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Female • 16 • Japan

Bright and cheerful with a positive "can-do" attitude, Mitsuki from Japan has an unusual hobby - astronomy! She has been the president of her school astronomy club for 2 years, and she was even given the opportunity to write the English brochure for the local astronomical museum. Mitsuki is also a member of her school's student council, and has played the piano for 9 years. Mitsuki has lots of friends, and enjoys going for a hike, watching a movie, or singing karaoke with them. She also loves photography, and enjoys walking around her city taking pictures. In fact, she would love to join a photography club during her exchange year! Mitsuki is looking forward to sharing her Japanese culture with her host family, and is excited about the international viewpoint that she will get from living in the U.S.

Science Photography Piano Cooking/Baking Music-Listen
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Japan

Mature, cheerful and considerate, Shun from Japan would love to make your family Japanese dumplings! An active young man, he participates on both swimming and soccer teams. Quiet time is consumed with listening to music and reading literature of many genres, inspiring him to become a writer one day. Shared time with family is a priority, often spent cooking together, watching movies, and traveling. A diligent and social student, Shun is eager to to improve his language skills, often making class presentations in English. Demonstrating leadership, Shun assisted in organizing a cultural event at school, where he set up a booth sharing a variety of homemade dumplings. While on exchange, Shun hopes to become more independent, make many friends, discover new foods, share his culture, and "try whatever sounds fun." Eager to begin his American teenage experience, he acknowledges, "Without your big support, I cannot achieve my dream." Shun is dreaming of dumplings and his future host family!

History Paint/Draw Soccer English Lang Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Japan

Meet Mai, a friendly and warm-hearted student from Japan who can't wait to start the adventure of her exchange year! This active young lady has been dancing for eight years, with jazz as her favorite style to perform. Mai also practices the Japanese martial art of Kendo, a sport she learned from her dad, enjoys playing basketball with friends, and can often be found on the tennis court with her mom and sister. Creatively, Mai has an interest in photography, draws calligraphy, and has been playing the piano for three years. Spending quality time with her family is important to Mai, especially looking forward to trips to the mountains or ocean and visiting extended family in the summertime. Mai also loves spending time with friends, simply hanging out together or shopping, or finding something tasty to eat. Described as a leader and a hard worker by her teachers, Mai's favorite subject is social studies and she hopes to study linguistics in college. Mai is very much looking forward to meeting her host family and can't wait to see what her exchange year has in store!

Social Studies Dance-Jazz/Mod Piano Photography Martial Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Japan

Kind and always smiling is how friends would describe Mia from Japan! Mia is an active member of her school's swimming and badminton teams, and has recently started training in Kata - a solo form of Karate. She also enjoys being outdoors, watching movies, reading, and singing along to her favorite Pop songs. Mia has an interest in volunteering as well, currently helping to clean the streets of her city with friends. At home, Mia lends a helping hand by caring for her little sisters and practicing her cooking skills with her family. She would be happy to make you a traditional Japanese meal as a thank you for your kindness! With a fascination for history, Mia is excited for the opportunity to learn about American history during her exchange year. She is also eager to make many new friends and join an after-school club or activity. Inspired by tales from her mom and sister's wonderful exchange years, Mia is sure that she will treasure this experience with your family forever!

History Watching Sports Martial Arts Singing/Voice Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Japan

Attention robotics lovers! Gene from Japan has a passion for programming robots and computers. "I imagine programming new things and go ahead and do it," he writes! This ambitious young man also serves as the Vice President of his school's Student Council and volunteers in a kindergarten classroom. An excellent student who often helps his peers, he not only challenges himself academically but also in sports. Gene loves playing and watching basketball, especially enjoying the sound of the ball hitting the basket. A city boy, Gene hopes to experience activities not possible for him in Japan, such as fishing, camping, barbecuing, and eating a giant burger hot off the grill! Gene also wants to make new friends from different backgrounds and learn to understand their values. Most importantly, Gene writes, "I want to spend my year smiling and laughing a lot, having a great time and sharing happiness with you!"

