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Male • 17 • Japan

Katsuhiko is a 16-year-old student from Japan, who goes by Katsu! He describes himself as a brave person who is always up for trying something new, and also someone who enjoys making others happy. Katsu loves playing soccer, which he would like to continue during his exchange year. He also practices karate and enjoys running in his spare time. He loves spending time with his friends, and watching action movies as well. Katsu plans to improve his English skills during his exchange year because he hopes to one day become an interpreter. He looks forward to making new friends and teaching his host family more about the Japanese culture while in the USA!

English Lang Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • China

Yucheng, whose nickname is Bob, will turn 17 shortly after arriving in the USA! An excellent student, his favorite subject is History, which he hopes to teach one day. Teachers describe him as intelligent, creative, hard-working, and always an important part of any team. Bob organized an English drama performance for a school New Year's party, which he directed and showcased his acting talents. His family, which includes his mom, dad, and younger brother, are very important to him. They enjoy being together for meals, playing games, and watching sports. They are busy, but very connected, Bob likes to volunteer at both the nature museum and the science museum in his community, sharing information and his own passion. He also tutors younger students who need help in their classes. Bob is very excited to join his host family and "begin this new journey together!"

History Theatre Arts Music-Listen Paint/Draw Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Kosovo

Are you looking for a well-rounded student? If so, look no further - Art may be the perfect fit for your family! His passion for music is balanced by his love for sports, his favorite subjects are music and biology, and he is unsure if he wants to be a musician or a medical doctor in the future. Art says his favorite sports are soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball and swimming. Art lives at home with his parents, two younger brothers, and grandmother in a beautiful, historic city. They are a musical family, who enjoy using their talents to make music together - mom plays the piano, dad sings, younger brother plays the guitar, and Art joins in with his voice, guitar or viola. He has attended a music school for the past 8 years, where he has focused on his singing, guitar, and viola-playing skills. In 2017 & 2018 Art qualified to attend a music festival in Italy for a week where he played in several concerts with an orchestra! Art describes himself as very responsible, open-minded, and extroverted. He is especially looking forward to trying traditional American food, such as BBQ, apple pie, pumpkin pie and tacos. He can't wait to learn about American culture, education, and daily life in the United States! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Biology Reading Singing/Voice Music Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Pakistan

Syed, a 15-year-old from Pakistan, is excited to try new things while here in the US! This includes food - American desserts, cheese, snacks, just to name a few - as well as sports, volunteering/community service, and mountain climbing, if possible! He has ambitious academic plans ahead: studying Biology to become a medical doctor one day. He is an excellent student with strong English skills, describing himself as polite and flexible. As one of two brothers/two sisters, Syed likes spending time with his family and helping his younger siblings with their homework. He also enjoys reading, and watching TV and movies at home with everyone. Syed especially enjoys sharing his passion for cars with his engineer dad. In his free time, he plays badminton and computer games with his friends. He won a School Badminton Olympiad that he and his friends entered with 8 other schools. Syed was the only one from his school that was selected to play in the finals and winning the Olympiad was a great achievement for him! He also likes to garden and helps with things like bringing in the groceries, washing his dad's car, and cleaning his room. Syed looks forward to the exchange year and sharing his culture while learning about American culture and traditions. Does he sound like the right fit for your family? YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Biology Computer Games Badminton Movies Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Welcome Nils, a 16-year-old student from Germany, to the USA! Nils describes himself as a helpful, responsible, and trustworthy teenager. A dedicated student, he enjoys his geography and English classes and hopes to one day teach these subjects. He is also part of a youth club that discusses current political topics. Nils enjoys playing American football, badminton, and table tennis, and is currently taking ballroom dance lessons. He also enjoys being outside, especially hiking and mountain biking. During quieter moments, you might find Nils reading a fantasy novel or a biography to relax. While in the USA, Nils is looking forward to experiencing an American high school and learning about the American lifestyle. He would also love to share his German culture with his host family, perhaps by cooking a meal together! CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG STUDENT BLUE RIDGE

