Arriving in August of 2019.

Art Watching Sports History Paint/Draw Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Germany

Say hello to 17-year-old Judith from Germany! Judith is an animal-lover, who is passionate about riding horses. She loves developing a connection with these big and gentle animals without words. Judith is eager to try a new activity while in the USA, but would also love for the chance to learn to ride horses American style, if possible. Her other hobbies include reading and karate, which increase her self-confidence. Judith is an active volunteer at her church, leading meetings and organizing trips for the Youth Group. She also works voluntarily as a conflict mediator at her school. Judith was inspired to study abroad by her brother's exchange year in the USA as well as her family's experience hosting a girl from Turkey last year. She thanks her American host family for opening up their home to an exchange student, and would love to share her German culture with you. "I am very happy to see you soon and I hope that you let me get a glimpse of your world," says Judith! Arriving in August of 2019

Science Photography Martial Arts Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Fifteen-year-old Lara from Germany has dreamed of living in the USA since she was a young girl! She is fascinated by the American culture, and is excited to experience all that she can during her year abroad in the USA. Lara describes herself as "helpful and organized." She would be a great addition to your family! Lara is very open to trying new activities and experiences while she is in the USA, especially trying new sports. Lara's hobbies include dancing, reading, horseback riding, and she loves to take pictures to capture her memories. Lara also enjoys volunteering her time as a Student Representative for her school, serving on her city's Youth Council, and organizing a children's club at her church. At school, Lara's favorite subjects are History, Geography, and Chemistry, and she is considering a career in teaching or psychology. Lara is close with her family, and she enjoys eating lunch with her mother. With friends, Lara likes to shop, go to the movies and festivals, listen to music, take pictures, or just sit and talk. Lara can't wait for this opportunity to come to America and get to know our culture! Arriving in August of 2019

Chemistry Watching Sports Gym Workout Chorus/Choir Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Uruguay

Meet 17-year-old Fabrizio from Uruguay, who is described as "a nice guy, friendly, and smart" by his friends. He would be such a fun addition to your family! Fabrizio is a sporty and active boy. To keep active, he plays basketball, swims, and plays volleyball, and he is very open to trying new sports while he is in the USA. Fabrizio also enjoys spending time with friends, watching the news and movies, and learning about economy, politics, and history. His favorite subjects in school are economy and social sciences, which he hopes to utilize in his future career. Fabrizio is close with his family, and shares a special relationship with his older brother. Together, his family enjoys sharing meals and traveling the world together. During his exchange year, Fabrizio hopes to have a great experience while learning about the American culture, and developing life-long friendships with his host family and friends! Arriving in January of 2019.

Economics Watching Sports History Church Youth Group Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Giddy up, and welcome 15-year-old Veronika from Germany! Veronika loves the outdoors and is an avid horseback rider. During the winter months, she looks forward to skiing. Painting, photography, reading books, traveling, baking, drawing, and watching movies and sports are some of her other favorite things to do! She's also musically inclined, having played the piano for the last 9 years. At school, she is a part of a Health Services team that teaches first aid to students at her school. She enjoys volunteering with this team because it gives her the opportunity to help other people. Veronika's friends would describe her as loyal, ambitious, kind, always in a good mood, and someone you can talk about your problems with. Veronika is a vegetarian at home in Germany, but is willing to eat meat with her host family during her exchange year. She hopes that this exchange experience will give her the chance to get to know people from another country, experience their way of life, as well as expanding her horizons. She would even be eager to try American Football! Invite this wonderful student to be your exchange daughter, and make her dreams come true! Veronika needs a home with no cats. Arriving in August of 2019

Art Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill Piano Law
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

Carlo, a 15-year-old student from Germany, describes himself as a cheerful boy who always makes the best of any situation! Sporty Carlo enjoys playing soccer on a team, and basketball with his friends for fun. He would love the opportunity to play on a basketball team in the USA, but is open to any new activities. Carlo recently began playing the piano and producing his own music. He explains that music is a huge inspiration and motivator for him, and he would love to inspire others with his creations. Carlo has a close relationship with his family, especially his younger brother who he always tries to offer advice and help with homework. Together, his family enjoys going out for meals, playing boardgames, and spending the holidays together. Carlo has a passion for foreign languages, especially English, and is also studying Latin and Ancient Greek in addition to his native German. Reading books in the English language was actually what sparked Carlo's interest in the American culture! When he has finished school, Carlo is considering studying biology or music, and dreams of traveling the world as a DJ. During his exchange year, Carlo is looking forward to experiencing American traditions like Halloween and Thanksgiving first-hand, while developing his personality and language skills. Carlo thanks you for your interest in becoming a host family! Arriving in August of 2019.

Biology Watching Sports Piano Languages Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Meet thoughtful, caring, and helpful Ella from Germany! This 15-year-old girl loves any activity that shows off her creativity, especially photography. She loves the technical skills required for this craft but also enjoys the artistic side, which allows her to find beautiful backgrounds, outfits, and poses. She can also be found dancing, singing in a choir, painting, and drawing. Ella enjoys going for a weekly jog in the park with her best friend, and also loves to go shopping, bake or have sleepovers with her group of friends. Ella likes to watch American football games and English movies & TV shows at home, so she is eager to test out her language skills in the USA! When she has finished school, Ella dreams of studying either law or business informatics, and hopes to work for an international company someday. This is why perfecting the English language is one of her goals during her exchange year! She also hopes to become more confident, and gain a greater understanding for those from different cultures. Ella would like to thank you for giving her the opportunity to spend a year abroad! Arriving in August of 2019

Mathematics Paint/Draw Ice Skating Chorus/Choir Political Sci.
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Give a warm welcome to 15-year-old Jale from Germany! Her friends would say that she's a friendly, fair, caring, confident, ambitious, amusing, and intelligent girl. Jale is a natural born leader, who is currently learning to lead a Scouting group, which she has been a part of for the last six years. When she's not Scouting, she's mentoring 5th graders, showing them around the school and helping to answer their questions during orientation. Outside of Scouts and being a mentor, Jale does photography, painting, drawing, swimming, and likes to read literature. With family, she spends time in the afternoons going on little adventures or doing other fun activities together. Jale lives a partial vegetarian lifestyle, where she simply tries to avoid eating beef or pork. Jale hopes that this exchange year will teach her about the American culture, and help her to grow as a person while making lifelong friends. Jale would make a wonderful addition to any family! Will you accept Jale into yours today? Arriving in of August 2019

Economics Paint/Draw Swimming Music-Listen Political Sci.
unbooked STUDENT
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