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Male • 15 • Egypt

Mohamed is a 15-year-old boy from Egypt who loves laughing and telling jokes! An excellent student, Mohamed hopes to pursue a career in aviation to become a pilot. Teachers describe him as motivated and energetic - a "new idea generator." A sporty guy, Mohamed plays soccer, swims, and rides the family's horse. However, his passion is rowing, especially kayaking. He is also a member of Scouts. A typical teenager, he says that he has many friends with whom he hangs out to study and do fun things with - such as taking photos and playing various sports. Mohamed says he and his family are very close - they care about each other and work together in their home. He likes to spend time in the kitchen preparing food. He is looking forward to this exciting experience! MOHAMED IS A YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT.

Canoe/Kayak Soccer Photography Swimming Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Sixteen-year-old Hans from Germany goes by his middle name, Matteo. His friends describe him as self-confident, approachable, athletic, and a direct communicator. Like most 16-year-old boys, he enjoys listening to rock and pop music, and playing sports like handball and soccer. He is curious about American sports and would like to try American football during his exchange year, if possible. His hobbies reflect his adventurous spirit; camping, hiking, traveling, and other outdoor activities. He is also interested in ancient history and the history of indigenous people. Matteo lives with his mom and dad. He doesn't have any siblings, but his father comes from a big family, so they spend a lot of time with extended family. He is looking forward to experiencing the U.S. in person, because now he only knows the U.S. from TV. He knows a year abroad will help him learn, mature, and become more flexible. He hopes to continue his world travels after his exchange year, perhaps working and traveling in Canada and Australia before he goes to university. Matteo is looking forward to sharing more about himself when he meets his host family, and learning about their family culture as well! CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG STUDENT

History Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

With an ever-present smile, 15-year-old Emma from Germany is described as kind, helpful, a real pleasure to be around - and an extrovert full of life! This excellent all A's student is especially talented in both math and science, and hopes to study to become a doctor. She currently works once a week at the local hospital, where she loves to help people, even if it just means sharing a smile to brighten their day. Emma also loves to study languages. She studies French and English, and recently elected to add a third language, Spanish. A dedicated dancer, Emma is part of a large group of dancers who enjoy putting on shows. Emma loves the feeling of being part of a team, and hopes to be able to do some kind of physical activity or sport a few times a week during her exchange year. In her free time, Emma adores spending time with her friends, watching a movie, cooking or baking, or even going climbing near their small town. Emma does not eat meat, but has no problem cooking her own meals, and would love to teach her host family some of her favorite vegetarian dishes! CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG STUDENT

Biology Watching Sports Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Self-described as active, friendly, and loyal, 15-year-old Eponine from Germany is passionate about rowing! On a rowing team for 3 years, Eponine takes her training very seriously, and it takes up much of her free time. Although she loves rowing, she is eager to try some other sports and hobbies as well while in the USA. Eponine's friends are extremely important to her, and if she's not at rowing practice than she loves to spend time with them, shopping or doing some kind of outdoor activity, or taking her dog for a walk. Eponine is an excellent student who especially likes science class and learning English. A budding photographer, she hopes to have plenty of opportunities to take some great pictures during her exchange year! CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG STUDENT

Science Photography Crew/Rowing Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Shunsuke, a 16-year-old boy from Japan, enjoys baseball and wants to support your local Major League team! Nicknamed "Shun," he also serves as sub-captain of his school's swimming club, and enjoys running and surfing during his spare time. Other hobbies for Shun include hip-hop dancing, reading Japanese comics, being around animals, and spending time outdoors. A good student, Shun's favorite subject at school is history because it helps us to understand the development of the world. Shun describes himself as a friendly boy who values time spent with his friends and family. His friends add that he is a good-natured person. During his exchange year, Shun hopes to create a great relationship with his host family and new friends while learning about the American culture. "I would also like to cultivate the power of understanding about diversity and try to expand the global perspective," says Shun!