Geography Watching Sports Badminton Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Finland

Lassi from Finland is 17 and an intriguing mix of creativeness and athleticism. Lassi will find his way into your heart. He's an excellent student, fluent in several languages, with a passion for Math, Physics, History, and Philosophy. During spare time, he enjoys playing computer games, but also spends time each day playing basketball on a team. He sings in a men's choir, and says that his favorite music is acapella and violin music, citing Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling as favorites. About home life, he says "we are a happy family." Evening meals are shared daily with his parents and younger brother, along with chores like cooking and keeping up the house. They enjoy playing board games and exploring new places together. Lassi shares a hobby called Historical European Martial Arts together with his father. He needs a home without cats or dogs. About his exchange, he says, "I want to learn about the culture you have over there, since Finland and USA are so far apart from each other." CHARTER

Chemistry Computer Games Chorus/Choir History Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Yui from Japan says that she can't wait to try American food while in the USA! Described by her teacher as cheerful and curious, Yui has built good relationships with her circle of friends and enjoys making them laugh. She currently plays tennis frequently throughout the week and is also a dedicated violinist, which gives her a sense of accomplishment. She is very interested in listening to music as well, such as Taylor Swift and a Japanese group "Say! Hey! JUMP." She was recently able to go to a concert for the latter, which she loved. Yui is a hardworker who has done a number of volunteer activities for her school and community. She lives with her parents, older sister, and younger brother. The family enjoys camping, traveling, and skiing together. One of her favorite pursuits with friends is to go shopping, and she hopes you will show her where to shop in America! During her exchange year, Yui hopes to make new friends, and try new experiences. She's looking forward to meeting you!

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen English Lang Web Design
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Germany

Dennis from Germany describes himself as helpful, determined, committed, and friendly! He strives to become a firefighter when he finishes school and is looking forward to learning about American fire departments while in the USA. During his free time, seventeen-year-old Dennis enjoys playing badminton and the drums. He is also a dedicated volunteer, he serves as a volunteer youth firefighter and works with the German Red Cross. On weekends, Dennis delivers newspapers and then spends time with his family. Dennis and his friends like outdoor activities, going to the movies, shopping, and playing computer games in the evenings. During his exchange year, Dennis is excited to have new experiences and try different activities. Dennis thanks you for hosting him and he looks forward to sharing his German culture with your family! CONGRESS-BUNDESTAG STUDENT

Chemistry Computer Games Badminton Percussion History
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Estonia

Can you locate Estonia on a map? Let 16 year-old Kenzo show you! Kenzo lives with his parents and younger brother in a small town, which is a mix of historical and modern. He and his family love to road trip throughout Estonia to explore new places. Kenzo describes himself as a loyal, open-minded, reliable, and honest person. Active and social, he enjoys organizing school events, acting, playing sports, and dancing. While on exchange, he hopes to participate in school sports, like soccer, while learning about "American" sports like football and baseball. He especially loves folk and hip-hop dancing and is now a dance instructor for younger students. Kenzo is also an active member of his town's Youth Council, where he advocates for his peers. With his friends, Kenzo enjoys cooking, watching sports games, talking about life, and sharing events of the week with friends and family. Kenzo looks forward to learning more about the American culture and cuisine, trying American "fast food", experiencing an amusement park, and learning how Americans celebrate birthdays and holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. He is also excited to share his Estonian culture with you and perhaps, teach you a folk dance! Will you open your home to Kenzo and allow him to fill your home with energy and fun this year?! FLEX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Watching Sports Soccer Dance-Folk Skiing-Downhill Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • The Netherlands

Sixteen-year-old Dries from the Netherlands describes himself as open-minded, a team player, and sporty! Dries' passion is basketball, both playing this sport and watching it on television - his favorite team being the Golden State Warriors. He will even stay up with late with his family to watch the Warriors play because of the time difference. Dries also likes to watch baseball on television, especially the San Francisco Giants. He can also be found listening to a wide variety of music during his free time. His other passion is sailing and boating. In the future, Dries plans to attend a college specializing in sea transport and logistics, and become a boat captain. Dries also enjoys surfing and being at the lake with his friends. He describes his family as warm, and they enjoy eating outdoors, playing sports, and traveling together. Some of his chores at home include cleaning and helping with meals. Dries is looking forward to meeting his host family, making new friends, and cannot wait for August to come! MUST BE PLACED IN FLORIDA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA OR ARIZONA.