Science Paint/Draw Wind Instrument Mathematics Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Kenya

"I dream of becoming the Journalist who helps my nation grow and the leader my community is looking for;" lofty words from a 17 year-old! Meet Abdiaziz, from Kenya. Abdiaziz, or "Ozil" as he prefers to be called, is the oldest member of his families--his time being split between his father and two younger sisters, and living with his aunt and younger cousins. At home he helps to care for his younger sisters and assists with chores. Ozil attends boarding school and is an excellent student, earning good grades and participating in drama and debate clubs, where he has earned recognition at competitions. He plays soccer several times a week and likes to watch movies, listen to music and play video games when hanging out with friends. Teachers describe him well-behaved and respectful, and say he relates well to peers. While on exchange, Ozil hopes to watch some American soccer games and volunteer in local community organizations. He dreams of becoming a journalist or possibly serving in his country's Parliament one day. Will you open your home to this future leader? YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Journalism Theatre Arts Soccer Music-Listen Law
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Pakistan

"I am always excited and energetic to learn new things" says Preet from Pakistan! Preet is a 16 year old girl who describes herself as an ambitious and conscientious girl with a unique personality. She loves history and politics, and participates on the speech and debate teams at her school. In fact, she dreams of becoming a government officer for her country one day. Preet also has a love of creative writing, and is looking forward to expanding her writing skills while studying in the USA. During Preet's free time, you might find her baking on the weekends, going for walks after school, or sharing a cup of tea and conversation with her parents and little sister. She also enjoys playing badminton with her large circle of friends. Preet loves meeting new people and understanding different cultures. Her teacher feels that she is very mature and adapts well to new situations. "It will be a great, proud moment for me that I will represent my country in the US." YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Art Cooking/Baking Badminton History Walking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Pakistan

Positive, creative, responsible and flexible, Adan from Pakistan is excited to come to the USA on exchange! She is a very diligent student with excellent grades whose favorite subject is science. In fact, Adan dreams of becoming a biotechnologist in the future! Adan loves reading novels and history books, and surfing the internet for the latest scientific research. She enjoys the love and affection of her large family, of which she is the youngest of six children. Adan loves spending time with her family watching TV, cooking, and sharing good conversation. With friends, Adan likes to play soccer, spend time outdoors, and play computer games. Adan has taken part in many local competitions in speech, writing, Quiz Bowl, and Model United Nations. As Adan looks forward to her exchange year, she hopes that the experience will help her learn more about her potentials, explore the growing world, and provide her with a platform for learning different cultures and languages. She thanks you for hosting! Is Adan the perfect fit for your family? YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Science Watching Sports Soccer Biology Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Md Jubaear
Male • 16 • BANGLADESH

Active in many school clubs, Md Jubaear from Bangladesh loves math and physics but is passionate about astronomy! In fact, when his school did not offer an astronomy club, Md Jubaear helped to create one. It comes as no surprise that he hopes to work for NASA some day, but he'd also like to work for the UN, helping the world to become a better place. Besides science and math clubs, Md Jubaear is also a member of his school's debate and drama clubs, and would love to be able to participate in numerous extracurriculars during his exchange year. He is an excellent all A's student with outstanding English skills. In his free time, Md Jubaear loves to read, as his mom works at a university library and has shared her love of reading with her children. He also helps his younger sister with her school work and watches YouTube tutorials on learning different languages. During his year in the USA, Md Jubaear looks forward to visiting as many places as possible, learning about the culture, and having opportunities to try some new activities! Now the decision is up to you, will you host Md Jubaear? YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Mathematics Movies Soccer Physics Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Datu Farouk Camino
Male • 15 • The Philippines