History Watching Sports Baseball Singing/Voice Surfing
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Ryuto, a 16-year-old boy from Japan, is excited to improve his English skills during his exchange year in the USA as he dreams of becoming an English teacher someday! An excellent student, it's no surprise that English is also his favorite subject at school. Ryuto enjoys playing basketball and volleyball during his free time, and would be interested to continue these sports during his exchange year or perhaps, give hip-hop dancing a try! Ryuto's friends describe him as a bright, kind, and funny person. With his friends, Ryuto enjoys being outside, shopping, and playing sports. He is currently learning to cook Japanese food so that he share his country's cuisine with your family! During his exchange year, Ryuto hopes to become more positive, and to learn to view life from a different angle while improving his English skills. Ryuto cannot wait to make many new memories with his future host family and friends in the USA!

Languages Watching Sports Singing/Voice Photography Music-Listen
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Curious, kind, and flexible describes 17-year-old Takumi from Japan! Skilled Takumi enjoys making things with his own hands--from origami to robotics. Friends say that he is a good listener who likes hanging out and listening to pop music, like Pentatonix. Takumi says that he has always liked to make things and see how they work since he was a little boy. At home, Takumi is the perfect "Mr. Fix It" when something breaks down! With excellent grades, Takumi wants to combine his hands-on skills with his love of math to become an engineer one day. At home, Takumi usually shares meals with his parents where they catch up on the events of the day. He and his father cycle together, and the three of them like to visit the hot springs as a family. Takumi's hobbies include computer games, cooking, spending time with friends, travel, and watching movies or sports. As you might imagine, crafts are also on his list of favorite pastimes. With realistic expectations about his exchange year and his open-minded and flexible personality, Takumi can't wait to meet his host family and embark on this adventure of a lifetime. Will you be the family to share life in the United States with him?

Mathematics Watching Sports Bicycling Computer Games Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Meet Kosei, seventeen years old, from Japan. He is studying Information Technology at school and also likes to meet with his English teacher outside of class to converse in English. Kosei's teacher says that he is gentle, orderly, and a leader. He is well-versed in many genres of music, so he can talk to others through music. Kosei enjoys sports and plays baseball and tennis. He hopes for the opportunity to play football, basketball, or baseball while on exchange. Other activities he enjoys include being a disc jockey for "electronic dance music," and photography. Kosei wants to do his very best at every new activity that he tries in America. In the kitchen, Kosei is good at making the traditional Japanese dishes of Nabe and Dashi, and hopes to make them for you! Kosei thanks you for this opportunity, and looks forward to the year with you!

Mathematics Watching Sports Tennis Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Sixteen-year-old Jonas from Germany would describe himself as honest, friendly, and open-minded! He is hoping that his exchange year will help him to gain self-confidence and become more organized. Both of his parents work in the book industry, so Jonas likes to read more than many of his friends. He and his family enjoy spending time together, eating dinner together most nights. He especially enjoys the long family breakfasts that they enjoy on weekends. He also likes playing games with his family and taking walks together. Something that Jonas is passionate about is politics. He enjoys talking about the latest events, and hopes to someday be a politician himself someday! Some of Jonas's hobbies include playing table tennis and handball, and he would love the chance to try baseball during his exchange year. Jonas is looking forward to making new friends and creating a new family in the US!

Political Sci. Watching Sports Piano Movies Music-Listen
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Coming from Japan, 16-year-old Rei loves animals and has many pets! He also participates in horseback jumping competitions, and with a love of sports in general, he plans for a career as an athletic trainer. With an interest in human rights, his teacher says that he has represented his school at human rights contests. While on exchange, Rei hopes to try new sports, especially winter sports. He describes himself as calm, optimistic, easy-going, and does things at his own pace. Rei's family enjoys camping and having barbecues, and with friends, he likes to go to the local sport's center, go cycling or play games. Though his favorite food is the hamburger, Rei is practicing cooking some traditional Japanese foods in hopes that he can cook them for your family! He thanks you for giving him this opportunity to make many new friends and wonderful memories while learning abut the American culture and sports. Rei can't wait to meet you and become a member of your family!