Biology Watching Sports Baseball Music-Listen History
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 18 • Japan

Seventeen-year-old Daiki from Japan describes himself as a helpful and sporty young man! His favorite sport is volleyball, and he enjoys exercising and being physically fit. He would love to join your family in your favorite sport activities! At school, Daiki is fascinated by the subjects of Chemistry and Math, and he plans to study Environmental Engineering and become a government official in the future. Daiki is very interested in computer games and programming as well. He enjoys listening to pop music and watching movies during his free time, some of his favorites being from the Marvel series. Daiki also likes to bake, and is looking forward to whipping up some Japanese omelets for you! Other hobbies for Daiki include reading books, drawing, and painting. Daiki spends time with his family shopping and eating together, and he enjoys spending time playing sports with his friends. Daiki is looking forward to coming to America, and is excited to meet his host family! Great NE

Chemistry Watching Sports Music-Listen Mathematics Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Narumi is a cheerful and friendly 16-year-old girl from Japan! She loves to spend time with her family, which includes her parents and an older brother. Together, they enjoy cooking, as well as traveling and playing sports. Narumi likes staying active through sports. She plays badminton, and enjoys dancing and swimming as well. She'd like to pursue any of these while on exchange, and is also open to trying new sports and activities. With friends, Narumi likes to go shopping and discover new restaurants. She loves food, and is excited to try the authentic American cuisine and cook some Japanese food for her host family! Narumi loves Disney movies and theme parks, and says they are what inspired and helped her to learn English. Narumi's favorite school subjects are math and PE. She hopes to become an international flight attendant one day as she wants to help people. Narumi can't wait to start the new adventure of her exchange year and share it with her host family!

Mathematics Watching Sports Swimming Music-Listen Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

Patient, cheerful and friendly, 15-year-old Kanon from Japan loves the American culture and can't wait to learn all about life in the United States! What excites her the most is becoming part of a family and making many new American friends at school. When she's not studying, Kanon loves to dance contemporary and classical ballet styles. She also has experience as a cheerleader, and enjoys drawing and spending time with her dog during her spare time. At school, Kanon loves learning the English language, which will come in handy for her future career as a flight attendant. Kanon hopes to spend as much time with her American host family and friends as possible, so that she can improve her English skills and share her Japanese culture. She has studied the Japanese traditional tea ceremony, and looks forward to demonstrating her performance of tea preparation and serving for you. "I am looking forward to seeing you face to face soon," says Kanon!

English Lang Watching Sports Cheerleading Piano Dance-Ballet
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 18 • Japan

Introducing Kazane, a 17-year-old girl from Japan! Kazane lives with her mother, father, an older brother, and her pet rabbit. She loves to dance, especially hip-hop. She enjoys studying American hip-hop music videos to learn modern moves. Kazane enjoys performing in front of others, and finds dance to be a way to express herself. She also enjoys watching action movies and is a fan of DC/Comic films. When younger, she participated in a Scouts troop which she experienced camping. With friends, Kazane can often be found at a karaoke room where they practice singing songs in English, especially from Ariana Grande or any modern country songs. Kazane is especially interested in Japanese history, and would like to share her knowledge of the Japanese culture with you. While in the USA, Kazane would like also to become a bridge between Japan and America, and therefore wants to improve her English skills to speak the language more fluently. Kazane is so impressed with American culture and can't wait to experience it with you!