Farouk from the Philippines is passionate about public service! He is very involved in community anti-drug programs, and hopes to advocate for others by becoming a lawyer or a doctor when he grows up. In his spare time, Farouk enjoys practicing with his volleyball team, singing, acting, cooking, and reading, especially detective novels. Farouk likes to watch Harry Potter and Marvel movies with his siblings and cousins as well, and looks forward to time spent with his close-knit group of friends. At school, Farouk is involved in the journalism club, and is known for being a courteous and responsible student. Farouk lives with his siblings and relatives, and strives to make sure each day is treasured. He appreciates the family and friends that have been there for him through tough times, but he believes in being positive and a role model for his siblings. One of his dreams is to visit as many different cities as possible because he is very curious about the world. While in the USA, he would also love to volunteer within his host community. Farouk is looking forward to sharing his culture with you and becoming a part of your family! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Journalism Theatre Arts Singing/Voice Science Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Ukraine

Described as being very creative, Oleksandra (you can call her "Sasha") from Ukraine loves both writing and drawing. Sasha writes articles and poems for the school newspaper, and she says that journalism is one of her favorite activities. She is also a member of the school debate club. An excellent student, Sasha does especially well in geography, history, and English. She speaks both Russian and Ukrainian at home, but also has very strong English skills. A typical day for Sasha would be going to school, going to drawing classes, and doing her homework. She also likes going for walks with her friends around the city. Sasha enjoys the theater, and even though briefly about becoming an actress, but she is pretty sure that she will do something in business instead. Sasha is in need of a home with no pets. FLEX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Journalism Theatre Arts Music-Listen History Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Estonia

Kasper is an active, athletic young man from Estonia who likes to stay fit and busy. He works out regularly and is often asked to help younger boys with their exercises in the gym. An avid runner, Kasper says he wishes he had more time for this hobby. A member of a rowing club, he works out with them in the summer. He also swam competitively for several years when he was younger. An excellent student, teachers say he is highly motivated and always looking to help his fellow students when he can. A member of the Student Council, Kasper is active in planning many school events. He says his family is close-knit and enjoy doing things together. He often helps his Dad in his handyman company. In addition he spends time with his little sister - whom he describes as active and talkative. Although he is allergic to cats, the family has a dog and Kasper enjoys taking him for long walks in the forest. A typical teenager, he enjoys spending time with friends. They play basketball and keep up on the NBA. Kasper is anxious to begin his exchange experience - to learn about American culture, the education system and see how his host family lives day-to-day. He is also looking forward to introducing Estonia to them - "we are very small and most of the world doesn't know about us"! FLEX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Music-Listen Soccer Swimming Water Sports Running/Jogging
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Serbia

Meet friendly and open-minded Dimitrije from Serbia! Dimitrije is a very active young man who enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym and swimming. He also loves hiking and biking in the beautiful mountains near his home. In the winter months, Dimitrije looks forward to ice skating and skiing, and in the summer, he can often be found near the water playing beach volleyball with friends. He and his friends also love to have cook-outs and watch movies together. One of Dimitrije's favorite hobbies is traveling with his family and taking photos that he later edits. He also plays chess and is a member of his school's drama club. Dimitrije has many academic interests, such as languages, economics, and art. He has studied English, French, Latin, and Chinese, in addition to his native Serbian language. Dimitrije plans to follow his love of economics and art by studying business or graphic design in college. While in the USA, Dimitrije is excited to share his culture, including the food, music, and history with your family. He can't wait to discover the American way of life! FLEX SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Art Theatre Arts Gym Workout Music-Listen Economics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Poland

Polish student Wiktor's teachers describe him as being charismatic, ambitious, motivated, sociable, friendly, open, and having excellent rapport with classmates and teachers. They state that "although grades are important to him it is the curiosity that seems to drive him". He has two main interests, soccer and music. He admits to starting soccer later than most students and to not being a very good player. However, he loves the sport and maintains contact with his former team and considers them his best friends. Viktor is developing his singing and performance skills through a You Tube channel he started. He hopes to develop as a professional performer, but if that idea does not work out, his second career choice is to be a soccer referee. His third choice is business. During his exchange year, he hopes to learn more about American music, maybe sing in a gospel choir, and "advance at making decisions and dealing with problems". FLEX Scholarship Student