Languages Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Japan

Seventeen-year-old Honoka from Japan is interested in the English language! She thinks that improving her English skills during her time in the USA will be very useful with the Olympics going to be held in Tokyo in 2020. Honoka believes English to be the most important language in the world, and plans to pursue a career related to the English language in the future. Honoka also loves basketball! She played on a team for years, and now volunteers her time as a team manager. A good student, Honoka's favorite subjects are English and PE as she likes to be active. With her family, they enjoy traveling and spending time together. She has younger twin brothers that she enjoys taking care of as well as a younger sister. With her friends, Honoka likes having sleepovers, riding their bikes to festivals or going out for dinner to talk. Honoka's favorite foods are fruits and desserts, and she loves animals! She chose the USA for her exchange experience because she wants to get to know a different culture and make a lot of friends while improving her English skills! Will you invite Honoka's Japanese culture into your home?

English Lang Watching Sports Photography Badminton Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Brimming with leadership skills, Moritz (16) from Germany is bound to make a difference in the world! This optimistic guy says even when things can't seem to be any worse, he still tries to find the positive and make the best of the situation! Moritz loves politics and enjoys discussing political ideas with friends and family; he may even want to make this his career later in life. During his free time, Moritz likes to play the guitar, and hopes to continue playing during his exchange year. Friendly and well-behaved, he also participates in a Student Paramedics club, and is the leader of a Students with Responsibility club. He loves to be able to negotiate with the principal and plan activities for his class! During his year abroad, Moritz hopes to join a debate team and a theater group, if possible. He also loves chemistry and history; chemistry because he loves experimenting, and history for all of the fascinating facts about different countries! Welcome Moritz to your family! CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG STUDENT

Chemistry Watching Sports Music-Listen History Web Design
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Ben is a 16-year-old boy from Germany who says he enjoys talking to people and is also a good listener! A very good student whose favorite subjects are English and computer science, Ben plans to pursue a career in the field of computers. He enjoys learning and practicing programming and web design. He has been involved in kick boxing for a couple of years, and says it is not only a fun activity, but it also helps to keep him fit and healthy. He has also started playing the piano, but says he isn't very good yet. Ben says his family (mom, older brother, and younger brother) are very close and supportive of one another. They eat dinner together every day as well as most meals on the weekends. In addition, his extended family (grandparents and aunt) are nearby and also very involved with each other. Ben has wanted to be an exchange student since he was young and is looking forward to experiencing life in an American high school. He appreciates you for reading his letter and "hopes it will convince you to be his host family!" CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG STUDENT

Computers Web Design Piano English Lang Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Shinsuke is a 17-year-old boy from Japan whose nickname is Shin! A very good student in his vocational school, teachers describe him as a "great contribution to his classes and fellow students." Shin's favorite subjects are biology and agriculture, and he hopes to one day work with his father in his farming business. Shin has been a member of his school's track & field club for one year, and says that he feels good when he improves his own record. He also enjoys cooking and photography, but his passion is making videos. He created a video featuring a campaign for the school's cultural festival and won first prize for the finished product! He really enjoys the filming and editing process, and then sharing his work with others. Shin is "looking forward to meeting his host family and having a good year together!" CLC

Biology Web Design Music-Listen Film Making Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Ryusei, or "Taka" as he likes to be called, is from Japan! Described as mature, cheerful and active, he has always been interested in cultural exchange. Taka enjoys both playing and watching sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball, table tennis, and especially team handball. He also enjoys long-distance running. Taka is looking forward to watching American football and any other American sports with his host family. Taka plays the ukelele, and would like to learn to play the guitar while on exchange. Taka loves to read, and enjoys spending time outdoors, listening to music, and spending time with animals, especially his pet turtle! A very good student, his favorite subject is math. His family is busy, but they value spending time together each day eating delicious meals. Taka says, "I am looking forward to being a part of your family!!"

Mathematics Watching Sports Baseball String Instr. English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • China

"I believe that the more I smile, the more happiness I can bring to my friends," says Peng. Peng from China describes himself as an outgoing, active, and optimistic boy who is always smiling! His sport's interests include playing basketball, badminton, and running, which he would like to continue during his exchange year. Some of his other hobbies include reading, singing, spending time outdoors, billiards, and watching American TV series. His all-time favorite American show is Friends! Peng can also solve a Rubik's Cube in 30 seconds, and enjoys participating in matches for this activity at school. During his exchange year, Peng hopes to participate in cultural activities at school so that he can learn from his American classmates while also sharing his Chinese culture. Peng is curious about everything that this "super country" has to offer, and can't wait to meet his host family!