History Watching Sports Music-Listen Camping Badminton
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Japan

Meet 17-year-old Ryosuke from Japan who loves to make new friends and be healthy through playing sports! He has played baseball, basketball, and track & field for many years, and now he is enjoying practicing handball. Ryosuke is hoping to play some type of sport in the USA during his exchange year. He works very hard at school, studying information systems, programming, and technology. He wants to use his skills to help people and to eliminate crime on the internet. For that, he feels he needs more knowledge, so that is one of the reasons he wants to learn in the USA. One of his favorite hobbies is origami, which is the Japanese art of paper folding. He likes this activity because it is very profound as it can be made easy or difficult, and it requires time and skill. Ryosuke chose the USA for his exchange year to meet new people and to discover the American culture. He wants to be a member of your family, and hopes to introduce his Japanese culture to you!

Computers Movies Baseball Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Japan

Karin is a 17-year-old girl from Japan who hopes to make a difference in the world! Karin believes that by coming to America she will contribute to greater cultural understanding. Her long-term goal is diplomacy, as she wants to be part of the effort to keep the world safe! Listening to music is one of Karin's favorite hobbies. She enjoys Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and One Direction, often translating the lyrics into Japanese. Karin also has an appreciation for team sports. She currently plays tennis and volleyball. Karin plans to use her interest in sports to help her make new friends during her exchange year. Academics are stressed in Japan, so Karin often has school on Saturdays and spends Sundays doing homework. In spare moments, Karin enjoys photography, crafting, and cooking Japanese dishes. Karin is close to her family, who she says are good at supporting each other in all that they do. She lives with her mother, older sister, and three older brothers. Karin's teacher describes her as diligent and willing to take on tasks that others will not. This special young woman will make a wonderful addition to your family!

Watching Sports Tennis String Instr. English Lang Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Brazil

Fun, focused and friendly, meet 16-year-old Luana from Brazil! This outgoing young lady is full of life, and is excited to explore her new community and try new things next year. At school, Luana is a very good student who likes math best and plans to use her math skills in the future as an architect or interior designer. She lives at home with her parents and younger brother. Together, they like to play volleyball at the beach, share meals, watch movies, and play board games. Friends say that Luana is creative, likes to talk, and makes everyone around her happy. During spare time, Luana enjoys cooking, listening to music, meeting with friends to chat, spending time outdoors with her dog, reading, traveling, volunteering, and watching sports or movies. While in the USA, Luana would like to try new things, possibly gymnastics and cheerleading, and continue playing volleyball. Are you ready to add a little "sparkle" to your world while exchanging cultural traditions with Luana?

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen Photography Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ROANOKE: Meet Maria, a sociable and independent 15-year-old girl from Germany who loves meeting new people! Maria's friends add that she is goal-oriented and always up for a challenge. Maria has been practicing boxing for the past year, a sport she credits to improving her self-confidence. Much of her free time is devoted to spending time with her family and friends. Together, they enjoy cooking, swimming, cycling, and inline skating. During quieter moments, you might find Maria reading a book or taking her dog for a walk. At school, Maria loves learning about the English language and hopes to one day find a career that uses her language skills. While in the USA, Maria is eager to discover the American way of life while mastering the English language. Maria is very grateful to her host family for accepting her into their family!

Languages Paint/Draw English Lang Cooking/Baking Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN WASHINGTON DC: Sporty, energetic, and polite best describes 16-year-old Richard from Germany! Hobbies for Richard include playing basketball, table tennis, and archery. Richard is dedicated member of a local Scouts troop with his older brother. He looks forward to their annual camping trips, where they cook, craft, play games, and sleep in nature. Richard also enjoys attending weekly church services with his family, and is an active member of his church's Youth Group. Growing as a person, becoming more confident, learning about the American culture, and improving his English skills are all goals for Richard's exchange experience. Richard would like to thank his future host family for their support and kindness during this exchange adventure!