Business Film Making Singing/Voice Music Bicycling
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • SENEGAL

Sociable and respectful, Cheikh of Senagal, is excited to come to America on exchange. He is a lover of all things science and hopes to someday become an oil engineer. He is an excellent student, always at the top of his class, but is also very sociable. When not in school Chiekh likes to play soccer with his friends or play video games and watch movies and TV with his family. An inquisitive boy, he likes to watch the news, documentaries, and channels like ?English Club?, National Geographic and Discover, but he admits he loves to watch cartoons with his younger siblings. He has a large family of ten with four sisters and three brothers. He helps out in the home by caring for his father?s cattle and the hen house, and helps his mother with trips to the store. He loves spending time with his family and helping where he can. During his exchange year, Chiekh hopes to make friends, improve his English and learn about American culture. When he returns back home, he is excited to share all he has experienced with his family, friends and anyone who is interested! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Science Movies Soccer Church/Syn Act School Act.
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Egypt

Omar from Egypt has a scientific mind and a thirst for knowledge! Computer programming, robotics and technological innovation are his main pursuits, followed by learning new languages and cultures. You can often find him watching documentaries, scientific or informational videos. Omar's future plans lie in engineering and computers. More than just a brain, Omar loves being active. He spends time riding his bike with friends, swimming, kickboxing, and practicing karate. Omar looks forward to trying new activities during his exchange year. Omar lives with his parents and younger sister in a busy city. The family enjoys visiting extended family, and traveling to historical sites and coastal areas for snorkeling and scuba diving. Omar would like his host family to know that he is kind, honest and polite, and will be respectful of your family's rules. He is looking forward to the adventure of his exchange year and thanks you for choosing him to be your host son! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Computers Engineering Hike/Backpack Bicycling Diving-Scuba
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Nigeria

Curious, adaptable, altruistic Faith from Nigeria has been named her school's "Best in Creative and Cultural Arts" for the past two years! On weekends, she can generally be found engaged in one of her favorite activities, making beads. She sings weekly in a choir as well, is a newscaster for her school's press club, and loves reading novels that increase her English vocabulary and teach moral lessons important to life. Faith would love to join music and art classes during her American exchange year. Faith's family enjoys watching movies together, especially Indian films, and Faith's school friends support one another by discussing academic challenges they face and working together to solve math problems. After finishing high school, Faith hopes to become a doctor and dreams of building a hospital one day where she can help those who can't afford to pay. "It will just be like a foundation," she adds. Faith admits to knowing little about American activities, but is eager for new experiences. She already knows she loves cookies and cakes, so count on sharing your favorite dessert recipes with Faith! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Cooking/Baking Chorus/Choir Music-Listen Movies Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Turkey

Checkmate! Ahmet loves playing chess because he does not get tired of playing it and he can socialize with his friends. He also enjoys sports such as soccer and swimming. When he comes to the U.S, he would like to try playing American Football. Typically, after a long day of school, Ahmet likes to play soccer or do his homework. Ahmet studies very hard for his classes and gets good grades. His teachers would describe him as a respectful individual. He also strives to learn more about different cultures and societal norms. He has studied the English language for 13 years, but has never visited the United States. When he thinks of a career in the future, he sees himself becoming a surgeon. Give this adventurous boy a chance to learn more about the American lifestyle! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Science Paint/Draw Soccer Reading Swimming
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • JORDAN