Business Watching Sports Singing/Voice Mathematics Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Switzerland

With a passion for drawing and the arts in general, 17-year-old Carolina "Caro" from French-speaking Switzerland will be bringing her next empty canvas with her for completion on exchange! Caro loves art and has enjoyed past trips to museums and art exhibitions, she writes that art is a great way to express yourself and share ideas. She also enjoys the history of art as well, she describes herself as open-minded and creative. Caro always tries to help everyone; her friends might add that she is a simple person with strong values and a good friend. Hobbies for Caro include listening to music (70s and 80s - Queen and the Beatles), playing volleyball, watching sports, movies, reading, photography, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family. With her family, Caro enjoys watching volleyball and soccer matches, playing volleyball, and sharing meals. Caro is excited to begin her exchange year! Help Caro begin her next masterpiece, and invite her into your family and home today! .

Art Watching Sports Music-Listen History Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Welcome 15-year-old Miho from Japan whose friends describe her as an active girl who is always laughing! Miho enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, and baseball in the park with friends. She would love to watch a Major League Baseball game while in the USA! She also plays the piano, swims, and attends an art school. Miho lives with her parents and an older sister, whom she describes as gentle and bright. She describes her family's lifestyle as being happy and supportive! Miho's sister studied abroad when she was in high school, which inspired Miho to become interested in foreign countries and languages. She would even like to study a foreign language at university after she finishes high school. During her exchange year, Miho hopes to increase in self-confidence and improve her communication skills. Miho is eager to become a wonderful host-sibling, or host-child who can build her relationship with family first. "I would like to spend time with my host family as much as possible," says Miho!

Mathematics Watching Sports Baseball Piano Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Germany

Friendly, sporty, hardworking and responsible, 17-year-old Nastasia from Germany loves to participate in sports, especially tennis and volleyball! In addition to her sports, Nastasia spends a lot of time studying languages. Currently fluent in 3 languages, she is actively studying English, and eventually would also like to learn Spanish and French. Originally hailing from the Ukraine, after moving to Germany, she became fluent in German in less than two years. A dedicated student earning excellent grades, Nastasia's favorite school subjects include Languages, Math, and Art. Spending much time with her mom and sister, they are fond of BBQs, walking and cycling together. Learning from her grandmother, Nastasia takes great pleasure in making delicious muffins, cakes, steaks, and soups for family and friends. Time with friends is consumed with cycling, cooking, and going to the cinema. Nastasia describes her two week exchange to the state of Washington, where she captured numerous memories through her camera lens, as a "wonderful experience." This time abroad influenced her decision to become an exchange student to the US, which she believes will "broaden my view of the world" and increase English fluency. Is your family ready for a "wonderful experience" hosting this amazing young lady?

Art Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 18 • Japan

When it comes to liking basketball and the NBA, Shunsuke from Japan is a fan! Shunsuke is part of a basketball team and he plays point guard. In his spare time, he likes to read books, and Arikawa Hiro is his favorite author. Shunsuke also knows how to cook, and pasta is his specialty! He is looking forward to trying out different foods in the US. Shunsuke would like to have the opportunity to see a variety of buildings because his future ambition is to be an architect. In fact, he attends a specialty high school for future architects--and perhaps he'd enjoy turning his technical interests toward high school robotics. In becoming an exchange student, he would like to learn English as well as gain knowledge of US culture. Moreover, by coming to the US this experience will help him understand how culture in Japan differs from that in the US. If you are considering hosting a student, Shunsuke would be interested in joining your family for his student exchange experience!