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen English Lang Church Youth Group
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ROANOKE: Say hello to Zeljka, a 14-year-old girl from Germany! Nicknamed Schelly, she describes herself as a happy and curious teenager who loves to laugh and seek adventure. A musical young lady, Schelly plays the keyboard and the drums, and is a member of her school's choir. She also loves to dive into a new world through reading books. With her best friend, Schelly can often be found having sleepovers, creating music, and simply talking about life together. During her time in the USA, Schelly looks forward to discovering popular activities within her host family's community, and she especially hopes to learn to cook a traditional American meal. Schelly is so thankful for this opportunity, and can't wait to meet you!

English Lang Photography Chorus/Choir Movies Keyboard
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ROANOKE: Melissa, who invites you to call her by her middle name Naomi, is a creative, helpful, and patient 15-year-old student from Germany! During her free time, Naomi enjoys reading - especially the Harry Potter series, drawing, and listening to a wide variety of music. She is also a member of a volunteer group that focuses on helping animals and the elderly. At home, Naomi enjoys spending time with her brothers and is always willing to help her mom with the housework. Naomi decided to become an exchange student because she feels this is the perfect opportunity to meet new people while getting to know the American way of life. She is so excited to embark on her exchange adventure, and hopes to share her German culture with her host family as well!

Computers Paint/Draw Music-Listen Computer Games Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM; MUST BE PLACED IN ROANOKE: Meet Micheas, a friendly, funny, and humble 16-year-old boy from Germany! Micheas enjoys keeping fit through working out at the gym and playing basketball with his friends. He also plays the keyboard, loves spending time outdoors, and is a member of a public engagement organization within his community. Micheas and his family look forward to attending weekly church services, which he would be happy to continue with his American host family. A typical teen, Micheas and his friends are often found swimming at the lake or hanging out at the mall. After graduating high school, Micheas plans to study Political Science at a university before pursuing a career as a politician. Micheas is honored and excited to have this opportunity to experience the American way of life with his host family. He is looking forward to having a great time with your family!

History Cooking/Baking Gym Workout Keyboard Political Sci.
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ROANOKE: Say hello to Eser, a 15-year-old young man from Germany! Playing soccer and practicing the piano are two of Eser's greatest passions. He also loves animals, especially his favorites - dogs and lions! A typical teen, Eser enjoys going out for ice cream, playing board games, going to the park, or eating great food with his friends. Eser's friends describe him as an honest, motivated, and trustworthy person. In the future, Eser has big dreams of living in the USA and working for NASA. While in the USA, Eser looks forward to speaking English with his host family and exploring the American culture. "Thank you very much for taking me in and giving me an insight into America," says Eser!

History Watching Sports Piano Languages Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 30 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ROANOKE: Simon from Germany is excited to travel to the USA for the second time as a chaperone for the USA for You program! With a career background in business administration, Simon works as a CFO for a refrigeration systems company. Simon also offers his financial knowledge to YFU Germany as a volunteer and board member. As a former exchange student in Thailand himself, Simon greatly values YFU's mission of supporting students and families through intercultural exchange experiences. Simon still has strong ties with Thailand and South East Asia as he regularly visits his former host family, and had the opportunity to work on a United Nations' project there. Hobbies for Simon include cooking and trying new foods, driving and learning about cars, and keeping up to date with world politics. While in the USA, he looks forward to gaining insight into the American culture through his host family. "Thank you very much for welcoming me in your home and family," says Simon!

Business Cooking/Baking Political Sci. Movies Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ROANOKE: Welcome 17-year-old Selin from Germany to the USA! A creative young lady, Selin loves to paint and draw, and has a keen interest in Art History. She also enjoys reading poetry and fantasy novels, especially appreciating the emotion and thought behind a poem. Selin has a passion for cooking as well, which she hopes to share with her American host family. Basketball, baseball, and softball are sports that Selin likes to play with family and friends to keep active. Selin comes from a large, multi-cultural family who loves to gather together for special holidays and birthdays. With friends, Selin looks forward to time spent swimming, ice skating, going to the movies, and shopping. During her exchange experience, Selin is hoping to gain knowledge that she can carry with her into her adult life and perhaps, decide her future career path. Selin can't wait to travel to the USA for the first time and become a member of your family!