Described as motivated and open-minded, Malek is excited to bring his Jordanian culture to your home! Malek's favorite activities are reading and writing stories, playing video games, and swimming or playing soccer with friends. Drawing is an activity that he finds to be very relaxing. He also enjoys helping his mother prepare meals, especially desserts! Malek lives with his parents and two younger brothers. The family often goes on picnics and shopping trips together. At home, Malek takes responsibility for helping his brothers with their homework, and watching his youngest brother when his parents aren't home. His mother is a teacher and his father a doctor, which is also what Malek plans to become. Malek has a great sense of humor, can tell many jokes, and loves to laugh with friends. He would be an amazing addition to any family where he can learn about our culture and experience the life of an American teen! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Science Film Making Soccer Paint/Draw Swimming
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Gaza

Welcome from Gaza, sociable Karim who values his family and friends deeply! Being the eldest sibling, he often helps his sister with her homework and cares for his little brother. Karim enjoys playing basketball, soccer, table tennis, drawing animation, and studying the French and English languages. He would love for the opportunity to take a Spanish class in the USA! Karim is passionate about learning different cultures, religions, and civilizations. With a love of nature and the environment, Karim plans to become an environmental activist in the future. He looks forward to his American exchange year to experience our diverse cultures while sharing his own. He would love to tell you all about the delicious cuisine and traditional dances from his hometown! Karim also hopes to gain more openness and understanding of the world, and to make new friends. Karim is ready for this new adventure! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Languages Volunteering Family/Friends Soccer Environment/Nature
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • India

Meet upbeat, enthusiastic Vanshika from India, who takes great interest in the "glory of nature!" She has enrolled in a waste management program to learn about composting and farming, and teaches children from her village about protecting our environment. Vanshika is a people person who has a serene personality, loves to travel to explore the vast boundaries of this world, and has good values. One of her favorite activities is meditation, which she practices daily for relaxation. With a big heart for animals, she and her brother enjoy feeding birds, fishes, and street dogs together. With her friends from school, Vanshika enjoys playing charades, dancing, and watching movies. Her aspiration is to become an Indian Foreign Services officer. This cultural exchange will certainly help her move in that direction. Vanshika also hopes for the opportunity to perform community service while on exchange. During her time with your family, she hopes to cook for you and to develop a positive, life-long relationship. Vanshika also dreams of experiencing the first snowfall! YES SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT

Mathematics Movies Political Sci. Reading Social Studies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Czech Republic

"My plans - are not to set them myself. You can't plan your life. After all, the meaning of life lies in its unpredictability and readiness for any situation. In my life I want to do what I'm enjoying and to constantly evolve." says Olga from the Czech Republic. This young lady knows how to be flexible and make friends. Born in Ukraine, she has lived in Czech Republic for 3 years. Fluent in many languages, (Ukrainian and Russian, English, German, Spanish and Czech), she makes friends with LOTS of people! Olga is creative and curious, and open to the world. Hobbies include drawing, which relaxes her and allows her to focus; giving manicures; photography and blogging. She lives with her father and enjoys weekend drives into the country to enjoy nature. At home, respect and courtesy define relationships. Olga's goals while on exchange are to meet new people and gain new experiences because "Everything in life is temporary. I want to gain as many new experiences as I can." Can this open-minded teen enhance your family life next year?

Art Paint/Draw Bicycling Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Meet Julian from Germany! With a love for video games, Julian enjoys visiting flea markets to search for vintage games to add to his extensive collection. He also loves to watch movies, his all-time favorites being Back to the Future and the Star Wars series. An active young man as well, Julian has experience playing soccer and tennis on teams, often works out at the gym, and enjoys riding his penny board, which is similar to a skateboard. While in the USA, he would love for the opportunity to try baseball or basketball. With friends, Julian looks forward to time spent mountain biking through the forest, taking the bus into the city to discover new places, or simply hanging out at the local McDonald's. Julian loves to cook, and hopes to add some German flavor to his host family's kitchen! This funny, confident, and open-minded young man promises to try his best to be helpful in your home. Julian is so thankful and excited to become a part of your family!