Geography Watching Sports Paint/Draw Photography Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Meet Natsumi (15), a cheerful and talkative girl from Japan! Known for her leadership skills, she is vice-president of the student association at her school where she enjoys organizing activities for the happiness of others: "I want to make people happy," she says. Natsumi loves watching sports with her friends and family, especially cheerleading, volleyball, and badminton. Natsumi has been on the cheerleading squad at her school for several years, and hopes to continue this activity in America! Along with cheerleading, she is excited to enjoy the outdoors, and hopes her family will take her camping. She went camping as a child and says, "it was a lot of fun!" Natsumi dreams of becoming a flight attendant one day, and is eager to improve her English skills so that she can travel the world for her career! At home Natsumi lives with her parents and younger sister where she helps out around the house, keeps her room clean, and abides to her curfew. Make Natsumi part of the family!

English Lang Watching Sports Cheerleading Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Japan

Hinata from Japan is a girl described as a strong leader by her teachers! Hinata studies English, and competes for her school in English activities. She is excited about further improving her language skills during her exchange year. Hinata has also been involved in Art Club at school and enjoys drawing. One of her favorite activities is figure skating. She would like to make many new friends in America, and learn about the culture while sharing some of her Japanese culture with you! Hinata lives with her mother and grandparents. They enjoy going out for dinner occasional, and she and her mother sometimes take vacations together. Hinata is an enthusiastic and friendly girl who would be a fun addition to any family!

English Lang Paint/Draw Ice Skating Chorus/Choir Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 18 • Japan

Meet 18-year-old Yuto from Japan! He is passionate about the Japanese art of calligraphy, and cannot wait to share this passion with his host family - even creating "Kanji" gifts for each person! He also likes to sing and exercise; he says that he attends Japanese Karaoke once a week with his family, and enjoys playing basketball. He hopes to try street basketball in America! He hopes to improve his English, learn about American culture, and build friendships in order to communicate with people all over the world during his exchange year. Yuto is very excited to introduce Japanese foods to his host family, like his favorite food Okonomiyaki! Yuto is accustomed to helping around the house, and will be happy to help with chores for his host family. He hopes to become involved in volunteer and school activities as he does in Japan. One day, he hopes to become a city planner, and would be interested in seeing American city plans and construction sites! Consider opening your home to Yuto this year!

English Lang Watching Sports Singing/Voice Paint/Draw Percussion
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Interested in politics and mountain biking, 16-year-old Matthieu from Germany speaks his mind and is confident in his beliefs! However, he also has the maturity to respect other viewpoints. Matthieu is an avid mountain biker who, along with friends, is constantly pushing the boundaries to try new trails and longer distances. He is also very involved in volunteer firefighting in his hometown, and a local youth organization which works to protect the environment. At school, Matthieu is passionate about science; biology, chemistry and physical evolution. He plans to go to university to become a mechanical engineer. When not pursuing these activities, Matthieu goes to movies with friends. Matthieu is close with his family, consisting of his parents, and two sisters. With his older sister he often attends political debates and rallies. He and his father go to choral practice and mountain bike together. When all together, the family will play board games and talk politics. As a keen champion of democracy, it is not surprising that Matthieu wants to spend his exchange year in America! Won't you help him realize this dream? CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG STUDENT

Science Watching Sports Chorus/Choir Biology Web Design
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Kosovo

Gladiola (16) from Kosovo is thrilled for the opportunity to come to the United States! She is an avid writer and reader, and explains that "to me, writing is a language on pages that lets me escape to places I could never imagine myself lost in, it motivates me and stimulates me to inspire others." Gladiola aspires to become a lawyer because she is a keen believer in fighting for for human rights and justice. She is an active member of many school clubs, enjoys jogging, skiing, time in the countryside, Italian food, and playing Monopoly! Gladiola lives with her mother, grandparents, and younger brother and sister, with whom she has a strong bond. Gladiola wants to come to the USA to continue pursuing her passion for the English language, to receive new impressions and knowledge, and to become a more independent person. She looks forward to learning the "American way of life" and meeting new people. She also hopes to share her unique culture and become a part of your American family! GLADIOLA IS A YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT.