Art Paint/Draw Baseball Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Germany

SHORT-TERM PROGRAM, MUST BE PLACED IN ROANOKE: Meet 17-year-old Erdem from Germany! Erdem describes himself as an athletic, clever, and respectful young man. Soccer, basketball, and swimming are sports that keep Erdem busy during his free time. He also looks forward to trying new sports and activities with his friends in his PE class. During quieter moments, you might find Erdem playing computer games, listening to music, watching sports, or taking photos. With his family, Erdem enjoys sharing meals together and going for outdoor walks. In the future, he is planning for a career as a police officer. During his time in the USA, Erdem hopes to improve his English language skills and gain in confidence. He would also love to visit an American shopping mall! Will you make Erdem's dreams come true by welcoming him into your family?

Watching Sports Music-Listen Photography Soccer Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Thailand

Sweet as sugar, Kotchakorn is the new daughter for you! Coming from her Thai family of 5 (plus 3 dogs!), she cannot wait to learn more about American culture! Honest, friendly, and funny are all words used to describe Kotchakorn, otherwise known as Aom. She loves to fill her time with various activities, like playing the guitar, volleyball, swimming, and listening to music. Aom really enjoys One Direction and Taylor Swift! During quieter times, she enjoys reading fantasy/action books, volunteering, or playing games with her friends and family. There's a reason that Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, now make Aom smile by hosting!

Science Watching Sports Swimming Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Thailand

Wuttipat, known as Pat, is a cheerful 15-year-old boy from Thailand! His teacher describes him as intelligent and adaptable. Pat's favorite school subjects are Chemistry and Computer Programming. He belongs to a science club at school, which he enjoys for the opportunity to do experiments. Computer Programming is an extra option at Pat's school, and he hopes to be a programmer someday. Pat also likes both the social and strategic aspects of computer gaming, as well as board games. Violin, basketball, and cooking Thai food are also activities Pat does during his free time. He and his friends go to amusement parks whenever they can. Pat describes his family as "laid-back," and consists of his parents, younger sister, and grandparents. Together, they like to travel and sightsee on vacations. Since he was young, Pat has wanted to visit America as he belongs to an English club at school. He is excited at the idea of new experiences and strengthening his language skills. Pat is honest, funny, and kind, and would love the opportunity to become a part of your family!

Computers Paint/Draw Violin Science Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 18 • Thailand

Meet Thamonwan, whose English name is Tammy! She describes herself as kind, easy-going, and sporty. Tammy likes to be active through playing basketball and swimming with her friends. She enjoys going to school to learn new things, especially English. When she has finished school, Tammy dreams of becoming a diplomat in the future. During her free time, Tammy enjoys reading, playing games, and spending time with her friends. She lives with her parents, older sister, and two aunts, and describes their family lifestyle as simple. Tammy enjoys spending time with her family by having meals together, attending religious services, and traveling. Tammy is excited to come to the USA because she wants to learn about our culture and traditions, but also share her culture with her new host family!

English Lang Paint/Draw Computer Games Swimming Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Thailand

Meet friendly, polite, and talkative 16-year-old Phusanisa from Thailand, but you can call her "Sandy!" A very good student, Sandy enjoys learning about different languages and Biology, and dreams of becoming a psychiatrist in the future. She likes to be active through bicycling and playing volleyball for fun, and can also play the guitar, ukulele, and Chinese cymbal! During her free time, she loves to cook with her cooking club, read, and spend time with her friends. Sandy lives with her parents, two siblings, and grandmother. They lead busy lives but enjoy making time for each other, doing activities together such as shopping, gardening, watching movies, and cooking. Sandy is excited to embark on her exchange year in the USA as she believes this will make her "dare to do new things" while making new friends and a host family for life. She thanks you for this opportunity, and can't wait to meet you!

Biology Watching Sports Bicycling Singing/Voice Languages
unbooked STUDENT
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