History Watching Sports Gym Workout Music-Listen Geography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Germany

With an interest in the arts, Larissa from Germany loves photography and creating handicrafts! She hopes to use her artistic abilities in the future as a professional photographer or a graphic designer. Playing basketball and badminton are other favorite hobbies for Larissa. During her exchange year, Larissa would love to join the cheerleading squad at her American high school. At school, Larissa is fascinated by her Biology class and is known for adapting to new challenges easily. Family life is extremely important to Larissa, especially enjoying walks in the forest together, exploring new cultures during their travels, and catching a movie at the local theater. Calm, open-minded, reliable, and a great friend are words used to describe Larissa. Through this exchange experience, Larissa is excited to see how the American people live on a continent completely different from hers. She is eager to discover new activities, school subjects, and traditional holidays with her host family. Larissa can't wait to fly over the Atlantic Ocean next August to meet you!

Art Paint/Draw Music-Listen Biology Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Germany

Full of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, Robert from Germany is eager to learn all that he can through his exchange experience! With a keen interest in math, computer science and physics, Robert loves designing animated videos with his computer. He has even worked tirelessly to create a 3D video that illustrates a mathematical proof! Robert is also interested in politics, the economy and urban planning, and would surely add some interesting conversation around your dinner table. For his future, Robert dreams of becoming a university professor as he believes that teaching students is a wonderful job and a precious contribution to society. Bouldering, skiing, playing ping-pong, enjoying his mom's delicious cakes, and traveling with his family are other favorite activities for Robert. Family vacations to the USA have ignited Robert's fascination for the American culture and its kind citizens, inspiring him to study abroad. Robert is ready to share this incredible experience with your family!

Computers Web Design Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Science
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Finland

Mikke from Finland is passionate about basketball! He loves the feeling of being part of a team, staying healthy, and reaching his goals on the basketball court. Mikke also enjoys following his favorite NBA and NFL teams. When he's not practicing his basketball skills, you might find Mikke biking to the lake for swimming with his friends, playing video games, or walking his three pet Border Collies. Mikke has a close relationship with his parents, always making time for weekend dinners, movie nights, and skiing during the winter holidays. His mom would like you to know that he is a considerate, goal-oriented, and well-balanced teenager. Coming from an international family, Mikke has experience living in the USA and Denmark, and is excited to return to our country for an exchange year full of growth. He is hoping to become more adaptable to new environments, understanding of foreign cultures, and is open to any fun and challenging opportunities that come his way. "Thank you for opening your home to me," says Mikke!

History Watching Sports Music-Listen Physics Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Brazil

Miguel is a young man from Brazil who comes from a "YFU" family - an exchange experience gifted to family members by their grandfather as a "life present". Easy going and friendly, Miguel enjoys being outdoors and riding his bike. He describes his large, extended family as close-knit and very important to him. Although he is an only child, he says his cousins and friends are like brothers to him. A good student, Miguel's favorite subject is history - because he feels the past is important to know and understand. Having relatives who were exchange students, Miguel is excited to begin his own year in the US - and looking forward to meeting his host family. FALL SEMESTER STUDENT

History Movies Swimming Music-Listen Outdoor Act.
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Sweden

Sixteen year old Hanna describes herself as nice, funny, and social and always has a smile on her face. Her favorite subject in school is Swedish Law, and she would like to be a lawyer or politician. Hanna enjoys both playing and watching soccer on television and likes to listen to calming music. One of Hanna's favorite hobbies is hanging out with her two dogs and other pets. She also likes to cook for her family, read about psychology, and fish. She describes her family as a typical Swedish family, and they have meals, travel to the mountains, and hike together. When Hanna hangs out with her friends, they play games and go to the movies together. Some of her chores include cleaning, helping with meals and pets, and doing laundry. Hanna thanks you for opening your home to her.

Law Cooking/Baking Soccer Music-Listen Fishing
unbooked STUDENT
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