Languages Paint/Draw Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Writing
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Latvia

Future financier, Gustavs is a 15-year-old boy from Latvia! Ambitious and hard-working, Gustavs takes extra programming classes in his spare time, and yearns to learn more about corporate finance and investments! Classes on these topics are not available nearby so he often spends time watching seminars and videos online to try and learn all he can. He hopes to meet many people whom he can discuss these topics with during his exchange! Besides programming and finance, he and his dad often put together 3D printers and drones - future inventor! Although Gustavs loves to learn new things, he also appreciates the amazing world around him. Coming from a UNESCO site, he says his family's lifestyle honors the nature surrounding them. He often helps his mother plan local international festivals, and joins his family in planning and caring for his grandmother's garden. Welcome trustworthy and intelligent Gustavs to your family!

Chemistry Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Kazakhstan

With great joy and respect, 15-year-old Yasmin from Kazakhstan would like to introduce herself to you! She describes herself as disciplined, friendly, and ladylike. She is the oldest of 4 children in her friendly and loving family. She loves children, and often helps with her siblings and with household chores. Yasmin's favorite activity is dance. She studied ballroom dancing for several years, and then started "sport" dancing. She loves to dance because it is healthy activity that keeps her fit, and helps her to relax and forget her problems. During her free time, Yasmin enjoys reading, walks in nature, baking cakes and pies, playing backgammon with her sister, and going to the movies with her friends. She is very proud of her heritage, and appreciates the folk traditions, the beautiful nature and the cultural heritage of her country's friendly and warm people. She looks forward to sharing her culture and perhaps some of those delicious cakes with her host family! Yasmin looks forward to experiencing American high school life, making new friends, and living an American lifestyle. She is very grateful to her host family who will take in a stranger and help her to realize her dream! YASMIN IS A FLEX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT.

Dance-Ballroom Dance Team Cooking/Baking Movies Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Watching baseball and discussing politics are activites that Nonoka from Japan enjoys doing with her family! Her dream is to work at the American Embassy in Japan and take an active part in the international community. This might be one reason why two of her favorite subjects in school are political science and economics. Nonoka lives with her mother, grandmother and grandfather, and describes them as cheerful, carefree, and friendly. She likes to play volleyball and badminton. In the past, she has belonged to track & field, swimming, and dance clubs. Her family grows vegetables as a hobby, and thus you can often find them in the garden. With her friends, she likes to go shopping and watch movies. She thinks this exchange experience is one of the most important things in life. While on her exchange, Nonoka hopes to learn about American culture, politics and would love to go to a stadium to see a sports game!

Economics Watching Sports Swimming Piano Political Sci.
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • China

Xianghe, whose nickname is Erik, loves people of all ages and hopes to be a teacher when he finishes school. He lives with his mom and dad and together they enjoy sharing meals, doing household chores, playing table tennis, and taking trips. Erik has good grades and is the president of his class in addition to being a Red Cross volunteer and a member of his school?s astronomy club. For his social time, Erik enjoys playing basketball with his friends and spending time outdoors going on hikes. A multi-talented student, Erik also plays the piano and hopes to be able to continue practicing while on program. This kind and generous young man could be a positive addition to your family! CULTURE & LANGUAGE CAMP. WILLING TO CONSIDER PAYING UP TO $8,000 IN TUITION.

Chemistry Watching Sports Singing/Voice Physics Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Germany

Welcome 16-year-old Aimee from Germany! She is a dedicated gymnast, guitar player, and singer who is a part of a choir club. Aimee would love to continue these activities during her exchange year, if possible. Her other interests include photography, playing handball with her family, and cooking with her father because she loves food! When she has finished school, Aimee plans to travel the world and become a journalist. She gives the credit of her great sportsmanship to her family because they are very sporty. Aimee lives with her parents, younger brother, grandparents, aunt and cousin. Everyone shares their own responsibilities, and she and her brother are responsible for keeping the house clean. Besides cleaning, Aimee also helps her brother with his homework to help him achieve good grades. She says that her family is funny, always laughing, and sometimes laid-back. They like to enjoy music, movies, going to the cafe or strolling around the mall together. During her exchange year, Aimee wants to try new activities that are not popular in Germany. She believes that as an exchange student she will receive first-hand experience with a new culture and traditions. Aimee is excited for her exchange year in USA, and is looking forward to meeting you and spending the coming school year with you!

Journalism Watching Sports Chorus/Choir Photography Swimming
unbooked STUDENT
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